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Sage Pay Error Code 4020

Sage Pay Error Code 4020 is the most common error faced by the users where they did not enter the IP address in their Administrative Site for their web server. An error code message displayed on the system’s screen indicates the problem of the .

What are the challenges which users will face while this error code and are there any solutions to the above problem?

Causes of the Sage Pay Error Code 4020

There are several causes which may hit the above problems. Some of them mentioned as below:

IP address: Error message usually comes when users fail to enter the IP address for the web server. The whole process must be done on the Sage Pay Administrative Site because it only accepts the server’s IP address registered for the site. The server’s IP address connected earlier more before could be server or direct.

My Sage Pay: The most probable cause of the above error is when the inputted IP address given in the web store functions does not recognize the “My Sage Pay” account sites. It is necessary for the IP address to include “My Sage Pay” account sites, but it fails to which cause the above error.

Effects of Sage Pay Error Code 4020

Users may have to face several consequences associated with the error code, and these are as follows:

No access to Sage Pay: Since users are facing problems while registering their IP address. So, they must understand the fact that without the IP address, users will not have direct access to the Sage Pay account. It means that no task performed till the time users pick up with the valid IP address.

System Crashing: Users may witness system crashing which directly impacts on the performance of the Sage Pay.

How to troubleshoot the Sage Pay Error Code 4020

There are several ways to troubleshoot the problem of the error code. Some of them are as follows:

Advanced Computer User Solution: Users need to perform the below steps for a quick approach to the problem. These are as follows:

  • Users need first to start the system and switch to administrator login.
  • Then users need to go to Start -> select all programs -> click accessories -> System Tools -> System Restore.
  • In another window, users must select the option “Restore my system to an earlier time” and then select next.
  • The given list, they should choose the latest system repair point and then select the restore point list, and then switch to Next.
  • In the given confirmation window, users must click next.
  • When the restoration part is over, the user must restart the system.

Adding IPs: Users must add an appropriate IPs from the Sage Pay Account Control Panel by performing these simple steps:

  • Users must start the terminal window.
  • Then on the given prompt, they must enter ping and then click on the space bar. After that, they should join the server host-name (or domain name) so that to obtain the IP address.
  • Press Enter.

Note: If the problem persists, users must get their own Sage Pay Simulator account and then confirm the Sage Pay matching set extension with the “Simulator” Mode.


Through the above steps, users will get better ways to treat the problem of the above error code. For other queries, they must contact the Sage Error Support number.

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