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Eyebrow Tattoo with Micro Fork Tip Applicator

Over the past four years approximately, microblading has become the semipermanent solution for beefing up overplucked, sparse, and/or nonexistent brows.

To get technical, a cosmetic tattooist wields an Exacto knife-like tool to form small hair-like incisions within the skin, and the pigment is deposited into all. Because the ink doesn’t go as deeply into the skin as body art, Eyebrow Tatto with Micro Fork Tip Applicator fades over time. counting on your skin type, it could last one to 2 years. Sometimes, you even need a touchup four to eight weeks after your first appointment.

However, getting that touchup immediately isn’t exactly an option. With salons across the U.S. shuttered thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak, people are trying professional services on themselves, like facials and haircuts. But at-home microblading is completely not an option. Luckily, brow pens that make an equivalent effect — no painful incisions necessary — exist. Sure, their hair-like strokes for the illusion of fuller, defined arches last only about two days, but the pens add a pinch. they supply a fast touchup for your next Zoom meeting and can hold you over until you’ll finally make a meeting together with your favorite cosmetic tattooist once more . For those who’ve never gotten the procedure done before, consider this how to satisfy your curiosity, too.


Most of the brow pens on our list take a three-pronged approach to master a microblading effect — literally. Milk Makeup and Maybelline ny launched pens with toothed applicator for quickly etching on lines that look a bit like naturally grown brow hairs. MAC and concrete Decay also make ones with felt or brush tips like your go-to liquid liner, so you will be wont to maneuvering it. regardless of what applicator you favor, you’re bound to find an appropriate option for your brow grooming routine on our list of best brow pens for creating an Eyebrow Tatto effect, below.

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