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Hajj is a Lifetime Journey

Hajj is a Lifetime Journey:

A spiritual step that takes your faith to a new level for Muslims around the globe. For five days, the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia welcomes thousands of Muslim worshipers who gather at the Great Mosque to celebrate the traditional Hajj, a centennial ritual considered one of the five pillars of Islam….

A wide range of versatile Hajj packages 2022 is available on the internet …This Saturday, July 17, the faithful began to surround the Kaaba, in the second stage of the pilgrimage, which will run until next Thursday, July 22. In that period they celebrate the Feast of the Sacrifice, considered the main Islamic festival.
hajj packages 2022 The rituals that complete the annual pilgrimage commemorate important milestones in Islam and the life of the prophet Abraham.

What countries are allowed to perform Hajj and Umrah?

All countries from which entry is not prohibited, and Umrah will be in accordance with measures and conditions determined by the Ministry of Health.

The Saudi newspaper, “Okaz”, said, on Saturday, that the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah will allow receiving 20,000 pilgrims from inside and outside the Kingdom, starting from August 10.

This is the first batch of pilgrims after the Hajj season when 60,000 residents of the Kingdom who received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine were allowed to

Perform Its Hajj Rituals:

The Saudi newspaper quoted the ministry’s spokesman, Hisham Saeed, as saying that the pilgrims will flock to Mecca to perform the rites of Umrah, and they will also visit Medina, and the reservation will be through the “Umrah” application.

Saeed said that Umrah from outside the Kingdom will include countries from which entry is not prohibited, and according to the conditions determined by the Ministry of Health, noting that the number of Umrah pilgrims will be gradually increased during the coming months.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah had announced its success in implementing the Hajj season this year under exceptional circumstances imposed by the pandemic, confirming that there were no coronavirus infections among the pilgrims or those who serve them.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah had announced its success in implementing the Hajj season this year under exceptional circumstances imposed by the pandemic, confirming that there were no coronavirus infections among the pilgrims or those who serve them.

In August of last year, Saudi Arabia began receiving pilgrims from outside the Kingdom according to health conditions to limit the spread of the epidemic, but it did not allow pilgrims to come from abroad for the second year in a row, for fear of the spread of new strains of the virus.

At least two million Muslims participate in the Hajj, dressed in the traditional ‘ihram’, two-piece white robes for men and a robe for women, exposing only their hands and face.

A must visit Mecca:

Elderly and young people, mostly from Islamic countries, travel to the holiest city of Islam at least once in their life, as indicated by religion and if their monetary condition allows it.
For some, the pilgrimage is even a childhood dream. “This is the first time I have seen the Great Mosque and the Kaaba. It’s the best feeling of my life to be able to perform the hajj “, says Mostafa, a 50-year-old faithful.

Muslim worshipers play the Kaaba while praying, in the Great Mosque, in Mecca.

Muslim worshipers play the Kaaba while praying, in the Great Mosque, in Mecca. Mohammed Saber / EPA-EFESecurity, a challenge for Saudi Arabia
In the kingdom, the country’s authorities see the pilgrimage as an opportunity to expand tourism, in their effort to diversify the economy and move away from their main source of income, oil.
Religious events account for billions of dollars in income from lodging and transportation.
However, one of the main challenges of the Kingdom is to provide the necessary security to avoid eventual stampedes, fires, or disturbances, such as those registered in past pilgrimages.

“We will avoid any action that is not part of the Hajj ritual and any act that may affect the safety of the pilgrims or their ability to perform the rite,” Interior Ministry spokesman Mansour Turki told Reuters.
The route that Muslims follow is the same that the Prophet Mohammad (SAW) made 14 centuries ago……..

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Muslims from anywhere in the world turn towards the Kaaba when performing the prayer, and the pilgrims circle around it seven circuits counterclockwise to mark the start of the rituals of Hajj. It is the Holy Kaaba that takes the place of the heart in the Grand Mosque in Makkah.

There were many stories about who built the ancient house for the first time, while the Noble Qur’an documented the actions of the Prophet Abraham and his son Ismail in raising the foundation of the house on the basis of what was before it, in compliance with the divine command.

Today, the height of the Kaaba is 15 meters, and the dimensions of its width vary according to each side, as it is 12 meters and 11 cm wide on the western side. As for the width of the eastern side of the Kaaba, it is 12 meters and 84 cm, and the width of the southern side is 11 meters and 52 cm, while the width of the northern side is 11 meters and 20 cm.

The Shape of Kaaba:

Just as the current shape of the Kaaba was not the same as that which was done by the Prophet Abraham, the ancient house passed through successive ages under circumstances that required its demolition and rebuilding anew, including:
Quraysh’s rebuilding of the Kaaba in the pre-Islamic era.
Reconstructed by Abdullah bin Al-Zubair.

Building Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf Al-Thaqafi during the reign of the Umayyad Caliph Abdul Malik bin Marwan.
And finally, the construction of the Ottoman Sultan Murad IV in 1630 AD, which is the current form of the Kaaba.

Likewise, the Kaaba has four pillars, each corner of which has a meaningful name. There is the Iraqi Corner, and the Shami next to the Yemeni Corner, in addition to the Black Stone Corner, in which the stone itself is located, and close to it is the door of the Kaaba that opens twice a year, without forgetting Ismail’s Stone, which is part of the Kaaba itself.
Later, the Kaaba witnessed additions to it, such as the dressing that changes once a year on the morning of Arafah, corresponding to the ninth of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, in addition to the miz and the Shatherwan.

The door of the Kaaba, and after it had been open for a long time irregularly, which had damage and dangers to the lives of people as a result of crowding on it, it was necessary to open only twice a year, as for the first time in the month of Shaban to wash it, and the second time to wash it as well and to hang its new clothing.

Hajj Packages Important information about Hajj and Umrah

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