Exploring the Benefits of UTVs for Farm and Ranch Use


Whether you need to transport equipment or supplies, UTVs make the job quick and easy. With spacious cargo areas and robust engines, these vehicles can haul hundreds of pounds of materials in a single trip.

Farms and ranches often contain untamed terrain that can be exhausting on foot. A UTV with a four-wheel drive can tackle mud, snow, and other challenging conditions.

Accessing Hard-to-Reach Places

Traversing acres of land on foot is only realistic for some farmers. A UTV like the Yamaha UTV can get you from one end of your property to the other much faster than a truck or tractor.

If you have to check your perimeter fence regularly, it’s easy to haul tools and supplies in a UTV and get through challenging areas quickly. If you must build wire fencing, mount a rear-mounted wire unroller and start work immediately.

Add a variety of farm and ranch-friendly accessories to get the most out of your UTV.

Transporting Animal Feed

Farms and ranches are full of untamed terrain, making getting around your property challenging. You may have to walk or take your truck, but a UTV is built to cruise over these obstacles easily.

Its cargo space can easily fit feed for the animals on your farm, and since it’s more compact than a truck, you can drive right up to the barn and unload your supplies. This saves you time and makes it easier to finish your work quickly.

You can also use a UTV with a front-mounted blade attachment to level dirt or gravel on untamed paths or roads and repair eroded trails. This helps keep your courses safe and helps them stay straightforward to travel.

Leveling Dirt or Gravel

Maneuverability is critical if you have a lot of rough terrain on your farm. A UTV that can navigate these areas helps reduce labor costs and saves on costly maintenance for larger vehicles like trucks or tractors.

A UTV with the right upgrades and attachments can make farming tasks much more accessible. Whether transporting animal feed, hauling debris, or checking in on livestock, a side-by-side can get the job done quickly and safely. You can even use a UTV to level eroded paths and roads on your property.

Clearing Debris

Farms and ranches tend to have lots of untamed terrain, which can cause debris to build up over time. Using a UTV with a rake attachment is an easy way to clear away leaves, pine needles, brush, and other debris. Then, you can transport the collection to a burn pile or waste site.

A UTV’s maneuverability makes it easier to haul tools and materials around a job site. This helps crew leaders complete tasks faster and avoids the need for multiple trips back and forth in a truck or other vehicle.

Grass Cutting

Keeping up with your property’s lawn can take much time and effort. A UTV can help make these tasks less strenuous and more efficient.

Load up a UTV with a fertilizer sprayer or seed spreader and go to work in your yard. This will knock out a massive chore in an hour or two that would take days on foot or cost you a lot to hire someone for.

With a UTV, you can add a rough-cut mower to knock down tall grass and brush in fields without cosmetics. This is much more affordable than a tractor and won’t damage your turf as severely.

Checking Your Perimeter Fence

A UTV or Side-by-Side can be a veritable Swiss Army knife for farm work. With loads of accessories and add-ons, these multipurpose vehicles are capable of everything from mending fences to plowing fields and even clearing snow.

Checking a perimeter fence is essential to farm work, and a UTV makes the process much easier. Its compact size allows it to navigate areas a pickup would struggle in, and it can carry the supplies you need without alerting livestock to your presence. With the right protective add-ons, like windshields and roofs, a UTV can also be used in inclement weather.

Cleaning Up

Whether hauling waste to the burn pile or clearing fallen branches, logs, and debris out of pastures, UTVs make cleanup a breeze. With their spacious cargo areas and powerful towing capabilities, these vehicles can easily handle large waste and materials.

UTVs that use electric motors also have fewer moving parts than traditional gas-powered utility vehicles, reducing maintenance requirements and fuel costs. Additionally, they’re less noisy and emit fewer greenhouse gases.

To keep your UTV running smoothly, others recommend lubricating grease fittings before every ride and checking the air filter to ensure it’s free of dust, dirt, and other debris.

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