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Gaming Computer Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Gaming Computer Buying Guide

Game consoles are for playing, of that there is no doubt. Queens of this world, sometimes we forget that next to them, or above depending on who you ask, are computers. Authentic machines that, when properly configured, offer performance that is hard to beat. Articleritz brings a Complete Guide on Buying a gaming computer.

The video game on the computer is experiencing a new golden age with a lot of exclusive games. Also, it allows us to enjoy some console titles such as Call of Duty or Battlefield with much more details. Do you want to buy a gamer computer and you don’t know where to start? Take a look at our buying guide.


One of the first things that we have to take into account when we buy our computer to play is the budget. Enjoying the best graphic quality of the moment has a price that, although it is true, is worth remembering that it is an investment. Here you can find the best motherboard for ryzen 7 2700x.


Let’s start with the most basic: the processor. Here the minimum is to start from an Intel Core i5 in laptops, which has proven to be a very powerful and fast chip. Perfect for gaming, it is an affordable solution that offers good performance, is compatible with all games and is oriented to this type of use: heavy applications, multitasking, low energy consumption?

If we want the best of the best, the answer is clear: Intel Core i7. The difference may seem small but this processor has proven to be the preferred choice of all professional gamers. Its speed of calculation is only surpassed by the chips that are used in computers that are used in engineering companies or scientific laboratories. This chip is integrated as standard in almost all high-end equipment. Here you can find the best motherboard for i7 8700k.

There are already computers that mount i9 processors but, at the moment, they are not worth it. The potential gains do not justify too high a price.

Graphics card and RAM

Another fundamental element is the graphics card. Here it is difficult to choose between AMD or NVIDIA. Most gamers tend to prefer the latter but AMD has very powerful models. We have to consider three aspects. On the one hand, it is PCI Express, most are but it is not wrong to make sure. Other less used cards are intended for other types of tasks such as design or 3D animation.

Another important point is the memory of these cards. Ideally, they should have at least 2GB of capacity, but anything extra will be welcome. Finally, and very importantly, ventilation. It is best to find a model that has an active system to dissipate the air. That is, integrated fans to help cool our CPU.

As for RAM, the ideal would be to have 16GB up. The type? It will depend on our CPU but most likely it is DDR3. 32GB is also a good number but to load most games with solvency sixteen will suffice, plus the good thing is that we can always expand.

Hard disk

The hard disk seems like a simple item in which to store things, but it is not enough to put gigabytes and gigabytes of capacity. We have to look closely at the disk speed. If it’s a SATA3, it must be at least 7,200 rpm for it to be fast. The size? 1TB is perfect.


Another very interesting option is to mount an SSD, increasingly affordable, and install our games and operating system there. This way we will make it go much faster. Then can we leave the needle hard drive to store data, music, photos, and movies? Anything that does not require immediate and fast access.

Ventilation and energy

Playing at top quality means putting your computer at top performance and therefore it is essential to take care of ventilation. What is this? Very simple: the air outlets of the box so that the heat produced by the machine comes out quickly so that it can always run at full capacity. CPUs usually come with many outputs.

A very interesting option, if we are handyman, is to install a liquid cooling system to reduce the temperature of the computer and that it works equally well but without getting so hot. Also, make sure to put it in a place where the CPU can breathe. If you wall it in a hole, it doesn’t matter how big and powerful your fans are.

It is also important to have a good power source. It must be powerful and have enough watts. Most of the computers that come already mounted have one of the guarantees. In any case, we can always expand with a new one so as not to be fair at any time.

Accessories: monitor, keyboard, and mouse

In addition to a good computer, it is important to have accessories to match that brand-new CPU. They are many and we are going to focus on the three most important ones: the monitor, the keyboard and the mouse. The computer screen has to meet several important requirements.

The first thing is the resolution, we must make sure that it is Full HD or higher, it depends on the proportion of the screen. Today you can find very affordable 4K monitors. Contrast is also important and the higher it is the better, so we can see more shades of light and shadow to appreciate everything in more detail. The refresh rates the higher the better, so moving images will be smoother.

On the keyboard, there are many tastes and priorities but there are three things to consider. First, make it mechanical: they are harder, stronger. The indisputable option of any gamer. Have soft keys is also very useful to gain time taking action. Finally, the backlight allows us to see everything quickly.

The mouse is also a very personal decision but the important thing is to choose a model that has a lot of resolution (dpi) so that our movements with the hand are as precise as possible. In them, we can also configure macros through different buttons. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate, ask us in the comments.

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