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Get A Perfect Eyebrow Shape Of Your Eyebrows And Look Pretty

eyebrow restoration

Over-plucking or hormonal changes are prime causes of hair thinning, which most people experience and start losing eyebrows as they age. It’s pretty standard on both men and women, but it can get out of control for males. It’s something that a specialist can correct by performing an eyebrow restoration on the bald area or hair scarcity. 

Thin eyebrows


When you have thin eyebrows, it’s not pretty, and one can always do something extra to give them a fuller look. People usually use a pencil or eyebrow powder. And if they want a more-lasting but still temporary solution, they either go for options such as Microblading or tattooing. However, if something permanent is more appealing, then eyebrow restoration stands as the best solution. 


Eyebrow transplant is a cosmetic procedure done by a plastic surgeon by transferring your hair grafts from the back of your head to your bald or sparsely eyebrows. He administers a general anesthetic before making small incisions at the donor site’s follicle and the areas of transplantation in your brows. It may last up to three years, and the procedure usually takes two to three hours.


Microblading: It’s a modern form of eyebrow tattooing which is also becoming quite popular. It involves a semi-permanent makeup that a specialist does. He first creates hair-like strokes using a needle and brow pigment ink in the brows, filling them to look fuller. 

Using this process allows you to alter the ideal shape of your brows while making them thicker. The whole process takes roughly two hours.

What causes eyebrow thinning?

Superciliary madarosis is a medical term for thinning hair, derived from “Madaros,” which is the Greek word for “bald.” There are a zillion causes for this condition: hormonal imbalances, allergies, nutritional deficiencies, autoimmune diseases, stress, or an unfortunate response from particular medications or treatments such as chemotherapy.


Other typical hair thinning causes are aging, excessive tweezing, or waxing, resulting in thin eyebrows, which sometimes may appear on one eyebrow, both patches, or uniformly. That can’t be pretty. 

Best tips to match your eyebrows

Healing process

After you finish with eyebrow restoration, you must exercise patience so you can let your hair grow. Since hair grows in cycles, that may take between 4-9 months to develop. After one year, that’s when you can expect a maximum fullness. 


After three days, most patients start to feel good, while it takes up to eight days for the eyebrows to look great. You may notice some scabbing around your eyebrow after treatment, but please avoid picking them. You can maintain the new look by trimming but avoid tweezing.

 Find an experienced practitioner.


One of the crucial ways to ensure you get a natural-looking result is to research the surgeon you want to do your eyebrow restoration

Ask your surgeon to show you the before, and after photos of the patients he has helped, so you can have a sense of what your doctor can do. 

Check for some reviews from their website and see what their past customers think.

NB: Please avoid a disreputable provider to try and save some cash. You will not only be unhappy, but the results may have consequences of side effects.

Before the procedure


Before you proceed with an eyebrow restoration procedure, your surgeon will go over your medical history. Here you get a chance to disclose if you may have any underlying health conditions or are currently taking any medications or supplements. 


Sharing this information will keep your doctor in the know of the patient and find if you are an ideal candidate or not. You may not be the right candidate for this treatment if you have the following:

How much does an eye transplant cost?


An eyebrow transplant procedure is a cosmetic treatment, and health insurance won’t cover it. So, it would help if you considered this before you proceed with this treatment.

There are several factors considered that contribute to the final price of this treatment, such as;

But on average, the cost may start from $3000 to $ 6000 all-inclusive.

In conclusion, for those who’ve tried different repairing scarce or bald eyebrows and are tired of such, eyebrow restoration might be for you. It offers you a permanent solution, but it’s crucial you seek the service of an experienced dermatologist or licensed cosmetic surgeon.

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