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Explore Some Important Web Design Tactics Inspired By Instagram

Explore Some Important Web Design Tactics Inspired By Instagram
Explore Some Important Web Design Tactics Inspired By Instagram

More and more digital marketing agencies are drawn towards powerful social media platforms like Instagram because they have understood the huge potential of social networking sites in producing engagement and increasing traffic. Furthermore, Instagram is the way to go as it has accomplished the best conversion percentage.

Today, all-wise successful web developers are planning to incorporate Instagram feed into their web design to get the benefits from both the platforms.

Some impressive stats would be revealing the remarkable performance and development rate of Instagram as a social media platform and the main marketing tool. More than fifty-one percent of the consumers on Instagram are active on the platform regularly and thirty-five percent of the Instagram consumers are utilized to checking the common social media platform various times every day.

Around sixty percent of the consumers have admitted that they can know about a specific service or product on this platform.

Nearly seventy-one percent of the companies in the U.S.A. are using this platform for marketing and promoting their services and products. The success of Instagram as a strong marketing platform has inspired marketers to promote their brands on this platform.


Keep Your Website Design Simple & Uncluttered:

Your website design ought to essentially be kept simple and uncluttered. This suggests that consumers would be receiving your exceptional brand message at once while browsing concisely through your website. If necessary, you could consider redesigning your site by eliminating undesired clutter.

Your web page would load fast provided it has a clean and functional layout, as far as, the website is considered and that should be creating the web page quickly and easily loadable. Furthermore, your functional site could be navigated easily and certainly fast and that can be utilized on diverse devices and platforms.


Include Easy and Quick Navigational Features:

The visitors always do not have the luxury of time and they are continuously in rush. They would not like to waste time searching for the navigational buttons. If they are spending more time while receiving information from the multiple website pages, you need to consider redesigning your navigational elements.

The navigational button menus ought to be visible gradually to the consumers when they visit your website. These buttons need to be the standard ones so that people are not confused and are utilizing them comfortably.


Wise Use of Colors is a Must:

Be sure to utilize the correct colors in your web design to get the attention. However, the colors ought not to be selected randomly but need to be chosen tactically for ideal interactions of your brand’s or your business’s unique message.

There would be many interface elements and critical buttons on your website. You need to utilize contrasting colors for efficiently grabbing the attention of consumers. It is significant to select the ideal color palette to rapidly grab the attention of the visitor. This is the best way of winning followers on Instagram.


Clearer Calls to Action:

The call to action button appeals to consumers to make purchasing decisions, proceed to your landing page, or do other actions like donating for a cause or signing up for a newsletter. These buttons must be distinctive and attractive so that they are not lost among other design elements.

You can make them pop up by utilizing meaningfully multiple colors from the other elements.


Integrate High-Quality Videos & Photos:

Engaging web design needs to feature relevant and high-quality pictures and videos. Both videos and pictures are beneficial for drawing the attention of visitors and keep them busy while they are on your website.

They would not feel bored or frustrated to ponder bouncing off to the site of your competitor searching for something fascinating or novel. There should be an ideal blend of visual text and content. You need to focus on making your website content visually good-looking but avoid integrating videos and pictures that can harmfully affect the load-time.

It is good to share only one or maybe two high-quality and relevant videos.


Limit Your Content:

Most sites that are text-heavy are unattractive to visitors. Since people are used to rich visual elements, they seek them out on every webpage and this is why you should go for a healthy balance between visuals and text.

You should utilize infographics and images where possible, but also remember placement is vital. You may need to ponder ad placement because putting up ads in sidebars or banners where people can be expecting content or are prone to be distracted would not certainly be a good idea. Monetization is good, but a clutter-free UX (User Experience) is really important.


Create a Responsive Website:

Many of the web searches today are naturally created on smartphones. There is a possibility that a great majority of your visitors are looking for your products or services utilizing mobile devices only. This suggests that you should make it a fact that your website needs to have a mobile-friendly interface.

It should fundamentally be responsive to the remarkably small screens of up-to-date smartphones or mobile phones.


Testing Your Website is Necessary:

You must test your web design exactly to make sure that the web design can engage effectively all your visitors. Every so often certain errors might go unnoticed. You can trace those errors while doing rigorous tests.

Before your website goes online live you need to do the required testing. Get rid of the faults so that the launching of the website happens smoothly without any troubles.


Take the Quality Assurance Test:

There are professional services that can be hired for testing your website from all related viewpoints. Suppose your small business fails to employ the services of such a costly professional team, let your in-house team carry on with the testing procedure by clicking the links to know if any bugs are present.



While coming up with captivating web design, make sure that it would be conveying your brand message or business, brand personality, and brand colors clearly to the consumers. Use high-quality pictures and videos to take the attention of the visitor all the way!

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