Greater Reliability on Linear Encoders Through Stable Measured Values

linear encoders

When you have to place a high demand on the accuracy of a measured value, you will want to use exposed linear encoders. That includes measuring and production equipment for the semiconductor industry, measuring machines, and PCB assembly machines. HEIDENHAIN offers a range of linear encoders to help you out.

How It Works

HEIDENHAIN has created a general processing ASIC HSP 1.0 that you can use for exposed linear encoders. The ASIC can compensate for fluctuations in the signal amplitude because of interference. Because the signal is more stable, it is more effective against contamination with the scanning reticle or the measuring standard. As a result, the measuring signal will not have any increased noise component or an impaired interpolation accuracy.

There is also accuracy data for these encoders. That way, the engineer can look at detailed information when looking for the right encoder for the application, whether that is an optical linear encoder or a magnetic linear encoder. The engineer can also find information such as:

  • The accuracy of the graduation over small intervals
  • The accuracy of the interpolation
  • Any position noises

Get High-quality Measuring Signals

HEIDENHAIN offers an HSP 1.0 signal processing ASIC that can permanently monitor your scanning signal. If the scanning reticule or measuring standard has contamination and the signal changes, the HSP 1.0 can compensate for this. This is how the ASIC can make sure that the signal will continue to be of high quality and stay stable for a long time. Position noise and interpolation errors will not increase when there is contamination from normal operation.

Giving You Stable Signals

When you use an exposed linear encoder with an HSP 1.0 signal-processing ASIC, you can get a more stable signal when you are measuring, no matter if there is any traversed contamination. The good news is that the amplitude will be almost constant at around 1 VPP. Even if you exceed the control limit because of heavy contamination, there would be no sudden signal failure. Instead, the amplitude of the signal would only decrease a bit.

Turn to a Trusted Supplier of Encoders

Whether you need an optical linear encoder, magnetic linear encoder, or one of the many other types of linear encoders, Maintenance Diagnostic Systems, Inc. has what you need. Working with a trusted supplier like us ensures that you will get long-lasting products, saving you money on replacing them later on. Our company works with HEIDENHAIN to ensure that you will get the linear encoders that you require. Give us a call now to speak with one of our company representatives to get more information.

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