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extract attachments from windows live mail

Extract Attachments from Windows Live Mail Account

Summary: Attachments are one of the most significant aspects of Windows Live Mail accounts. Since they are used to send and receive critical information. They are able to store a far greater quantity and breadth of information than any other kind of asset. As a result, it is absolutely necessary to have a backup of these. In the event that you concur with our viewpoint. You may choose to educate yourself on how to extract attachments from Windows Live Mail. Only in the event that you are not already familiar with the process.

Hello there, I’ve been using Windows Live Mail for many years now. Hence now it stores a great deal of information that is very important to me. The attachments that are linked with them are the most important property that they have. It is necessary for me to download attachments from Windows Live Mail, but I have no idea how to accomplish it. The process of extracting each one individually is very laborious. Could someone please explain me how to get many attachments from Windows Live Mail all at once? Thanks!

The bulk of the emails that are sent to us have attachments attached to them. Even a single email may include many files. And the number of attachments increases proportionally with the number of emails received. Because of this, it will be tough to get rid of all of them at once and in a shorter period of time. This process may, however, be done in a manner that is more streamlined. Continue reading down below to find out more information.

How to Quickly and Easily Extract Attachments from Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail Migrator is one of the most efficient applications for extracting a large number of attachments from a Windows Live Mail account. The application is incredibly efficient and effective, enabling you to manually choose WLM files or directories. So that you may recover attachments from them all at once in a single step. This can be done in a single step thanks to the program’s speed and effectiveness. It is not necessary to read each email in order to glean the information you need from them. To extract attachments, all you need to do is select as many WLM files or folders as you want. And then click a few buttons. If you want to discover how the programme operates, you may read the whole lesson.

Step-by-step Detailed Instructions on How to Retrieve Attachments from Windows Live Mail

  1. To get started, start the Windows Live Mail attachment extractor download. After downloading it, you will need to install and execute it in order to extract attachments from Windows Live Mail.
  2. Once the software has been started, navigate to the Open tab. Then select either the Windows Live Mail configured account or the Choose Files option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Start investigating the information stored in Windows Live Mail on your device. After they have been chosen, load them into the Windows Live Mail Attachment Extractor.
  4. At this point, you are free to examine each of your attachments before proceeding to remove them. You might also have a look at other characteristics, such as the email address.
  5. Now, select Attachments from the list of available options in the drop down menu of the Extract tab.
  6. By choosing the browse option, you can choose a place for your attachments to be stored. Click the “Save” option when prompted to do so in order to extract attachments from Windows Live Mail.

The process will just take a few seconds. And after all of your attachments have been recovered, you will be informed of the completion of the operation. It’s time to get acquainted with some extra possibilities that the Windows Live Mail Attachment Extractor has to offer. Take a look at the examples below to get a better grasp of how the tool works.

Continue reading Concerning the Microsoft Live Mail Attachments Extractor and Its Capability

  1. Extract Multiple Files at Once: By utilising the function known as “bulk extraction,” you may retrieve attachments in bulk. The software has the capacity to simultaneously recover an infinite number of attachments from the Windows Live Mail account or folders all at once. The programme will not report any problems nor will it place any constraints on the extraction of a large number of attachments in bulk.
  2. Browse Place: When you use the Windows Live Mail Attachment Extractor, you will be given the opportunity to select location. You may select the target path of your choice to store the results. You may do this by clicking the Browse Location button. You may accomplish this by clicking the option labelled Browse Location.
  3. Compatibility with Windows: The software is compatible with Windows. It means that it can be installed on a computer running the Windows operating system and utilised with that computer. You have the capability to extract attachments from Windows Live Mail if you are using Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or a lower edition of Windows.
  4. Preview Function: The program comes complete with its own viewer. So that users may have a sneak peek at what they’re about to download. You have the opportunity to see any of your attachments before deciding whether or not to extract any of them. You also have access to additional features in Windows Live Mail, in addition to being able to read the emails that have been saved there.

Read about the Extra Benefits of the Programme

  1. 100% Risk-Free and Secure: Utilizing the programme in any way is entirely risk-free. It will look after all of the properties associated with your Windows Live Mail account for you. Once your files have been extracted, you won’t discover any modifications to them elsewhere in the system. You are free to utilise it without any reservations. And you won’t need to worry about the safety of your data.
  2. Standalone: The programme can extract attachments from Windows Live Mail on its own. Hence is capable of functioning as a standalone application. It is not necessary for you to download any more settings in the midst of the work. This program contains everything that you require in order to retrieve attachments from Windows Live Mail.
  3. A Machine Capable of Doing It All: In addition to allowing you to extract attachments the programme offers many benefits. The software also provides you the opportunity to export all of the data included inside your Windows Live Mail account to a number of various file types. You may export Windows Live Mail to Exchange and other savings as well. These savings include PDF, MBOX, PST, and a huge number of other file formats. You are able to retrieve email addresses in addition to telephone numbers in response to a request made by the customer.


You now have access to a fantastic solution that we have supplied for you to use in order to extract attachments from Windows Live Mail. The attachments extractor for Windows Live Mail is a great tool for recovering huge number of attachments all at once. Attachments, emails, and other data may be exported from Windows Live Mail to other email clients such as Windows 10 Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and others with the assistance of this software, which functions as a one-stop shop. If you’re experiencing trouble with any aspect of your WLM account, give this comprehensive tool a try. It can help with just about everything.

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