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How many football leagues are there in England?

English Football League

EFL is the highest level football league in England from 1888 to 1992. The league organizes competition matches between association football clubs from Wales and England. It was founded on 17 April 1888 in England.


British Football League was established in 1888 by William McGregor director of Aston Villa club. The football league initially started with 12 clubs member. The league continuously add members and grows up to 92 clubs till 1950. In 1992, financial issues break the British Football League and major members leave the football league to form their league which is FA Premier League and called Premier League in 2007. At that time EFL member clubs were reduced to 20. But the promotion and relegation between Premier League and Football League continue. 136 teams have been played in the Football League including the teams present in Premier League.

Controlling Body

The English Football League is the main controlling and governing body of the British Football League competitions. The controlling body organizes the two competitions annually. EFL Trophy and EFL Cup are two competitions organize by this body. The Football League main operation center present in Preston and the commercial office of the league is in London.

  • EFL Trophy

It is the third most famous knockout competition after EFL Cup and FA Cup in English Football. Due to sponsorship reasons, the English Football League Trophy is known as Papa John’s Trophy. The English Association of Football organizes the EFL trophy annually. These knockout matches were played between 48 clubs.

  • EFL Cup

EFL Club matches organized by the English Football League annually in men’s domestics English Football. Due to sponsorship reasons, this cup is known as Carabao Cup. The knockout matches were played between 92 clubs.


From 1983 to 2016, the British Football League associated with title sponsorship. The name of the league changes every year because sponsors for the league changes every year. The name of the league was Canon League from 1983-1986 due to canon sponsor and the league name was Sky Bet Football League from 2013 to 2016 due to Sky Bet sponsor.  In 2016-2017, the league leave the title sponsorship and rebranding itself. The league is known as English Football League internationally.

Member Clubs

The British Football League has 72 club members. These 72 clubs were divided into three groups. One group is the EFL Championship, the second is EFL League One, and the third group is EFL League Two. Each group has 24 member clubs. During a season each club with other two times in the same group, one time as opponents and a second time at the home stadium. Total 46 matches played between clubs each year.

  • EFL Championship

EFL Championship is known as Sky Bet Championship due to sponsorship. It is the top division of the English Football League and second-highest division in the English Football League System. 24 member clubs play matches in EFL Championship.

  • EFL League One

Due to sponsorship reasons, it is known as Sky Bet League One. It is the second-highest division of the English Football League. It is founded in 2004 in England. 24 member clubs played in EFL League One.

  • EFL League Two

Due to sponsorship reasons, it is known as Sky Bet League Two. It ranked lowest and third division of the English Football League.  It is founded in 2004 in England. 24 member clubs played in EFL League Two.

Broadcast Partners

The British Football League live matches are broadcast on ITV, BBC One, Quest, and Channel 5 in England. Internationally this league broadcast on beIN Sports, Sport Klub, Eleven Sports, and on Sports Max channels.


The EFL organized knockout competitions every year. The league provides an opportunity for a team to show its best performance and efficiency. 72 teams play in a league and only deserving and strongest teams win the league title.

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