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E-learning is the fastest-growing on-demand market. In 2019, the global tutoring market was valued at USD 4.81 billion. From 2020 to 2027, the market is expected to grow at a 16.1% CAGR.


It is essential to share the best information via a digital platform, whether you are in education or running a private coaching center. To make an informed decision about on-demand tutor app development, you can review the benefits, ideas, features, and features your digital platform should include.

An app designed for educational startups allows learners to communicate with experts in real-time and have their questions answered faster than ever. This app allows learners to instantly access multiple materials from their sofas rather than visit colleges or training centers.

Teachers, students, parents, and tutors can quickly interact through customized tutor-on-demand apps. Students save time and can access online materials quickly and easily. First, let’s understand what Uber for a tutor does and how it helps everyone learn.


What’s an On-Demand Tutor App?

The on-demand tutor app, a digital platform that allows learners to discuss their questions and get answers from professionals and experts via video chat or calls, is called the Tutor On-Demand App. This digital platform was extensively used during COVID 19 pandemic to meet the educational needs of students. It is difficult for mobile apps, and tutor apps are one of the most important.

Many educational sectors are working hard to create Uber for a tutor and other mobility solutions. It makes it easy for students to access study materials and solve any questions with the guidance of experienced teachers and educators. There are many benefits to tutor-on-demand apps. Let’s take a look at some of them.


Take a look at the On-Demand Tutor App Development Benefits: You Can Look Right Now!

Are you aware of how your institution can benefit from on-demand app development? App development for mobile devices has been a profitable business model in education. The development of an Uber for tutor app has many benefits. Here are some benefits to creating an on-demand tutoring app for your tutor business.


Savings on Time and Money

You must provide a place for students to sit if you offer tutoring services. You can cut down on expenses by creating a tutor app. A digital platform is an excellent tool for event students as it saves time and allows them to access the material with a few clicks quickly.


New Learning Methods

A tutoring app that is available on-demand is the best way for students to get help understanding the concepts from experts. The app allows students to connect directly with professionals and access material that makes learning more enjoyable. Students can learn topics through the tutor-on-demand app.


Earning Opportunities

Online certification courses and tests that begin at a particular time have been popularized. You can charge students to enroll in an online test. It can be considered the best option for earning money.


Online Automated Grading System

It is a shame not to grade students but prepare the list according to the earned scores. Online options make it easy to create an automated grading list for students enrolled in specific tests.


Faster and Easier

It is so frustrating and tedious to call parents or students about changes in tuition times, timetables, etc. The tutor app’s notification feature makes it easier and quicker than ever. It even helps you manage other things more efficiently in seconds.


Real-Time Communication

Many students are hesitant to ask questions. Students are often afraid to ask questions, whether they are introverts. A tutor-on-demand app is an excellent option for chat. Students can ask questions and have a real-time chat with professionals.


The Basic Framework and Uber Feature for Tutors to Explore!

You must create an Uber tutor app that is easy to use and has many features. White Label Fox has three main frameworks in mind when developing the tutor app that you will use regularly.


User App & Panel

The app is most popular with students. You can develop the app with tutor-on-demand apps, but you will need a professional developer. Or you can seek out the help of an app development company that can integrate exciting and innovative features into your digital platform. These are just a few of the features that you can choose from:


  • Login to Social Media & Direct Login
  • Browse Tutor;
  • View Tutor Details & Reviews;
  • Post Requirement
  • Hire a tutor
  • Chat with a selected tutor
  • Rate & Review Tutor


The app development team can add many additional features to meet your specific requirements. These are the essential features that make it attractive for students to use.


Tutor App & Panel

The tutor panel or app makes it easier for tutors and students to receive the required information. The on-demand tutor app from White Label Fox allows tutors to create their profiles and update essential details in a list. It helps them have more work. This list includes the following essential features:


  • Configuration of your profile
  • Changes in Availability
  • Accept/Reject Requests;
  • View/Edit Bookings;
  • Check your Weekly & Monthly Earnings;
  • Chat with students


The tutor app or panel makes it easier for tutors to interact and gives them the best results.


Admin Panel

Uber for tutor’s admin panel is rich in features and allows you to control every activity. It makes it easy to see how things work. With the help of features such as:


  • Efficient Analysis;
  • Statistics;
  • Manage Tutors & Their Services
  • Service Listing & Management
  • Reports and Earnings
  • Student Manager
  • Jobs Assignment & Manager


You can control what happens and how it works, making it easy to take your business to the next level.


Tutors Mobile Application Development: Advanced Features to Integrate

The global tutoring market is expected to grow from 150 billion in 2020 to 278 billion by 2026. It is expected to grow at a 10.82% CAGR between 2021 and 2027. Many tutors, schools, colleges, and other institutions create digital solutions to ease their work and create a unique market presence.


Multiple Payment Gateways

In many ways, integrating digital payment gateways into the tutor-on-demand app is a benefit. It is easier to accept multiple payment options through the digital platform, such as net banking and credit and debit cards. Users can make payments from the app.


Heat Map View

The uber for tutor app’s heat map view features a vital feature. It displays all the relevant information required by users. This feature is handy as it shows all necessary information such as popular subjects and areas. This feature allows users to make intelligent and productive decisions. Before appointing tutors, users can see details about them and their services.


In-App Calls

The built-in messaging function allows tutors and students to communicate with one another transparently. Students can discuss any questions they might have with their tutors during the session. Students can communicate with each other; this facilitates group learning.



Both users and administrators can track the tutor’s location in real-time. The global positioning system (GPS), which users can use to track the location of tutors, allows them to determine if they are taking a long route to arrive and recommend an optimal route. It helps to reduce travel time.


The uber for tutor app has many advanced features that make it easier to produce a better result. Our developers employ advanced technology to create a solution that makes your job easier and sets you apart from the rest. 



Teachers and study materials are always in demand. Due to rising competition and the need to master a particular area, private teachers have been in demand. Private tutors are more affordable than ever, so people are willing to hire them. It is why modern technology has matched the demand.

White Label Fox has an easy-to-use and feature-rich tutor-on-demand solution to keep you updated and meet growing demand. If you have any doubt about the working of uber for a tutor or want to know about the development cost and more, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at


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