Get a detailed idea on what happens if my insurer does not have a preferred car repairer

Car Insurance is done to provide financial protection to the owner in case of any physical damage because of collisions or bodily injury to the car. Nowadays, a car cannot come on the road until and unless it’s insured. In case if there is a natural disaster or a calamity, then car insurance also covers those areas. Car Insurance is a must because of the wide range of financial protection it offers. In this blog, we will be discussing what happens if my insurer does not have a preferred car repairer.

car repair

Advantages of getting a car insured:

There are various advantages to get a car insured. Those are:

  • It covers damages caused by other than an accident, including fire, theft, etc.
  • If the accident results in a death, then it provides benefits to the survivors.
  • If the car is involved in an accident, then it takes full responsibility for the repairs.
  • It covers all the lawsuits legal expenses that might have happened as a result of the accident.

What happens if my insurer has a preferred car repairer?

  • You will be assured with the best quality services
  • Highly trained professionals will look after the car repairs. Be assured of the best service providers.
  • You will be able to get your car delivered on time. There won’t be any chances of delay.

If the insurer does not have a preferred car repairer?

Well, in the first place, while taking the car insurance, you must check if the insurance provides a list of preferred car repairer, this simplifies the process, we have already mentioned this above. But what happens if my insurer does not have a preferred car repairer, then there might be a lot of problems.

  • Although you are not required to pay a single amount, there are many cases when the insurance company provided repairers, skip repairs of some parts. In these cases, you will require to incur additional charges to get repaired.
  • Since your preferred car repairer won’t be looking after your car, you will have issues regarding the services provided by them. You will have trust issues, whether the services provided are of the best quality or not. You won’t be sure whether to rely on them or not.
  • You might face trouble in getting the insurance claim.
  • There might be a possibility of you receiving the car, not on time. You might get frustrated because of the delay.

Many insurance companies provide you with the benefits of choosing your own preferred car repairer. If there is a difference in the amount of insurance cover provided by the insurance company and the cost of doing the repair laid down by the repairer, then you might be required to pay the difference amount.


So you got a clear idea by now on what happens if my insurer does not have a preferred car repairer. There have been numerous cases when the insurance company’s preferred car repairer provides a substandard or a below quality service. People are often tricked by these second-rate services.

car repair

Hence, while choosing a car insurance company, you must ask them, what happens if my insurer does not have a preferred car repairer? In case you don’t get the right answer from them, then you must look for the ones who have a preferred car repairer list. You can check whether they provide you with the benefit of choosing your own repairer. If yes, then you would not be left wondering what happens if my insurer does not have a preferred car repairer. There are various companies that are offering car insurance. Choose the one in which the cover provided by the insurance company is more and for a longer period. In case you are facing difficulties in choosing the right company, ask your friends or search it online.

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