Five Ways Parents Can Help With E-learning

A child’s mind is as malleable as clay. Parents play a crucial, indispensable role in molding the way a child perceives education.

Now, the roles of the parents have moved a step further away from providing them the basic necessities.

Educators around the world are emphasizing more and more on the need for the parents to create a positive nurturing environment and stay updated with the latest technological advancements.

Thus, even though we have moved to savvy eLearning platforms and virtual classrooms, here’s how parents can contribute further:

Allocate dedicated learning space

Encourage your child to have their personal space where they can study without distractions and engage in additional activities such as homework, extra-curricular activities, reading, or even eLearning.

Dedicated space and time will motivate your child to focus on one activity at a time, while helping them manage time better. Thus, your child will know that there are other activities to look forward to other than studying.

Support learning process similar to the one used in classroom

Lookup on resources, quick tips or quizzes on the topics your child is currently learning. This way, you get to share and engage in a conversation with them, similar to the approach a teacher takes in a classroom.

Keep track of what students are learning daily

A simple yet often overlooked step, when you keep track of where your child is in terms of the syllabus, you’ll get to know the areas that need more focus. You get to address the problem areas immediately than leaving it for later.

Setting expectation-reward system

Reward your children for a job/chore well done and for the good grades earned, it will pave way for higher expectations and fulfillment. Without an incentive or reward, children may feel demotivated. At the same time, it is important to set expectations in terms of learning or experiences – how a mistake can be avoided or experience be improved in the future.

Learning opportunities for parents

Last, but not the least, parents can contribute to the education of their children by participating in the learning process of their child. A great step is to install the same app your child is learning on and try it out.

As recommended by our friends who believe in personally vetting any eLearning app, we installed The Quizopedia for our kid, who is in Class 8. We were glad to discover that this learning app is an excellent find!

The Quizopedia is a simple-to-use quiz-based app that helps in developing analytical skills and quick thinking. The interface has been so smooth and interactive, with a supportive reward system that children will want to learn more and more.

As every child’s learning and development needs are different, The Quizopedia offers children various difficulty levels that provide a customized learning solution. To begin with, your child will soon be an expert in subjects as common acronyms, world flags, world heritage and history, the Indian Constitution, general science, space science, and computer science.

We stumbled upon this ability of our child to retain the information provided in The Quizopedia when we went for a trip to Delhi. Not only did he know about most of the monuments and sightseeing, he developed an inquisitive sense to look up more information!

The Quizopedia will enable the development of your child’s knowledge gathering skills and further supplement their thirst for knowledge.

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