FUE Hair Transplant in Lahore: Everything You Should Know About It


Do you know Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of the famous and most up-to-date grafting technologies all over the world? This minimally invasive treatment requires robotic technology and expert surgeons to create micro-tiny Punch Holes in the back of the hair scalp. FUE is the latest grafting treatment that aims to remove healthy hair follicles from the donor’s area and graft them into the head’s bald spots.

The ultimate purpose of the FUE hair transplant is to provide aesthetic and satisfactory results to the patient. Like any other country in the world, FUE is a trendy hair treatment in Pakistan. Gladly, FUE Hair Transplantation in Lahore is also getting massive reorganization among bald people, and they prefer this procedure for regrowing their hair. This way, they can better improve their confidence and self-esteem.

So, undoubtedly, FUE is a well-recognized hair treatment in Lahore, Pakistan. That’s why; we have decided to highlight some major facts and other relevant details about this miraculous hair treatment.

Fast Fact about FUE Hair Treatment

  • As compared to the FUT procedure, people prefer FUE treatment due to its evident outcomes.
  • The professional surgeons use micro-punches for the extraction of hair follicles and insert them in the bald area. This procedure is advantageous as it leaves no sign of extraction behind.

Risks and Side-Effects

  • Gladly, FUE is the safest hair treatment with less or no side-effects. You can experience a tiny white scar on the area where follicles were extracted. But they are not permanent, and they start vanishing within two-three days.
  • Inflammation, bruising, swelling, and sensitivity are quite normal, and it shouldn’t scare you. They are temporary with less throbbing effects.


  • The procedure requires a 2 to 4 hours session over multiple days. Usually, surgeons don’t go for “mega session,” as it may need 10 to 12 hours to get the whole procedure done.
  • FUE is an outpatient treatment, and the patient can easily go to their home after this procedure.
  • This minimally invasive treatment doesn’t affect the routine work but avoids physical activities and exercises for a week.
  • Not everyone can perform FUE hair treatment, so it is preferable to consult a certified hair surgeon. The selection of a qualified surgeon helps you in avoiding side-effects.

Cost of FUE Hair Treatment in Lahore

  • There is not an exact cost for this treatment. Various factors, including the expertise of the chosen surgeon, sessions, and condition of your hair, decide the ultimate cost.
  • The average cost of FUE hair treatment is more than the standard treatment as the procedure involves the latest technology. Based on all such factors, the average cost of FUE treatment in Lahore, Pakistan, ranges between Rs 60,000 to RS 200,000.

Final Words

You can experience the proper regrowth of hair in 3 to 4 months. The procedure assures satisfactory results as it helps you get 80% of the transplanted hair to grow back.

But remember, various factors (we discuss earlier, too) can help you in determining the overall expenses and cost. If you truly wish to avoid any inconvenience, choose a professional hair surgeon after a proper inquiry and research.

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