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Explaining The Pyramid Movie



We know that the Pyramid of Egypt has a curse centuries ago as the movie begins. And the cemetery workers often fell victim to the curse with serious consequences.

Many scientists, archaeologists, and researchers have often avoided the towers. Archaeologists are still searching for ancient ruins and ruins. But archaeologists have found the pyramid by NASA after a long time buried a thousand feet underground.

That is, the pyramid has its own space underground. And the uniqueness of this pyramid was the difference in its shape and age.

Some pyramids used to have 4 sides but this pyramid had three sides. These findings stimulate people’s imagination and make them curious about the pyramid.

But the Egyptians are not able to allow research into these pyramids to believe in that curse. Because they think that research on them can lead to a disastrous curse from the demon names.

Cursing means a natural disaster that cannot be controlled by humans. And in defiance of that, the Egyptians took to the streets to stop it so that the pyramids would not fall under study.

Logically, archaeologists are seeking permission from their government. And they started digging near the pyramid after agreeing. Basically, this archeology team is made up of 5 members and is led by Dr. Miles. Dr Miles’ daughter Nora is also a member of the team, along with other members.

Planetary Spacecraft Provided By NASA

The whole team is happy to have the best equipment. They have access to satellite support and a planetary spacecraft provided by NASA. Digging continues.

While digging, a gas explodes in the form of piousnes. This gas closes the surface of the body and takes its life. All other employees are shocked by the death of this employee.

They have heard the curse and their faith is strong as they must keep away from these towers. As logical, Dr. Miles, Nora, and other members of the group do not believe in such myths. Dr. Miles wants to improve in this work .

But the protesters started protesting more over the death of the project. They say, It’s the beginning! The protesters want to stop the digging. So this protest could lead to a Civil War.

On the other hand, a U.S. government representative communicates online with Dr. Miles. The elders suggest that Dr. Mile, you should stop working and return to your country.

Because the Egyptian government will forcefully block your work if you continue. Also Check some necromancer names.

So it is better to come back after stopping the study. Hearing, Dr. Miles and his team feel anxious because they have planned and worked on it. Leaving this study in the middle makes no sense for them.

Finally, it was decided to go back and suspend the study. In addition, we note that Dr. Miles’ daughter Nora does not want to go back but to carry out this research.

He says to his team members while convincing, We should at least go into the tower to check, how different it is from the others.

Why Does It Have Three Sides?

Why does it have three sides? Why is it spreading underground? We should at least check to go underground. His team believes in him. So they sent a robot car to test the pyramid.

And they can find the opposite. We also note the difference between these pyramids from other pyramids in which a robotic vehicle travels within it. As it is designed for a specific purpose.

While it was going on, something struck the robot car. As a result, it goes offline and the camera loss is lost.

Now they can no longer see the inside. They all thought out that any dog ​​or animal would have crawled inside the pyramid and attacked our robot car through the camera.

Basically, this expensive robotic car was donated by NASA. So they did not want to leave it at that. They don’t want to take it back before they come back. And they wanted more tests.

The government had blocked them so they have time left. We also note the presence of soldiers here to keep an eye on scientists because they may not take illegal action and go back.

So they plan to enter the tower hiding from the army and retrieve their robotic car.They all plan for going inside. It means, get harmed, no one outside will know as where have they gone.

Before going inside, they bind a thin wire with a stick outside and take the other side of wire with them. Basically the purpose behind it is as they may not lose the right track while returning.

Returning path may be tracked easily through this wire. Now all enter inside. Moving ahead, they find 3 similar paths. One way is leading upside. And There are placed the ancient Egyptians weapons on the upside leading way , these were used in the old times.

While  conversing, Nora comes to know that her father Dr. Miles’ tied wire has broken. It was most disturbing situation. Because their chosen way to come had the similarity withe the other 3  ways.

Cutting of wire is going to create a biggest problem for them. Actually, he was only Dr. Miles who had attached the wire with him.

They have no clue of returning because of the breakage of wire. They come to these three ways and each way contains a separate symbol.

Beacon Of Light

Taking a chance, they choose a way. They don’t find a beacon of light even after a long walk on it. So they know that their chosen way is wrong one. They are not going towards exit but entering in the pyramid more.

While walking, they reach a big hall where they also catch the sight of their broken robotic car. At the same time, the stones began to fall off its roof. As a result, the soil is cracked and begins to fall off.

Their partner is also injured. Dr. Miles, Nora, and members of the group tried to free their partners but to no avail. Dr. Miles decides to rescue their injured partner at any cost.

Suddenly, an oncoming animal injures one of its members with its claws. As a result, the passenger fell to the ground and was injured. And they are all disappointed, thinking that they are trapped in this tower. Here they saw a stone made for the door.

As a group of archaeologists, they have the ability to study these signs. After that they read these signs, here it is written, “Danger”. These signs indicate not opening the door. They are all scared and want to leave this place too.

So they ignore the signs written there. And they started trying to open that door. They opened the door, and finally moved on. They heard the voice of the guards who were watching.

The soldiers entered the pyramid to take over the research team after being able to get inside. These are their sounds. Meanwhile, the research team heard the screams of its injured partner.

When they returned to see their injured partner, Michel, he disappeared. There are his blood stains. Something has dragged him down and these spots are visible. When they looked at it, Dr. Miles and Nora were furious.

Research Team Began Arguing With Dr. Miles And Nora

They can’t judge, What’s going on? One of the members of this research team began arguing with Dr. Miles and Nora. You say, What kind of doctor are you? Since you can’t get us out of this tower.

But the pyramid was actually very complex indeed. It was not an easy task to search out. However, they could not get out, so they saw a small tunnel where they worked hard to leave the area.

As they pass through the area, they are attacked by an animal that looks like a wild cat. So they came out after a great deal of difficulty with that little tunnel.

When they came out of the tunnel, they met a soldier there. He is among those soldiers who are on duty to stop them. And the liberator is killed too.

The climax of the story is when the author narrates, why is this happening to the tower?

In fact, there is an Anubis residence in the pyramid. Anubis is a god according to Greek mythology who was cast out of heaven for a purpose. This pyramid is now the seat of Anubis.

And it was so high that he was cast out of heaven as a punishment. And this pyramid is the Anubis prison. Everyone who enters the prison is killed by Anubis. And there is a reason for this murder.

He will be able to be free here if he wants a good man with a balance between his heart and his soul. To find such a person, you will find salvation. So he always kept the man on the scales on the scales after killing him.

He was accustomed to balance keeping his heart on one side of the weight balance while the soul on the other. He can therefore determine the suitability of that person.

Because everyone who comes to this tower is a sinner. And Anubis is still under arrest. And Dr. Miles and members of his team began to die slowly in the tower. To kill Dr. Miles, Anubis does not find him beautiful when he equates his heart with his soul.

Final Words

Finally, We see Dr. Miles’ daughter Nora near the light and at the end of the tunnel, She sees a little boy about to go outside. Nora moves on and never feels too tired.

That little boy is probably helping her out. Anubis kills both Nora and that little boy who comes there. And the story ends here.

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