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Cosmetic Surgery

Give a brief classification of different kinds of cosmetic surgery

This is the era of cosmetic or plastic surgery where people can alter their overall body and facial features as per their desired shape and size. If you are troubled with your facial features and body, you must opt for Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag to modify your body. This Procedure is rising in demand day by day. Although you can have cosmetic surgery on any part of your body, do not take this Procedure lightly. A cosmetic surgeon may suggest counseling when you opt for the cosmetic Procedure.

Popular types of Cosmetic surgery

Breast surgery: Under this surgery, women can alter the size or shape of their breasts who are struggling with very small or big breasts. A mammoplasty is performed in different ways:

  • Breast augmentation and enlargement:

The size of lower breasts is increased using silicone gel prosthetics or saline. Nowadays, fat grafting is very popular. This Procedure comes into action when a lady has shallow boobs or when the size of a single breast is smaller than the other. Sometimes, women’s breasts also differ due to breastfeeding or pregnancy. Along with this, many ladies try this surgery to stimulate self-confidence and improve their sexual feelings.

  • Breast reduction:

Breast reduction is the best option when women are unsatisfied with their heavy breasts, pushing them towards physical discomfort. This surgery also assists in overcoming the risk of breast cancer. Under the breast lift or mastopexy procedures, your glandular tissue breasts are removed to turn your heavy breasts into smaller ones. To inflate your tiny breasts, you must undergo Male to Female Surgery in Vizag, under which all your body parts alter to turn them into a female’s look.

  • Male breast reduction:

Sometimes, the size of male breasts enlarges under the impact of gynecomastia (a disease in which male breasts start building like women’s breasts). To turn large male breasts into smaller ones, your doctor can use gynecomastia surgery or liposuction.

  • Vulvovaginal surgery:

You may also know it as labial reduction, labia minora reduction, Labiaplasty, Labiaplasty, and labia minora of the vulva. Labia minora is a subpart of a lady’s genitalia. Under this Procedure, a doctor alleviates the increased size of women’s labia when performing vaginoplasty.

  • Liposuction procedure:

Suction-assisted lipectomy is the best Procedure to eliminate your body fat. A liposuction surgeon uses a thin metal tube (cannula) that inserts into a person’s body by forming a simple cut or small hole on their body. Then, use a particular type of liquid or salt to thaw your stored fat cells or fat. After some time, they send this fat out from your body via a thin tube.

Apart from this, cosmetic surgery also helps to eradicate body moles. Moles are small or round-shaped skin growths that arise due to the clusters of pigmented cells. These cells appear in dark brown or black color. These can find in people of any age, even among youngsters, adults, and kids. Generally, a single person may attain ten to forty moles on their skin in their whole life. These can not disappear until you opt for any surgical procedure. Thus, you can try the cure of Mole Removal in Vizag under the supervision of well-experienced doctors.

You can visit the VJ’s Cosmetology Clinic if you want to make your body or facial features more attractive.

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