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Five Common Myths about Water Softener


What is hard water?

In simpler terms, hard water can be defined as a highly concentrated amount of dissolved minerals like Magnesium and Calcium (Mg and Ca ions), leading to different issues affecting the home and kitchen appliances and, in worst cases, the health of our loved ones.

The thin film of Residue left on your hand after you wash them with soap or regular drinking glasses becoming less crystal clear or excessive use of detergents for washing or cleaning suggests that you are experiencing water hardness. These incidents indicate that you need to act immediately to get your water safer and softer for drinking and daily purposes.

What if my water is hard?

 The increased content of minerals in water leads to dry skin and hair. It reduces the life expectancy of appliances and causes new clothes’ fade in a few washes.

It also leads to sink-stains and requires almost 1/3 times more water to clean laundry, your hands, or hairs with detergent or soap. Hard water contains harmful salts and minerals in high concentration, which needs to get reduced for the water to be safe for use.

Hard water is why your new clothes become grey, or their shine and color fades away very quickly, or suddenly your water bill increases because of the hard water, which makes it use more power to pump-up water.

What is a water softener?

An electronic water softener tackles excessive content of minerals (Mg and Ca ions), making it unsuitable for use, and provides solutions by reducing the water’s mineral content.

Water softener leeches the excessive harmful minerals and Salt from the water and makes it safe and comfortable for all-purposes.

We can make use of a water softener for multiple purposes –

  1. As a hard water softener for home (watering plants, drinking, mopping, etc.).
  2. As a water softener for the bathroom (Washing, bathing, cleaning purposes, etc.).
  3. In commercial and office spaces suffering from the identical problem of water hardening (industrial uses, office drinking water, etc.).

ZeroB Water Softener – Technology & Design

ZeroB Water Softener has a sleek wall build model that reduces the mineral content (magnesium and Calcium ions), i.e., hardness, and makes the water soft.

The working unit contains an Ion exchange resin media tank, which reduces the hardness to a safer level. This tank exchanges the minerals that cause hardness like magnesium and Calcium with sodium present in the Ion exchange resin and makes the water soft.

 Do we need a hard water softener for the bathroom?

The hard water in the bathroom can reduce the accessories’ life expectancy and the bathroom’s furnishing. A water softener for the bathroom can help you keep the sanitary ware shining and the bathroom fittings and appliances corrosion-free.

It provides benefits like reducing hair thinning, hair falling, skin rashes, and dryness caused due to hard water.

Maintaining the health of hair, skin, and bathroom appliances and fittings is an essential function of hard water softener for bathroom.

It can also prevent choking of taps, corrosion of washing vessels, and increases the life of appliances by reducing the power consumption to a great extent.

Why is a hard water softener essential for your home?

Drinking water with a very high concentration of salts and minerals can cause various body ailments in the long run. A hard water softener reduces the excessive content of minerals from the water and makes it suitable for drinking.

Water softener only removes the excess hardness from water and does not disinfect or purify the water, ensuring its quality. Reduction in the mineral content of water retains the taste of food and makes it healthier for consumption.

It maintains the shine of utensils and increases the lifespan of kitchen appliances and fittings.

Water softeners can be attached to the washing machine dishwashers or any other water outlets, making them easier to use and maintain.

Why choose ZeroB for water softeners?

At ZeroB, we consider the convenience of customers our priority. Along with free delivery, we ensure zero installation charges for the product.

Equipped with enhanced high flow membrane and easy operation of the appliance, which works on low water pressure, improves the membrane’s life and other related parts of the product.

Along with the reduction in plumbing problems and minimum maintenance costs, ZeroB Pure Water Solutions ensures the best customer service support throughout the product’s lifetime.

The elegant design takes up less space and fits according to your furnishing.

The provision of Resin, RO, and ESS Technologies makes it India’s best hard water softener.

It prevents damage to appliances and takes care of your health by checking the water hardness content making it the best choice for domestic or commercial purposes.

In Conclusion,

Water is an essential part of the human body, and it constitutes about 60% of the adult human body. Water is vital for any daily life activity, so any water issues should get dealt with at the earliest.

Water hardening is one of the problems which could cause severe concerns in the long-term.

To overcome this problem, ZeroB provides the best solution with water softeners.

You can immediately take the free water test by ZeroB and decide which water solution is best for your situation.

Based in Mumbai, India’s ZeroB is the flagship brand of Ion Exchange India Ltd., providing clean water to India for ages. ZeroB has been pioneering in water purification for a long time with leading Technologies.

Contact ZeroB for any further queries or visit the online store now to book a demo for a hard water softener for your home.

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