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Five Possible Happenings If You Neglect Roof Maintenance

Roofs are the most exposed part of any house. They bear the brunt of heat, winds, rain and other external elements all year. If roofs aren’t maintained well, they may degrade, which may cost you a significant amount. Thus, neglecting your roof state isn’t a good thing to do. 

Roofs need inspection periodically, and if you notice any signs of damage, you should get it fixed. However, there are times when these signs go unnoticed and cost a significant amount of damage to the roofs. Our roof restoration Melbourne experts have listed out some of the mishappenings if you neglect roof maintenance.

On visual inspection of your roofs, if you notice broken or missing roof tiles, get it fixed. If ignored, it can serve as a passage for dirt, water and other elements to enter within the house. Thus, it needs replacement on an immediate basis to safeguard your roof from any external harm. 

Over time, roofs tend to damage, and leaks and holes start to appear naturally. This usually happens when you ignore regular maintenance and leave the roof untreated. One might not realise it, but it is through these gapings and holes that the air from within escapes. It will require your air conditioning system to work harder, to maintain the temperature of the space. Inevitably, it will increase your energy consumption, leading to higher energy costs. 

When the roof is exposed to moisture or damp climate, it may lead to the formation of mould, algae and moss. This might not look harmful, but it will weaken your roofing material. It may also affect the health of your family, residing within the house. Once mould sets in, it becomes difficult to clear it completely. 

Also, don’t forget to check your gutters for leaks which may create a favourable atmosphere for it to foster and grow.  

Formation of moss, mould or algae happens in conditions where moisture is involved. Thus, a major reason (apart from the moisture in the air) is water leaks, which create favourable conditions for such external elements. 

Apart from this, water leaks can weaken the structure that can lead to further dangerous issues. Since wood is one of the primary elements of the roofing structure, water can be a destructive element. If it is left unattended, it can cause significant damage. 

Other commonly faced issues include sagging and rotting of your roof. Over time water gets trapped in the interiors of the roof, burdening the structure, which may cause roofs to sag. The metal roofing material starts rotting.

Leaving your roofs unchecked can be hazardous. Over time it only increases the risk of living under it. Years of water damage, mould and rotting will compromise the structural integrity of your roof. The danger isn’t just limited to your home, but your family, living within. 

Thus, it is advisable to get your roof fixed as soon as you notice the signs of damage or deterioration. In situations like these, it is advisable to contact roofing contractors in Melbourne

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