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For the second year in a row, the blessed month of Ramadan. Comes in exceptional circumstances due to the spread of the Corona virus.

Which continues to make many countries impose home isolation and others place strict restrictions to limit its spread.

Included in this pandemic are the religious rites.  The two ritual hajj and Umrah.

With the start of the distribution of vaccines and the precautionary measures taken by the competent Saudi authorities internally and externally at its land, sea and air borders.

The rituals of Umrah and The rituals of Hajj  were resumed within certain conditions, and the Kingdom decided that the period of Ramadan would be an experiment by allowing 50 thousand pilgrims and 100 thousand worshipers to enter the Grand Mosque in Mecca, with age requirements being set And getting the vaccine and conducting a medical swab before the start of the rituals.

Controls For Performing Umrah and the Age Group :

The Saudi authorities allowed the resumption of Umrah rituals in Ramadan . Under certain conditions in order to preserve the safety of citizens, residents, visitors and pilgrims. And that is only for people who have received the Coronavirus vaccine. Which is a prerequisite for performing Umrah . And praying at the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

Permits to perform Umrah, pray in the Grand Mosque and visit the Prophet’s Mosque . Starting from the first day of the current blessed month of Ramadan. Granted to immunized persons, according to what the (Tawakolna) application shows for vaccination categories (a person who received two doses of the Corona virus vaccine or a vaccinated who spent 14 days after receiving the first dose. Of the vaccine, or a person recovering from the infection).

As for the age groups, for pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia from 18-50 years. From within  from 18-70 years, and the Umrah permit cannot issued to those under the age of 18. And those over 70 years old even if they receive vaccination. Children also cout as accompanying and the mother may be attached to the beneficiary as a compañero.

The permits to perform Umrah, prayers and visit rituals are reserved through the main and approved platform for the “Umrahna” and “Tawakolna” apps, by reserving the available time slot as desired by the barrier and in line with the possible operational capacity to apply the precautionary measures.

The permits are displayed and their validity is verified through the “Tawakolna” application, directly from the account of the beneficiary of the permit in the application.

Corona Vaccines And The Number of Pilgrims:

Cheap hajj packages 2021 by Travel to Haram form UK

Nasser Turki, Vice President of the Federation of Chambers of Tourism. Explained in statements that the vaccines approved by Saudi Arabia are Pfizer and AstraZenka . And there is a promise to adopt the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine as well, due to its presence in many countries.

He pointed out that Saudi Arabia’s permission for 50 thousand people to perform Umrah and 100 thousand worshipers per day. A gesture that countries approve the Umrah in Muharram’s month  seen in the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

Especially with the availability of Corona vaccines, pointing out that countries allocate doses of Corona vaccines for the purposes of Hajj and Umrah, and that Egypt is one of the countries interested in performing Umrah. Its citizens for the Hajj.

The Egyptian tourism companies were unable to document their contracts on the Egyptian electronic Umrah portal. Due to the fact that the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities did not open the door for documentation pending the issuance of the Saudi controls that came too late due to the circumstances of the Corona pandemic, and with which the decision-making changes according to the change of the epidemic map in it day after day.

Exceptional prices :

And he expected Saudi Arabia to be strict in setting up for Hajj Packages and Umrah Packages programs and in the numbers that will allow them to enter, which will make the Hajj season exceptional and the cost of performing the obligatory this year is high and not within everyone’s reach, due to the small number of numbers that will be allowed to perform the obligatory duty, and the picture will become clearer about Hajj and Umrah after Ramadan.

In the previous seasons of Corona. Egypt sent about 100 thousand pilgrims in the month of Ramadan only, and the individual  allowed to perform the Hajj once every five years.

At the end of last March, Saudi Arabia announced the opening of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet this year in front of worshipers to perform Tarawih prayers

But with precautionary measures, after last year it suspended the personal attendance of worshipers.  And closed its borders for about 7 months due to the spread of the Corona virus.

Al-Sudais  quoted the Saudi Presse Agency as saying that only the Tawaf of pilgrims will  devoted to the courtyard of Mataf since (14) it has placed in the Mataf courtyard a virtual route for the two sects and that the three paths closest to Kaaba are reserved for elders and the disabled.

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