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Guide to Renting Storage in Jeddah

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Moving into a new home is not always that smooth. Sometimes, due to various life situations, we need to move into a smaller place – which is often great since it’s more affordable. However, that’s the time we face a number one challenge – the lack of space.  Simply throwing things away is not an option, but you also can’t store them in your home – no matter how organized you are. Luckily, nowadays you can choose a storage unit that will keep your items safe while not taking up your living space. However, choosing a perfect storage unit is not always that simple. There are several factors you should consider – all of them neatly listed in our guide to renting a storage in Jeddah. Everything you need to know about getting more space for your items safely and affordably.

Before you start looking for a storage unit…

…make sure you declutter your home and get rid of all the items you no longer need. Unused, old-fashioned, expired, and damaged items should go away. This will help you free up your living space, and also know exactly how big your future storage unit should be. Therefore, you won’t waste any space, and money on rent.

Bonus tip: If you have some items you no longer need but are in good condition – try selling them and earn some money. You can easily do that online, or even organize a garage sale if there are a lot of things you want to part ways with.

How to find storage in Jeddah?

To make sure you’re storing your items in a safe place, you need to make sure you’re renting storage in Jeddah from a reliable company. If this is also the time when you’re moving to Jeddah, it’s best to hire a reliable company that offers both relocation and storage services, like fourwinds-ksa.com. This way you’ll save a lot of time in finding a reliable company, and have everything done quickly and efficiently. Safety comes first when moving to a new country or city, so always make sure you’re hiring trustworthy, professional companies who offer their services and without any hidden costs and surprises.

Choose the right size of the unit when renting storage in Jeddah

To make sure you’re not spending more money than necessary, it’s important to take the unit of the right size. That’s why to take your time to list all the items you will store – it’s the perfect chance to make an inventory list, which will be very useful in the future. Therefore, you will know how much space you’ll need. Most commonly, companies offer units in various sizes. There are smaller ones  – the size of a walk-in closet, which is 5’x5’ or 5’x10’.Also, you can get a medium-sized storage unit – the size of a bedroom or two, 7.5’x10’ or 10’x10’And of course, large storage units ( 10’x15’ and more), often necessary for commercial use.

a floor plan of storage
Decide wisely on the size of the unit when renting storage in Jeddah – don’t take more or less than you need

Check if you need a climate-controlled storage unit

Depending on the type of items you’ll store in the unit, think if you need a climate-controlled one. So, if you need a unit at a constant temperature for your items not to spoil – it’s best to take one of these, especially for commercial purposes. Also, climate-controlled units are good for personal belongings such as paintings, electronics, instruments, wooden items, antiques, etc. Therefore, if you’re planning on storing some of these, make sure you get the right environment to keep them in a good shape.

stacked moving boxes on a palette ready for renting storage in Jeddah
Make an inventory list of items you’ll store in the facility, so you can pick the right conditions

See if the unit is protected

Every reliable company should invest in the security of its storage units. Therefore, when renting storage in Jeddah, make sure if the unit you want is covered by video monitoring, has safe locks, and proper lighting. Don’t pick a place just because it’s the cheapest option, since it can cost you a lot more if anything bad happens. Therefore, safety should come first, so make sure you do some research about the company you want to hire. This should be done both online and offline. Read online reviews, check the company’s website, ask people you know for recommendations, etc. Safety comes first!

a key in a keyhole
Security should be the top priority when renting storage in Jeddah


When renting a storage unit, make sure you check the times when you can access it. Some companies offer 24/7 availability, but that’s not always the case. See if the plan you’re offered with works for you, since some facilities aren’t open on Sundays, holidays, at night, etc.


Another thing that will give you peace of mind is insurance. You should know that some facilities offer insurance that’s included in the price, whereas somewhere you’ll need to take insurance separately. Whatever is the case, we recommend insuring your items, especially if these are fragiles and valuables, expensive electronics, home appliances, etc.


Probably the most important step in renting a storage unit in Jeddah is the cost of the rent. The price depends on the size of the unit and the period of time you’ll use it. many companies offer more affordable long-term plans or month-to-month rents, so think about your future plans and pick the best option. Also, some facilities require minimum usage of two or three months, so don’t forget to check that part of the contract as well.


Moving to a new city and taking care of all the details might be too much to handle sometimes – and that’s fine. Making plans and writing down your tasks will help you stay organized and safe during the whole process. Also, taking care of things like renting storage in Jeddah, as well as moving there, is much easier and faster with the help of a professional. If you’re careful and follow all the steps from this guide – you will surely find the best location for your belongings. So, be realistic about your possibilities and time/space management, and plan this relocation the best way possible – efficient and secure.

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