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Fine Jewelry: 5 Essential Holiday Season Styling Tips

When the holiday season arrives, it brings with it a joyful atmosphere as well as the chill of winter. In other words, it’s the time to dust out your winter clothes and get into the festive spirit. However, shifting into holiday attire might be stressful! Where do we begin? What are the most significant trends? How to pair sweaters with black diamond bracelet jewelry while still looking fashionable? And most importantly, does accessorizing even matter when we are bulked up in layers of clothing?

Styling, be it for outfits or jewelry, can be a problem with so much to consider, but we are going to break down five easy holiday styling suggestions to make getting dressed this winter simple, straightforward, and a lot more fun. It’s crucial to understand numerous styling methods, especially when it comes to seasonal jewelry. Fringe earrings can be worn over the holidays, but they will never look as good as they will on a nice sunny day with a flowy sundress. 

It is also important because learning the skills and methods of style makes getting dressed more inspiring, creative, and simple! This is particularly useful if you have a hectic morning routine and little time to plan your outfit and adjacent jewelry items. Think about it: the more you practice your own distinctive style, the easier it gets! So let’s get this party started.

Before we give out five important holiday styling tips, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. These will definitely eliminate the guesswork when it comes to selecting your seasonal jewelry.

open circle diamond necklace

  • Keep in Mind the Power of Making an Impact

Do you have a special piece of holiday jewelry in mind that you wish to flaunt? For example a gorgeous open circle diamond necklace? Well, in that case, keep the remainder of your ensemble simple. Or If you have a particular Thanksgiving brooch that you want to wear to the holiday dinner, for example, you should pair it with a plain colored blouse. 

You can choose to go with something that emphasizes one of the piece’s hues like the sparkle of the open circle diamond necklace. Or just go with black or white. As a result, your ensemble will serve as the ideal backdrop for your particular holiday jewelry item. To bring the most emphasis to your highlighted piece, keep your other accessories to a minimum.

  • Keep in Mind the Benefits of Wearing Less Stuff

Holidays, as previously stated, imply winter, and winter entails layers of clothing, which leaves little room for accessorizing. If you wish to wear a diamond cuff bracelet, your long sleeves will probably hide it the majority of the time. Similarly, if you want to wear a stunning diamond constellation ear cuff, your earmuffs or knitted hat may obscure it.

 On the other hand, it’s all too easy to get carried away with holiday jewelry and wind up looking like a Christmas tree.  So the secret is to choose only one or two items to avoid a fashion disaster, but also to choose adornments that are bold and showy so that their splendor may shine through even when wearing layers of clothing. Like an open circle diamond necklace, which will always be dazzling and flashy enough to stand out amid your layers.

  • Keep in Mind the Colors Associated With Different Holidays

Choosing a single unifying hue for your holiday jewelry is one approach to perfect your festive style. For Halloween, for example, you might choose to wear jewelry with black accents, like a black diamond bracelet. It will go well with orange-hued clothes. Similarly, you can choose ornaments with red or green gemstones for Christmas. 

Choosing a single hue for contrasting components creates a polished and coherent design. This is a great way to join in on the holiday festivities without overwhelming the rest of your ensemble.

Christmas jewelry

Now let’s move on to the five essential holiday season styling tips that we have been teasing from the start.

1. Try Some Creative Layering

We all know that layering is a popular trend for both jewelry and clothing. However, layering for the sake of keeping fashionable is just not enough. Now it is all about being innovative. Having a distinct flow of style and playing with your inner creativity is what you should aim for when it comes to styling for the holiday season. 

Try mixing and matching metals. Play with different colors and patterns. And try to pull the jewelry out over your clothes so that they don’t stay hidden under your sweater or jacket. Also, remember lengths and sizes are important while layering. Make sure all the items are of different lengths if it’s for your neck. And of different sizes, if it’s for your wrist and ears.

2. Try Wearing Plaids With Fine Jewelry

Plaid items of clothing like shirts and scarves go hand in hand with winter. But did you know they look more magnificent when you add a bit of fine jewelry into the mix? The simplicity and the mild luster combine well with the criss-cross designs of the plaid items. A dainty piece of fine jewelry like a diamond cuff bracelet or a diamond name necklace can elevate the whole look and help you achieve a voguish style mixed with street fashion.

black diamond bracelet

3. Try Dark Textured Fabric With Diamond Jewelry

The holidays bring in a plethora of colors, yet the backdrop is usually a serene white or a picturesque grey. Snowfalls and longer evenings contribute to the pallor of the environment. So as important it is to play with holiday colors, it is equally important to style in ways that celebrate and complement the wintery background. 

Just visualize wearing wine reds, hunter greens, or Russian violet outfits made of fur, velvet, and intricate patterns. And then add a touch of sparkle to it with a diamond cuff bracelet and diamond constellation ear cuffs. Talk about the perfect winter splendor! This look is ideal for any of the holiday events, especially if they are less casual and more on the formal side.

4. Try Accessorizing Your Overcoats

Most of the time you will find articles on how to style your holiday dresses or outfits. However, there is little guidance available on how to accessorize your overcoats. Most think that since you will remove your overcoat while entering a place, it’s better to style the actual outfit rather than the coat. 

However, we believe it is equally important to wear pieces of jewelry that will highlight your gorgeous, luxurious overcoats. You can wear stylish rings like a diamond x ring or an 18k gold merlon diamond ring because overcoats only cover up to your wrist. You can also accessorize the coats with lovely diamond brooches.

5. Try Staying True to Yourself

It’s great to take advice from strangers on the internet and then follow through on them. But, don’t do so blindly. Don’t wear something if it doesn’t make you happy! Try staying true to yourself and only adorn with items that amplify your personality and mesh well with your preferred style. 

The holidays are a time for gatherings with friends and family to share joy. It’s time to shine and glitter, to be your finest self. Dressing up for a party should be enjoyable; if it isn’t, you should reconsider your selections. You should feel happy, beautiful, and ready to shine when you gaze in the mirror at the finished result. 


You’ll be perfectly festive and fashionable this holiday season if you remember these suggestions for wearing holiday jewelry. But don’t forget to add your own touch of creativity and charm to them. Styling or accessorizing should not be daunting. No matter what people say. Embellish yourself to your heart’s content, either with dazzling diamonds of an open circle diamond necklace or with the intriguing tenebrosity of a black diamond bracelet. Just have a good time with your personal style and don’t be frightened to experiment with new things.

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