Features of Invisalign Treatment Melbourne

Each set of Invisalign aligners is individually manufactured in a specially designed factory using the latest 3D printing technology.

The more complex and consumed the required correction, the more transparent the required Invisalign aligner. Your orthodontist chooses from the following treatment models and recommends the best and most successful Aligner therapy.

1. Invisalign i7

Quick and cheap to laugh straight

The i7 treatment line is ideal for making small corrections to visible images of teeth. For example, a sloping cut or a slight overbite can be permanently corrected within 3 months. With Invisalign Melbourne i7, the treatment is very economical, much cheaper, and much more comfortable than traditional methods.

Up to 7 aligners are manufactured for each jaw, so you can achieve your desired results quickly and economically. The system can be split even for minor corrective actions involving only one jaw. This makes the price even more attractive. Of course, you can still enjoy the comfort of Invisalign. A computer-assisted 3D model is a place where you can check the treatment results in advance.

Fast Results and Affordable: Your little tooth scratches disappear almost naturally within three months, and your smile shines!

Invisalign Melbourne

2. Invisalign Lite

Quickly become very transparent to laugh with confidence

It becomes very transparent in a short time, and you can be sure to laugh at yourself.

Light treatment lines are always used when you need more than seven aligners per chin for a beautiful smile. Small and medium-sized visibility correction is the processing spectrum of the Invisalign Lite method. Up to 14 upper and lower jaw liners are carefully and carefully moved within 3-6 months, common with invisible liners. Therefore, Invisalign Lite is ideal for correcting childhood debris and deformations that have formed over time.

With a manageable treatment period and a cost-effective model, the Lite line is just as suitable for young adults as adults who couldn’t find time for cosmetology correction.

Invisalign Lite, like all other Invisalign lines, offers the full comfort of Invisalign. Computer-assisted 3D models that allow you to see treatment results in advance, transparent plastic sprints created individually, regular treatment checks by dentists. Of course, clear braces and teeth can be easily cleaned with a traditional toothbrush and toothpaste.

3. Invisalign Comprehensive

It’s never too late to have beautiful, straight teeth.

Invisalign Comprehensive Treatment Line (formerly Invisalign Full) is the first class of invisible orthodontics. For adults who complain of bent teeth in the anterior and / or posterior are very difficult to imagine a period of a few years to attach a fixed metal fitting. Of course, there are aesthetic reasons at first. This is because as we get older, we become more reluctant to put in a permanently attached wireframe during this period.

The clear solution is called Invisalign Aligner Comprehensive. This is a transparent brace system that gradually adjusts and changes the position of the teeth in 15-50 individual steps to move the teeth in the perfect direction. However, it is so thin that it is almost invisible when worn.

All Invisalign aligners are custom made for adult patients and are only worn for 7-14 days to make room for their successors. During this time, you can easily clean your teeth, as usual, leaving no leftovers and keeping your mouth hygienic. You can check at any time using a computer-assisted 3D model that allows you to check the treatment results in advance, a transparent plastic sprint, regular treatment checks by the dentist.

4. Comprehensive Invisalign

It starts with a magical smile and goes straight to life

The Invisalign Comprehensive with Teen (formerly Invisalign Teen) functional treatment line is the most reliable treatment system for correcting invisible teeth in teens.

Especially teens and 20s are worried about their appearance. Of course, beautiful teeth and a confident smile play an important role. However, even the prospect of a multi-year treatment scenario with a prominent, partially painful, unpleasant metal brace is not well suited to encourage such treatment in the younger generation. Even if you find a perfect, straight tooth at the end of the procedure. Invisalign Comprehensive with Teen provides young adults with an unprecedented and unprecedented level of comfort, as the almost invisible plastic sprint guarantees unobtrusive wearing time in all situations.

The treatment line specially designed for teens is perfectly matched with Invisalign Adult Comprehensive Brine complemented by some cool extras to meet the needs of teens. The success of the treatment duration procedure depends heavily on the regular use of the Invisalign aligner, so the teen version adds an additional allowance for orthodontists to regularly check if the aligner was also used as intended. It has a built-in display point. This helps dentists, parents, and teens perform their own performance checks and recognize diminished motivation in case of doubt. In addition, the Invisalign Comprehensive with Teen feature includes up to 6 additional free aligners that can be ordered by the dentist. This extra thing creates safety.

5. Invisalign Teen Invisalign

Clear Plastic Sprint-Created individually for teens and undergoes regular medical examinations by a dentist. Of course, it includes easy cleaning of clear teeth and braces with a traditional toothbrush and toothpaste.

For young adults to remember carefree young people and still get beautiful and straight teeth.

6. Invisalign First: Invisible and mild early treatment for children

Invisalign First provides offspring with excellent options to preventing damage before it occurs in order to get the best start in life while saving or simplifying subsequent time-consuming orthodontic treatment. The latest treatments for children to prevent tooth obstruction and / or obstruction, such as congestion, distance, and narrow jaws, create space for tooth re-growth through the transparent Invisalign FirstAligner. Invisible closures for children gently move your baby’s teeth and permanent teeth. Thus, they make a decisive contribution to the correct development of the dental arch in children. The growing jaw is actively assisted in gently expanding the oral cavity, creating more space for the teeth and tongue.

It also integrates pronunciation and articulation. Invisalign First Aligners can be used in about 70% of the cases needed and have no effect when the child talks, plays or eats. Compared to traditional braces, the aligner is removable, so Invisalign First Kids can eat whatever they want. You can also brush and floss as usual, which will help you maintain optimal oral hygiene. Invisalign First is designed to be comfortable to wear without the need for urgent reservations due to broken wires, sharp wires, or broken brackets.

Invisalign First, like all other Invisalign lines, offers the full comfort of Invisalign. A computer-assisted 3D model that allows children and parents to check treatment results in advance.

Gower St Family Dental Clinic is the best company for Invisalign treatment in Melbourne. They understand your needs and take care of their beautiful face.

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