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Explore the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia

Whether you’re moving or just traveling to Saudi Arabia – you will surely have a great time. Many attractions, cultural diversity, and beautiful nature spots attract many people each year. Furthermore, the country has become loved by professionals from all around the world, who are looking for a place to build their careers. There are several benefits of moving here – low living costs and minimum income taxes, safe cities, and a large ex-pat community will ensure you feel great about living here, even though it’s a foreign country. And if you are considering the relocation, it can be tough to choose the best place to move to. To help you out, we’ve gathered the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia in one guide – take a look, explore your options and start packing for the move!


Both exciting and beautiful, Riyadh is one of those cities where you can do something day and night. It’s the heart of the country in every possible way. It’s located in the center of Saudi Arabia, but it also presents its political, business, economic and geographic epicenter. The desert surrounds a modern city that is growing each day. The most attractive feature is certainly related to finances – Riyadh offers amazing job opportunities with high salaries. Adding no income tax – the place should be considered as your new home. The nature spots that make this place beautiful are available for your free time activities – be sure to visit Riyadh Zoo, Al Bujairi Heritage Park, WadiNamar, WadiHanifah, and King Abdullah Park. This will show how beautifully Riyadh has blended traditional, natural, and modern aspects in one charming place.

Riyadh aerial view
Riyadh is a place you shouldn’t miss while in KSA.


One of the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia that is also developed and expat-friendly is surely Jeddah. The proof that many people love it the melting pot its population presents. This feature gives the city a unique atmosphere, where you can hear different languages and meet the most amazing people.  Furthermore, the proximity to the Red Sea, the number of restaurants, events, and attractions make it so fun to live in the city. And finally, it’s so simple to move to Jeddah. You can easily transport your belongings here, as there are experienced moving companies that helped many ex-pats to start a new life chapter in Saudi Arabia. Start packing and making plans, and leave the main moving tasks to the pros.

A road in Jeddah, one of the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia.
The simplicity of life and many attractions make Jeddah one of the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia.


It’s probably very easy to understand why Medina is one of the most beautiful cities you should explore in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the cultural and religious centers of the country, with various historical spots all over the city. And when you want to have some other type of fun – some many restaurants and shops can make your day. Tourists love the place for its attractions such as the Al-Masjid An-Nabavi mosque and the Madinah Museum, Uhudmountain, etc. Whatever you choose to do here, we are sure Medina will leave a positive impression on you and ensure you have an amazing time here.

A mosque in Medina
A true gem of the country, Medina is a place of culture and history.


One of the largest cities in the country, Dammam also belongs to the list of the most beautiful places, too. It’s loved by ex-pats, as it’s grown in economical and tech hubs, so there are many opportunities to grow your career. This picturesque city offers ports, beaches, islands, and other entertainment and relaxing spots. It’s a modern, bustling city where you can find your peaceful spot and enjoy hours after work and on weekends.

Moving to Saudi Arabia

Expat relocations are very exciting – new life chapter, exciting work opportunities, and meeting new people are waiting for you. However, the whole process of moving to a foreign country can be scary and overwhelming. That’s why you need to be sure to pick the easiest techniques to pack and organize the move so you don’t experience any stress and stay safe during the process.

Careful and on-time planning

Probably the most important thing about moving to a far away, a foreign country is a detailed organization of the whole process. It’s important to give yourself enough time to do everything, so start by making a list of all you need to know about the process. This will give you an idea of the complexity of your move, and help you estimate the time you need to get ready. The most common cause of moving stress is lack of time, so on-time preparation will ensure a smooth landing.

The help of a pro

If this is the first time moving to a foreign country, it’s best to rely on someone who has a lot of experience with international transport. Find a reliable moving company by comparing a couple of options, get recommendations and do online research. Hire a team you can trust, and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Pack light

As you’re moving long-distance, it’s best to travel light. You can repurchase everything you need in Saudi Arabia, so there’s no point in paying high moving costs for such items. Declutter and downsize, so you can pack faster and pay less for the move.

Research your new home

After picking one of the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia, it’s time to find out more about your new home. Start researching more about the cities culture, local people, and customs, and evens start learning the language. The Internet can be of huge help in this case – visit social networks, maps, and official websites and forums, and take online language classes. All of these steps will prepare you for the move, and make the adaptation process much easier and faster.

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