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Gurgaon – A Village Turned Into City Of Modern Lifestyle

Do you guys believe in magic? If not then you must have a conversation with those people who have witnessed both village and city form of India’s ever-developing corporate hub, Gurgaon.

Before the corporate sector chose to set out in the lands of Gurgaon, it was a village with no hopes of advancement in any kind of field. But today, it is one of India’s famous cities known for the modern lifestyle. Nothing happened overnight, but whatever has happened has changed the lives of original residents and now changed the lives of many people from around the country.

Those lands that were not even good for agriculture and overlooked by everyone are now selling at sky-high rates. Those families who were not even to meet their daily needs are now living a lavish lifestyle, and many of them do their own shopping malls and theatres around the city.

Whatever we are mentioning here are the facts that we have heard from the people who witnessed that magical turn. Becoming a city is a very rare thing in any village and Gurgaon has become a metro city with world-class facilities and home for the corporate offices of many multinational brands.

And the development hasn’t stopped yet, and it will not stop any time soon. More and more offices are being opened, and more people are coming every day to make their career. The amount of footfall the city receives every day is the prime reason for this magical turnaround.

What are the major highlights of the city?

Indira Gandhi International Airport

Technically, the airport lies within the boundaries of Delhi, but it is closer to the people of Gurgaon than Delhi. The international airport opened the gates for hotel and restaurant business. People from around the world come to the city, which also boosts the other businesses as well.

Ambience Mall

One of the prime highlights of the city is the Ambience Mall. It is located on the main highway connected to Delhi just near the border. It is also one of north India’s biggest shopping complexes. One can shop for almost all the major brands here. It has a built-up area of 21 lakhs square feet and a retail area of 18 lakhs square feet. Just for the numbers: Ambience Mall has more than 230 shopping and eatery outlets.

All Type Of Online Services

You can’t call a modern city one if you can’t enjoy the different types of online services in today’s time. In Gurgaon, you can get so many things delivered at your doorstep just by making a few taps on your mobile phone. You can rent furniture through an online app, get a plum cake in Gurgaon delivered at your doorstep, order medicines, milk, vegetables, and fruits. Not just that, you can also get your documents delivered in your office if you have forgotten them at your home. These kinds of services make a lifestyle modern, and Gurgaon has it all.

The Night Life

Daylight is sure to wake up the city, and people find themselves highly active throughout the day to do things. But metro cities like Gurgaon don’t differentiate between daylight and dark nights. You can enjoy your life even in the nights as you can in the day in Gurgaon. There are clubs, bars, movie theatres, and eating outlets that remain open until late in the night, and many do operate 24 hours a day.

We hope that we have succeeded a bit in throwing light on the thing about Gurgaon and how the city has emerged within limited words.

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