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Flying Ants vs Termites How to Tell the Difference?

Is clicking sound keeping you up at night? Don’t doubt it is a termite that is eating away at your woodwork for a late-night snack. If you are doubtful whether the pest in your home is a flying ant or a termite, then it is important to understand the difference between the two. Once you differentiate between them successfully you can use an appropriate method to eradicate them.

Two dangerous insects

Flying ants are also known as Camponotus and termites or Isoptera have many similarities and people often get confused with these. One of the main similarities is that of causing damage to the wood in the house. Both are of almost the same size and burrow themselves in the wood destroying the structure of the house. Whether it is flying ants or termites they both come out during spring for mating. As these pests come out swarming at the same time, the landowners often confuse them with each other

Difference between flying ant and termite

Even though they look similar, on a closer inspection, you will find significant differences between the flying ants and termites. Lets’ start with the physical difference between the two.

  • Body shape

Looking at the abdominal area of the two pests you can spot the difference yourself. For termite, there is no waist and the body is rectangular. Whereas, the ant has a well-defined constricted, narrow waist.

  • Antennae

The antennae or the feelers say a lot about the insect. The termite’s antennae are beaded and straight whereas a flying ant is elbowed or bent.

  • Wings

Flying ants as well as the termites are both winged creatures. They both have four wings each. This may confuse you but if you know the difference you will be able to differentiate clearly. The termite has equally sized wings that are longer than their body. Whereas, the flying ant has hind wings shorter than the front forewings. Their wings are not usually wrong and disproportionate to their body.

The wings on the termite’s body fall off soon and these can be seen near the opening of their nest. Professional pest control company look for this sign while inspecting termite infestation.

  • Color

Flying ants are dark-colored or reddish-brown color looking in the open for food. On the other hand, termites have creamy white, light, or transparent body. They are sensitive to light hence, stay in their nest undisturbed and rarely noticed.

Controlling flying ants and termites

The carpenter termites and ants are very much different from each other in a number of perspectives. It is because of that that the pest control measures are quite different for both. If one treatment is used on both, then only one will get eliminated, whereas the charges will be high. So, once you understand the difference between the two, you can get them treated accordingly. To control flying ants the pest control experts try eliminating the conditions that attract them. Whereas, for the termite infestation control you require professional methods.

Collect the sample and compare it with online graphics and photos. This could be very helpful in identifying the similarities and then visit entomologists or pest control service in Faridabad for an expert opinion. You can use the treatment recommended by the expert to get your house rid of all the pests.

A multi-pronged approach is required to treat both these insects. Different chemicals are needed to kill these insects and repel the infestation in near future. This may also include replacing and removing the structural wood that is already damaged by these pests. The structure of your home can be seriously compromised by the termites over time.

Tips to control flying ants and termites naturally

Flying ants and termites may look similar but are completely different biologically.

Flying ants

  • Make your own pesticide to clear flying ant infestation. You can prepare it by mixing one-part liquid soap, two parts water, and few drops of peppermint oil. Spray this solution directly on the infected area. The solution will suffocate and dehydrate the ants and kill them instantly.
  • You can also use boric acid. It is lower in toxicity and a safer commercial option to control ants at home.

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  • Diatomaceous earth

The diatomaceous earth is mixed with water. You need to add extra soil or paint according to the pest control you need to perform on different types of pests.

  • Orange oil

Orange oil is used to get rid of dry-wood termites. This specific remedy is supposed to kill not just the adult termites but also the eggs. You can spray this on high-risk areas directly over the pests.

  • Cardboard traps

The cellulose present in the cardboard is said to attract the termites. Keep it near the infested area and when the termites accumulate on it, simply take it away and burn it.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar is another known termite repellent. Wipe your woodwork and furniture with the vinegar solution to stop termites from attacking them. The smell is a little offensive for them and will get the furniture rid of termites.

Final word

Don’t think the clicking sound at night is the only disturbance they cause in your lifestyle. These pests slowly enter your house, and silently start nibbling at the woodwork. Gradually your house is left as a crumbling heap of broken timber and cracked walls. to keep them away you need to get them checked by a professional pest control company from time to time. This will help you keep termites and flying ants under check.

If you leave the house without any inspection, you will never know when the termites entered your house. This is very essential, as the signs come in very late, and if you go off to consult a pest control company Greater Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, etc. Then the termite control charges can be humongous. So, bring an inexperienced pest control team for regular check-ups and make your house a pest-free zone for yourself and others living in that house.

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