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Export Disconnected Mailbox to PST

Export Disconnected Mailbox to PST – For All Exchange Disabled Emails

Mircosoft Exchange is so far the most successful email client. After the launch, it rapidly captured the market & is still doing good. However, the introduction of Cloud Computing isn’t that good for it. This is why the users want to export disconnected mailbox to PST Exchange 2016. Evidently, Cloud Computing played a crucial role here but there are several other reasons also for such query. We’re going to answer all of these questions in this article.

This article consists of the best & reliable methods for such queries including the manual & automated approaches. Moreover, we’re going to deeply understand the causes or we can say the reason for such undertakings. The features & shortcomings of the methods are also there in the blog to give the readers a 360° view of this task.

Quick Solution to Export Disconnected Mailbox to PST Exchange 2016

The quick solution for this operation is possible only through the automated method. For this, you need to download the User Trusted EDB to PST Converter. It can execute the entire operation easily. Downlaod the tool & follow the steps.

Step-1. Run the Tool >> Click on the Add File button.
Step-2. Select Mailboxes & Click Export Selected.
Step-3.Select PST & Set Destination Folder Path.
Step-4. Click on the Export button to start operation. 

What Makes Users Export Disconnected Mailbox to PST?

Now it’s time to understand the reasons why this operation is necessary for users. In other words, why do users opt for this task? It can give us a detailed understanding of the entire operation.

  • This task is crucial when users want to access disconnected EDB files. In such cases, they need to either connect them to the Exchange server or convert it into any other format.
  • Another issue is that users want to transfer any individual or dedicated mailbox to a new Exchange server. In such cases, they need to get these files in PST & then proceed to the other steps.
  •  When users accidentally delete their Log Files in the system, they need to execute this task. Apart from these, there are individual reasons also but we discussed the most common ones here. 

This is why users think about Exchange 2013 export disabled mailbox to PST. Not just 2013, but other versions also like 2019, 2016, 2010, etc.

Export Disconnected Mailbox to PST – Conventional Method (Free)

Let’s get started with the manual method without any further delay. It is free & can be done easily. So, for the manual method, users need to first assign the new mailbox role. For this, they need to run PowerShell Scripts just like below.

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox“<name of your desired mailbox>” -FilePath” “<destination location>”

After assigning the role, they need to give full read/write permissions to the PowerShell & then run the following command to export disconnected mailbox to PST Exchange 2016.

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox qwert@www.testing.com -FilePath \\NDRWEB76-PC5\PST Data\Anurag_PST.pst

After this, all of you files will be saved in your desired location in PST file format. However, as their are PowerShell scripts involved, it can severely cause corruption to your vital data files.  

Critical Drawbacks of BlindlyTrusting the Manual Method

We can say that there are plenty of drawbacks. These drawbacks damage the crucial data files.

“Hi, I’m George from Australia. I was in urgent need of executing this task & thus just because of the FREE bait, I chose the manual method. That’s seriously the worst decision I ever took. I waited for the operation to get complete for 6 hours. Then the manual procedure corrupted all of my data files. However, I’m going to use the free software ever again.”

Let’s move on to the drawbacks of the operation you might have an idea about them after going through this user review.

Time Consuming
This method is time-consuming for Exchange 2013 export disabled mailbox to PST. For heavy files, it can take up to hours & days. & no business is ready to waste so much time on an activity that doesn’t even generate revenue.

Not Secure at All
In addition, this utility is not at all secure. It can hang anytime and lags in between the operations. Users often complain that this solution corrupted their data files. In some cases, users lost all of their crucial data files.

It Lacks Features
When we look at the features, we really don’t get any. Its biggest is just that it can execute this operation. Otherwise, it does not have any filters or repairability. If you are opting for it, don’t expect any of them here.

Complex Method
This way is the trickiest solution to get the expected results. It is complex & usually difficult to export disconnected mailbox to PST. Many users get confused about the long steps present in this sophisticated solution. Not every user is a master & that’s why need a simple solution.

Automated Method & Its Revolutionary Features

It’s time to learn the automated method in the most detailed way. As we said earlier, the automated method involves the automated tool. This is made dedicatedly just for performing these tasks & this is the reason these work so well.

The tool also comes with the demo version that allows users to perform all the operations to build trust but just for limited files. Once you are sure that this application is reliable, go for the premium version which is also very affordable. As an IT specialist, I personally like this tool as it helped me getting y disabled files in PST format.

Download the tool for free from the above Quick Guide Section. Then follow the detailed steps with images to export disconnected mailbox to PST Exchange 2016

Step-1. Run the Tool & Click on the Add File option to add disabled files.


Step-2. After adding the files, you can Preview the Mailboxes & their data files.


Step-3. Select the PST option. Set the Destination Path & Click on Advance Settings


Step-4. Now Configure the Date & Category Filter & then Click on the Save button. 


Step-5. Finally, as the last step, Click on the Export button to further continue.

export disconnected mailbox to PST Step-5

Note:- Your export task is now completed. Users can easily generate the status report to analyze the details & can keep it as a record. You can skip the date filters if you want to export the entire data. That is just for your convenience.

Features of the Modern Approach

  • Time Saving & Fast
  • Secure from threats
  • Can Export Selectively
  • Simplified Graphical UI
  • Repair Corrupted Files

The Final Say

Exchange is no doubt an astonishing utility for users. However, we now know why users want to undergo such assignments. Now after successfully learning both the manual & automated methods, you can make a wise decision. The most crucial element of this operation is to select a fine approach & tool. 

The modern approach is an expert’s recommendation & the best way to export disconnected mailbox to PST file format. Several users shared their experiences that clearly say that the modern approach is quite reliable for them & gives accurate & expected results.

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User Review for the Automated Method

Hey guys, I’m Daniel from the U.S.A. I’m currently working as a system administrator in my organization & I really found this automated application the best tool to solve this query without a doubt. It just executed the entire operation in a few clicks. I strongly recommend you this utility to export disconnected mailbox to PST safely.

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