Forget erectile dysfunction problems with These Sex pills

Man suffering from impotency with pill

Erectile dysfunction will ensure that you are not able to get a hard erection. The erectile issue can strike any male. It is an age-related issue, but there are several medical and emotional causes that hasten its arrival in males.

Males often try to overcome erectile issues with the use of medicines like 200 mg Sildenafil Citrate. The drug is strong enough to overcome moderate to higher levels of erectile dysfunction degrees in males. Since almost all branded and generic erectile dysfunction drugs are prescription drugs, you need to consult the doctor to understand your correct dose.

First, understand that what erectile dysfunction is?

Every erectile issue or lack of a hard erection is not erectile dysfunction. You are suffering from erectile dysfunction only when in 70 % of cases you are not able to get the erection. And when you are sexually stimulated and want to have the sex, but still cannot get the hard penile erection, it is erectile dysfunction.

Understand the causes behind erectile dysfunction

It helps to take full advantage of the sex pills when you know the causes behind erectile dysfunction. You must know that physical causes, medical causes, and emotional causes are behind erectile dysfunction in males. In seniors and elders, the medical causes predominate, while in younger males, the physical causes or emotional causes are behind the erection issue.

While sex pills like Tadalafil 60mg can overcome physical causes and medical causes, it may not help in emotional causes. For emotional and psychological issues, you need a counseling session to overcome the trauma or mental block.

Erectile dysfunction pills fulfill the basic purpose

Whatever is the cause of erectile dysfunction, at the microbiological level, blood flow reduces in the penis. The penis lack erection when it cannot get sufficient blood flow. With adequate blood flow in the penis, it becomes easy to get by sexual stimulation.

The pills support the function of nitrate oxide in the blood vessels. The nitrate oxide is a gas that dilates the blood vessels and keeps blood flow smooth. When PDE5 enzyme curbs the function of nitrate oxide, erectile dysfunction pills suppress this enzyme. This is why erectile dysfunction drugs are known as PDE5 Inhibitors. The basic function of all sex pills or erectile dysfunction pills is the same. The only difference is in their duration of impact and the chemicals that are used in them as an active ingredient.

Find the pill that matches your degree of erectile dysfunction

Every branded pill comes in various doses. The first safety step will be to take the dose that matches your erectile dysfunction degree. Using a higher dose for a lower degree of erectile dysfunction will only give you higher side effects. The impact of a few normal side effects will be increased unnecessarily.

The best course is consulting your doctor and let him examine your erectile dysfunction. Any dose of medicines suggested by him will be your best erectile dysfunction pill. And then understand the duration of impact period. Normally both Viagra and Levitra have the same duration impact. The impact will last up to 6 hours. During this period you can get an erection anytime you want with sexual stimulation.

Understand the reaction of sex pill with other drugs

After selecting the brand and the dose, the next step is to ensure the safe use of drugs or pills. If you are not using any other medicine for any medical issue, then you do not have to take precautions. However, if you are on medication for any purpose, then avoid mixing two drugs at the same time. Show the list of medicines you are taking to the doctor.

Drugs with nitrate oxide as an active ingredient strongly react with sex pills. The combined effect lowers the blood pressure to the dangerous levels. Keep the gap between two drugs or pills. Never use to sex pills together as well. This combination will never increase erection, but will only hasten the side effects tremendously.

For seniors and elder Cialis can create some issues

Cialis is a sex pill with tadalafil as an active ingredient. The duration of the pill lasts up to 36 hours. This long duration can cause some back pain to older males. Any dose of 150mg Sildenafil has the same duration of impact period. If you are on medication and have to take a dose in the next 24 hours, avoid Cialis.

A generic version is less expensive but has the same effectiveness

Every major brand has come up with generic versions. The generic versions like Fildena 100mg have the same ingredient, as a brand Viagra. The active chemical agent, sildenafil remain the same in both the pills. The efficacy and effectiveness of drugs are also the same. The only difference is their cost. The cost of generic medicines is low, as the branding expenses are not involved in the final cost.

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