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Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes Tips

Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes can be very hard to pull off. There is so much going on in our eyes that sometimes the smallest little details are missed. I use to do my eye makeup for hours and still have little areas I want to draw more of.

Well, I have just found the solution. It’s much easier than you could imagine. When you have extra eyelid skin always getting in the way, you must concentrate on the innermost corner. This keeps everything else cleaner but also sounds dirtier.

The worst kind of eyeliner for hooded eyes however is the one with an extremely fine precision point tip that hardly cries at all. This would look terrible and would drive you insane. There are three main ingredients to good eyeliner for hooded eyes.

Eyeless is the first ingredient. It is the best because it will last the longest. It goes on so smoothly that it looks like your not wearing any eye makeup at all. Also it will stop your eyelids from closing, which can cause your eyes to look circles.

Straight Line Brush

Another great ingredient to try is the eyeliner for hooded eyes with a straight line brush. It is a little bit tricky, because you really have to make sure that the eyeliner for hooded eyes goes on straight and doesn’t curl up.

Usually it is better if you go ahead and draw a straight line with your straight brush and when you get to the crease, blend it up with another brush. Then you simply apply  hooded eyes to your eyelids.

You should also know that there are some other ingredients that are also good for applying eyeliner for hooded eyes the right way. They include hyaluronic acid and argireline. Hyaluronic acid is very similar to the natural collagen in our skin.

It helps to restore elasticity and keeps our skin smooth and wrinkle free. It also reduces wrinkles around the eye area by stimulating collagen production. Another technique to draw the eye makeup the right way is to use winged eyeliner for hooded eyes.

Black Waterproof Pen Eyeliner

This technique is probably one of the most difficult ones to master. If you can master this technique then you are definitely ahead of the game. Here is how to draw winged eyeliner for hooded eyes with a straight line brush.

The first thing you have to do is to purchase a black waterproof pen  hooded eyes. Get a black pencil and set it aside. Hold the pen by its end and get an extension on the end of it. Then, draw some simple straight lines inside the black circle.

This is called a thin line. This is an accent you will be emphasizing as you go along your practice drawing the eye makeup. Another very important thing you have to practice as part of your eyeliner for hooded eyes techniques is to make sure that the eyeliner you are using goes on smoothly.

There are some things that cause eyelashes to look heavy or sparse. The eyeliner for hooded eyes tips below will help you to eliminate such problems. To make the eyeliner for hooded eyes go on smoothly and evenly, use a small amount of eyeliner on each eyelid.


Drawing the Eyelids

For the eyes, which are wider and whose crease is wider apart, use more than enough eyeliner. You can always add more as the need arises. If you are drawing the eyelids, you should draw the innermost two eyelids only.

Some people have eyes that are oval at the bottom and have a diamond-shaped upper eyelid. People who have this eye shape are lucky because their eyeliner looks so beautiful. In order to make it look so fantastic though, you need to apply it on the wrong areas.

This type of eyeliner looks great on the sides and looks less natural on the almond-shaped eyes. One more important thing you have to practice in applying eyeliner for hooded eyes is about keeping your eyelids well trimmed.

It looks natural when the edges of your eyelids are not longer than the top edge of your eye. Your makeup artist will let you know what areas he prefers you to keep your eyelids trimmed. Just be careful when doing this procedure so that you do not cut off your natural eyelids. Also, practice cleaning your eyelids thoroughly before applying eyeliner.

Makeup Collection

Eyeliner for hooded eyes should be a part of your regular beauty regimen. It is one of the most noticeable aspects of your look, and your eyes are what people will first notice when they meet you. To ensure the success of your makeup application, follow the tips below on how to apply eyeliner for hooded eyes.

Top 10 Best Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes If you’re looking for tips on how to apply eyeliner for hooded eyes, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, there are only a few basic tips that should always be at the top of your cosmetic arsenal. So, what to do to get that perfect look? Let’s discuss these top tips below:

As with applying any eye shadow, it is best to start at the outer corner of your eye and fill inwards. To get the best effect, use a very soft upward strokes. You can also use both your upper and lower eyelid. This technique helps to define your eye and also gives you a natural line. So, what not to miss in this technique!

If you want to achieve a beautiful look with eyeliner for hooded eyes, then the best way to build up your eye makeup is to apply it before your eyelashes are dry. Once your eyelashes are wet, apply a little bit of eyeliner for hooded eyes to your innermost eyelid. Do this up near the edge of your eye and blend outward. You will see that your eye look more natural and has definition!

Long Lasting Color

The best eyeliner for hooded eyes will offer you long lasting color. In fact, many people prefer to use liquid eyeliner for their eyelids. When using liquid eyeliner for your eyes, do not go too heavy or too light. It is always best to play it safe with liquid eyeliner for hooded eyes.

The next thing that should be considered is the center of the eye. Usually, this is the spot where the most definition is given. Using an upward stroke from the inner corner to the brow bone can create a dramatic look. Try also applying some shadow along the brow bone for added dimension. You can use any sort of shadow for this area, although powder shadows tend to give the best results.

One of the best tricks when applying eyeliner for the eyes is to pull the bottom lashes upward. Do not pull the upper lashes straight up, as this will result in a ‘wavy’ effect around the eyes. This illusion can work wonders on your face. To pull up the lower lashes, just use upward strokes only. For the upper lash areas, use downward strokes.

Finally, there is a finishing technique that involves taking two circles on the inside of the eyelid and drawing a line from one of the inner corners to the other. This creates a crease along the line. The best way to apply the crease is to draw an arc of shadow along the upper lash line before filling it in with shadow. This technique is quite useful for creating an accentuated look on the eyelids. Any type of shadow, even the darkest ones, will make the crease look amazing.

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