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Free Online Courses For College – How to Get Credit For Your Effort!

Free Online Courses For College

If you’re a high schooler looking for easy ways to finish several courses, make-ups for some classes, or even earn high school grades, you may be looking for online, free online courses. 

The first thing to note about these courses is that they are sometimes called “distance learning” courses. To the student’s relief, several states now offer free online high school online courses for free. So take advantage of this fact.

What’s more, if you’re high schoolers who’d like to pursue higher education, you can also avail yourself of free online courses free from open online education platforms. For instance, the University of Phoenix and Kaplan University offer free courses for high schoolers. 

As an alternative, there’s Western Michigan University that offers the same courses as well. However, Western Michigan University does not have any online courses for free for high schoolers. But they have online education platforms that can be used by anyone, regardless of his or her age.

How do get free online courses for high schoolers?

Aside, from free online courses for high schoolers, open online education platforms also offer free online courses for college students. These courses, of course, must be taken only during the semester where the college student is enrolled. 

The beauty of these free online course for college students is that the teacher’s work is also available to his or her students, aside from the occasional feedback on exams. So it really teaches them a lot!

Some universities also have online courses for college students, apart from the usual course format. Take for instance the Master of Science in Business Administration online course. This course format is ideal for busy working adults who want to enhance their skills in managing their time. 

This course material covers different concepts in management, accounting, and finance. It also emphasizes business planning and strategies. Students who successfully complete this course will acquire important business management skills that they can use for their careers.

Completely Free Online Courses for College Applications:

There are also completely free online courses for college applications. Usually, these are offered by independent organizations or government agencies. The curriculum of these college applications is not set, but the aim is to see how well the candidate performs on a particular exam that is given in a certain college. 

Usually, these open online courses for college applications are given by the colleges themselves, and they are open to anyone who wants to take the exams.

Moreover, there are some websites that give college admissions as paid services. Some examples of these services include Moocs. 

Moocs are online course for high school students, college admissions essays, and so on. If you need any help with college admissions, then you can consider getting some of these online courses for free!

Why find free courses online if you choose to enroll in online universities?

You can also find free courses online if you choose to enroll in online universities. However, just like online high schools, the quality of the education is usually very low. For self-paced courses, this might not be a problem, since you can work at your own pace. 

But for those taking traditional courses, it would be very helpful to know how many credits you have left and how many programs you have to complete. For self-paced courses, it is not enough to choose an online university; you should also remember to register in the classes. If you want to know more about online universities, you can go online and research them.

Another way to earn credits online is to participate in open online courses for college. You can find a lot of universities that offer online courses for free, and you can enroll in these programs and take them as long as you want. 

Some universities even offer open online courses for high school students, which will help them prepare for their senior year. If you want to participate in an open online course, you can always contact the faculty and inquire about the requirements for the course. Usually, all you have to do is just complete the requirements, and once you’ve done so, you will be able to receive credit for your effort!

Free High School Online Courses For Complete Beginners

  • Do you know that some online courses for free are actually real and offered to you? 

This is true especially if you choose the right one. In most cases, these online course are those which are done on specific schedules. The schedules vary depending on the program that is being taken. 

Aside from the schedules, there are also instructions, study materials, homework help, and feedback from other students that are given out by the instructors. Some online schools also provide you with the benefit of having an online faculty which you can contact should you have any questions.

Why do you find online courses for free?

For you to find online courses for free, first you must know how the educational system works. You can actually begin by looking for an online high school online course for free credits. This offer is common at many colleges and universities in the United States.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has introduced edX, which offers free online course to high school students who wish to continue their education but can’t afford tuition fees.

Online education platforms offer courses taught by experienced teachers who have years of teaching experience. Open platforms expect instructors to continuously improve their teaching methods, unlike traditional institutions that have a set teaching style.

Why online courses for free are very flexible for instructors?

This is why online courses for free are very flexible since instructors are not stuck with just teaching materials that they have used in the past. Instead, they can now be an asset to the institution since they can show how the current generation is learning.

Aside from getting an online education, another advantage of taking free online course for free is that they help you save money. These resources are available to everyone, so there is no limit as to how much of it you can use. 

In other words, you can literally make use of it as many times as you like. However, this also means that you will need a lot of motivation since it is only free. It cannot replace your salary as you wouldn’t get anything if it weren’t for you.

How do need to be enrolled in these courses? 

Aside from getting enrolled in these courses, another thing to consider is your schedule. There are courses that do not allow you to leave your home. For some individuals, this is a problem especially if they are still working or are still too busy with their job. 

Online courses are free so you can do your work from the comfort of your home. You can save time by not having to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to school.

If you are still deciding whether to enroll or not in free online course for high school open courses, it is important that you know the pros and cons of doing so. If you know your decision well, you will feel good about it and you can proceed with confidence. In addition to this, you will also be able to learn something about yourself and your future. 

The number of credits you earn will depend on the type, of course, you are taking, the level you are trying to achieve, and the period of time you have until the exam.

Benefits and advantages offered by online courses for free:

Lastly, it is important to look at the benefits and advantages offered by online course for free. It is important to note that the material you download should be relevant to what you will be learning in the course structure. 

Hence, it would not be wise to download poetry books if you intend to learn about the laws of aerodynamics. Likewise, if you will be using notes in the course structure, make sure that the material you are using is appropriate for the course.

Coursera and Udemy are two of the popular online courses for free that high school students can take. Coursera is an online learning platform managed by the University of Phoenix and is completely free to all its users. 

In contrast, Udemy is a service provided by Kinsta, which is a big network of e-learning companies. Basically, the idea behind both services is to facilitate the process of education. 


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