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Fifteen Tips To Get Cheap Car Rental Every Time​

Fifteen Tips To Get Cheap Car Rental Every Time​

It can be difficult to rent a car. With all the rules and policies that rental companies have, it can be a drain on your mental health. It’s also hard on your wallet because rentals can cost you way more than you want. Over the years, I have rented many cars and learned how to get the best deals. Here are my top tips to get cheap car service san Francisco rentals every single time.

Compare Daily and Weekly Rates

It would be easy to assume that the weekly rate is always cheaper than the daily rate. However, this is not always true. It’s often cheaper to rent a car for a week if you are taking a trip lasting 3-4 days.

Before you make a booking, compare the weekly and daily rates. To ensure that you don’t pay extra for an early return, read all the fine print. Don’t tell the company you are returning the car early, or they may try to charge you more.

Skip the Insurance

You did your research and found the lowest car rental rates. Congratulations! This is where most people feel good about themselves. Then they waste a lot of money after renting the car. This is a huge mistake.

Insurance is one of the largest expenses for car rental. Insurance is a common scam used by rental companies to persuade you to purchase it. However, you probably don’t need it.

Car insurance that covers your vehicle will cover you while renting a car. To be certain, contact your agent.

Even if you don’t have car insurance, you can still get it if you rent a car with the right credit card. You’re correct: Most travel credit cards provide insurance for rental cars at no additional cost.

Upgrades? Say No

Besides insurance, many rental car companies will attempt to sell you extras and upgrades you don’t need. These are some upgrades that you should never agree to:

  • GPS — Your phone already comes with excellent navigation apps.
  • Satellite radio — Use your phone to listen to music.
  • Toll passes — These are often not worth the cost. Bring some cash if you need to pay a toll not accepting credit cards.

Book Economy Cars

A special upgrade deserves its section. The company will try to sell you a more expensive car at every stage of your rental experience. I never accept these offers. Even though I prefer a nicer car, I always book the Economy car.

Most of the time, when I go to rent a car, they have no economy vehicles available. Worst of all, I drive the economy car, which is still a nice, new vehicle.

Never pick up the car at the airport

If you are arriving by plane, it is tempting to pick up your rental car at the airport.

Refrain from succumbing to temptation. For the privilege of picking up the car at the airport, most car rental companies will charge an additional $30. You can save this money by choosing a location other than the airport.

It’s worth it, even if you need to pay $15 for an Uber or cab to take you to the rental location from the airport.

Only one driver (when practical)

Driving long distances can be tiring. It’s okay to hire an additional driver to help you get around. Be aware that this can come at a cost. You could pay a driver an additional $12 per day if you rent a car.

You can ask the rental company for a waiver if you need an additional driver. Many rental companies will waive this fee if your spouse or domestic partner is the additional driver. The fee can be waived if you rent Bay area limo service through SG Travel.

Bring your full tank with you when you return the car

It’s simple to return your car after a long journey, especially if you don’t want to refuel it. I strongly discourage this because rental companies often charge ridiculous rates for fueling your car.

It can be a good idea if you are in a hurry. But, otherwise, I always refill my car myself. Spending a few extra minutes will save you a lot of money.

Get the best gas deal

Gas is more expensive than the rental car itself. It’s worth spending time looking for the best gas deals.

An app called GasBuddy is my favorite tool to find the lowest gas prices. To see the most current gas deals near me, I need to open the app.

It’s amazing how much money you can save by driving just a few more miles. You don’t have to download the app. The GasBuddy website provides the same information.

Check to See if You Qualify for a Discount

There are a lot of car rental discounts available. These are just a few car rental discounts that you can avail yourself:

  • AARP member discount
  • AAA member discount
  • Loyalty program for hotels
  • Discount for frequent flyer programs
  • Costco member discount when you book through SG travel
  • Corporate discounts
  • Discount for government employees
  • Discount for military
  • Veteran discount

This is not an exhaustive list. You may be eligible for a discount on your car rental if you are a member of any organization. It’s often surprising to see how much you can save.

Book with points if it makes sense

It is possible to get your car rental for free, which is better than spending money. You can do this by booking a car rental using your credit card points or airline miles.

It doesn’t always make economic sense. You’ll often get better value by using your points to book hotel stays or air travel. If you are planning a long trip, it might be worthwhile to use your points to book your car rental.

Use a Peer-to-Peer Car Rental Service

People think of car rental when they think about a company with a fleet. This was the only way to rent a car. Peer-to-peer car rental is an alternative to traditional rental.

What is peer-to-peer car rental? You rent the car directly from an individual instead of renting it from a company. Marketplaces such as Turo or Getaround let car owners list their vehicles for rent. This is similar to Airbnb for houses.

The app allows you to book your rental and pick it up directly from the owner. Many owners will deliver the vehicle to your location for an additional fee. You can return the vehicle to the owner when you use it.

This is not only easier than regular car rentals, but it can also be cheaper. These two websites are recommended if you are interested in renting a car using this method:

  • Turo
  • Getaround

Get rid of the rental car completely

Although renting a car is convenient, how many trips will you need? You’d be surprised at how few you need.

A car is not necessary if there’s a good public transit system. A 3-day or 7-day transit pass can be purchased for less than renting an SUV rental Service for a single day.

Let’s not forget about biking and walking. Bike-sharing services are available in most cities for very low prices. Walking is free. You can mix biking and walking to reach most places as long as you are comfortable riding in cities.

You can also use rideshare services such as Lyft or Uber to get almost anywhere. This will typically be less expensive than renting a car or paying for gas unless you take long trips.

Rent a car and don’t overpay

Now you have the information you need to rent a car cheaply for your next trip. This will leave you with more money for other things.

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