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Get your Blog on Google News to generate more traffic

You must be knowing about Google News & Google’s Current application that is available on both android and ios platforms. If not, let me help you. Google News and Google Currents is a News Platform that serves National, International, and almost every news through the different channels that includes all the big web development company like TechCrunch, Mashable, Forbes, entrepreneur, and many more including Blogger Play.

Google News & Google Currents not only provides news feeds, but it’s another way to promote your blog in two ways:-

1. Get more traffic and visitors to your blog

Around 20% Increment to the blog traffic according to what I receive through it. It Nearly generates around 5k-6k views a month through the newsstand android application and around 1.5k-2k visitors from the IOS application of Google News. I started last year in august in the Google Publishing tool and in total, I have received a Total of 70k+ visitors just through Google Publishing now.

2. Increase your AdSense Earnings

This may make you happy and will sound great that Google Publishing Application also supports Adsense which will directly add and contribute to your AdSense earnings. It was a total of 26% increase in earnings from Google Adsense. Not only this, it shares the same CTR rate as on your blog, So you can publish your producer content and have it live by earning some more from your eCommerce products for online shopping include electronic devices, books keeping, and clothes shopping.

Sounds Great! Isn’t it. This will definitely help you a lot. Also, it brings one more thing to your blog, Loyal Readers. Loyal Readers in terms of reading through newsstand and google currents. People once read your blog, and if they find it interesting and knowledgeable, they become your loyal readers and they tend to check every day about the updates, And sometimes, they also subscribe to your blog, Today In this awesome post, I’ll tell you how to add your blog to Google Newsstand and Google Currents with screenshots

Google not just allows you to add your niche blog i.e. health, technology, or fpsc jobs blog to Newsstand, but it also lets you stylize according to you, what font you like, or what color, or show images/or not, and many more.

Getting Started with adding your Blog to Google News Publisher tool

1. The First Requirement to get started is a requirement of Google Chrome Because it will give more features of customizations like fonts, colors, layout, and many more. If you have it, just follow the below steps and if not, download it from here.

2. Visit Google Producer Tool and sign in with your account (google). You’ll be redirected to the screen just like the above one.

3. Go to the “edition settings” and enter your Edition Name, Information, Cover Image, Google Analytics and others.

4. Now, there are two options that you manually add your blog posts to it and give a kickstart, and another easy and recommended way is to add directly and automatically via feed. For this go to Sections tables in elementor Page Builder and Create a New Section.

5. Give your Section a name and enter your feed URL like mine If you don’t know you, it might be “”. This will generate articles automatically and list them on Google Currents and Google Newsstand.

6. Before making it live and accessible to the world, you have to verify the ownership. For this, visit Distribute Tab and verify the ownership

7. Now the Earning Part, Visit Ads tab and click on the setup section and follow the steps mentioned there.

8. Done, Congratulations, you have successfully added your blog to Google Newsstand and Google Currents.

Now if you have an Android or an IOS phone, just download the Google News app and have a look at it. If you are not satisfied with it, do customize it, Hope you enjoyed it. And Please be patient about it. I am sure it will help you generate more blog traffic and earnings. Do give it publicity by sharing on all the networks.

How it functions

Through a different arrangement of highlights, Google News allows clients to find out about and draw in with you. The Google News experience incorporates noticeable marking and adaptation openings, such as promoting and smoothed out membership deals through Subscribe with Google.

You can utilize the Publisher Center instrument to impart your substance to Google News by submitting RSS channels, site URLs, or recordings, To give the best insight to perusers, you can pick between direct control and traffic utilizing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) or custom styling of feed-sponsored content.

Regardless of whether you don’t set up distribution in the Publisher Center, Google may discover your webpage through our ordinary web slither, Moreover, on the off chance that you would prefer not to surface in Google News, you can obstruct admittance to content on your locales without influencing your kept ordering and positioning in Google Search and boost your SEO ranking.

While you don’t have to join through the Publisher Center to be considered in Google News rankings, it gives certain advantages:
  • Substance and marking control: Design, brand, and tweak your distribution’s areas and substance in Google News.
  • Adaptation opportunity: Publishers can utilize paywalls in Google News through Subscribe with Google.
  • Arrangement qualification: Publications with business terms are qualified to be in the Newsstand part of the application in material nations and districts.
  • Significant: We don’t ensure arrangement. Distributions are freely chosen for Newsstand by our marketing group dependent on limited time timing, nature of client experience, and importance to the special subject.

Set up Google’s Publisher Center

In late 2019, Google merged Google News Producer and Google News Publisher Center into a single tool. Officially called Publisher Center, Google has created an enhanced user experience and expanded set of functionalities that easily allows any publisher to manage content across multiple properties on Google News, One of the many great new features Publisher Center offers is the ability to manage multiple sites simultaneously under one organization, as well as the ability to switch between more than one organization.

Make proper acquaintance with Google’s new Publisher Center

In addition, Google has dispatched Publisher Center, an interface that permits distributors to submit, oversee and adapt their substance in Google News and other Google properties, the organization reported on Tuesday. The new Publisher Center unions two existing apparatuses, Google News Publisher Center and Google News Producer.

Why we give it a second thought

The new Publisher Center enhances client experience and usefulness, Google said, diminishing the grinding associated with dealing with your distribution’s marking, substance, promotions, and more on Google News, Moreover, for organizations with numerous distributions, the new interface additionally makes it simpler to sort out and switch between every property. Improved consent settings ought to likewise make the joint effort more liquid.

  • The new Publisher Center applies to Google publishing, news on Search, and News on the Google Assistant, but no news on the Discover feed.
  • Publishers can now use their site sections’ URLs instead of RSS to configure sections in Google News.
  • If you had a source in the old Google Publisher Center or an edition in the former Google publishing Producer tool, your organization, and publication(s) should appear in the new Publisher Center, In addition, the news Center is currently available in English, Spanish, French and German, with more languages planned for the future.

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