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Hajj Packages 2022 _ Provision of Hajj and Umrah in Islam

Hajj is Allah’s Unique Provision.

One of the five pillars of Islam is the Hajj. Hajj is mandatory for men and women who are financially and physically fit. As for Hajj, Allah says in the Qur’an, “Hajj has been made necessary by Allah for those who can afford it” (Surah Al ‘Imran; verse: 96). With regard to Hajj and get now cheap hajj packages 2022

To make a wish and to fly is the literal sense of Hajj. Hajj, in Islamic words, is the success at a particular time and place of certain acts. The Haram months in Ashura, such as Shawwal, Zilkad and Zilhaj, are the basic time of Hajj; Especially five days from 8 districts to 12 districts.

The designated place of Hajj is to visit Kaaba, Safa-Marwa, Mina, Arafa, Muzdalifah, etc. in Makkah Sharif and Rawza Sharif of Rasulullah (SAW) in Madinah Sharif. The special period of Hajj is Ihram, Tawaf and Sai, Akuf Arafah, Akuf Muzdalifah, Akuf Mina, Dum and Qurbani, Halak and Qasr and Ziarat Medina-Rawjatul Rasul

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said that the reward of the real Hajj can be nothing but heaven. Those who perform Hajj with good intentions, Allah will accept their Hajj and infinite mercy and blessings are inevitable for them.

Hajj is Obligatory Once In a Lifetime:

If there is an opportunity, there is no obstacle to perform Hajj repeatedly or every year. Hajj can be performed by anyone’s money. If you perform Hajj with gifts or donations, it will be realized.

Hajj will be performed even if one performs Hajj for the sake of job or duty of any organization. If it is not a substitute Hajj, then one’s duty is to perform Hajj If the obligatory Hajj has been performed before, it will be nafl. If Nafl Hajj is performed with the intention of transferring someone else for Hajj, it will be the same.

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The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“O my people! Worship Him, there is no god but He.

It is as if the Almighty Himself is the witness of the Oneness of the Almighty, His angels are the witnesses and the Prophets (sws) and the intellects are the witnesses.

In the same way, the Holy Qur’an proclaimed the message of the Holy Prophet

“Muhammad is the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).” (Al-Fath)

And commanding them to believe in his message, he said, “O you who believe! Believe in Allah and His Messenger. ”(Al-Nisa ‘)

The second pillar of Islam is prayer, “Establish prayer.” (Al-Baqarah):

In another hadith, it is said, “Five prayers become the expiation for sins from one Friday to the next, unless major sins are committed.” That is, minor sins are automatically forgiven, but major sins are forgiven. Forgiveness of sins requires repentance and forgiveness.

The last member of Islam is Hajj, which belongs to Bait-ul-Sharif, which is in Makkah. To which every Muslim prays facing five times and this duty is a once in a lifetime obligation on every Muslim who has the power to go there.

Irshad Bari is “and it is obligatory on him to perform Hajj to the house of the person who has the power to reach it.” (Al-Imran)

Hajj also brings about a wonderful revolution in the life of a believer because he visits a house which has been made the center of guidance by the Almighty and he visits a house which has been the center of revelation. That is the work of this land

Travel to Haram : Hajj and Umrah Guide:

Hajj makes people innocent, just as rust is removed from iron.’ (Tirmidhi). The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, ‘Whoever performs Hajj properly, he becomes as sinless from his previous sins as he was from the day he was born.’ (Bukhari and Muslim). If he is physically incapable of performing Hajj and get cheap hajj packages , he can be transferred to someone else.

In Badli Hajj, those who perform Hajj, those who finance and those for whom Hajj is performed, all get the reward of full Hajj. It is the duty of those who have not been able to perform Hajj and get hajj packages 2022 in spite of their ability to make a will to perform Hajj. Be quested transfer Hajj is obligatory for the heirs to perform or perform before the distribution of the testator’s assets.

Hajj Packages 2022 By Travel to Haram:

If you are looking for hajj packages 2022 Travel to Haram offers the carefully designed Cheap Hajj Packages 2022 and Umrah Packages 2022 for the pilgrims departing from the United Kingdom. Being a trusted travel agency over 40 years of experience, Travel to Haram proudly commits to provide an exceptional and enriching travelling experience for the most spiritual enchantment “Hajj” & “Umrah“. We pride ourselves in offering cost effective accommodation in the close proximity from Harams in Makkah and from Masjid-e- Nabvi in Madinah depending upon your choices of budgets and needs.

Being a trusted and reliable source of Hajj packages and Umrah Packages, we take the responsibility of all the arrangements and administrative tasks on our shoulders without any hesitation. You can now visit the most holiest Places in the world’s beautiful cities “Makkah” & “Madinah” with utmost peace of mind.

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Hajj Can Be Performed On Anyone Who Is Dead or Alive:

Relatives or friends or acquaintances can perform Hajj on behalf of anyone. It is not a condition to perform Hajj on one’s own before performing Hajj. On the contrary, when the Hajj is performed by newcomers, his devotion, sincerity, passion and affection are more. However, a person who is obliged to perform Hajj but has not performed it himself, cannot perform Hajj instead. Transfer Hajj can be done by relatives-non-relatives, men and women. But it is better to be wise and prudent.

The literal meaning of Umrah is religious deeds, worship, happiness, service, stability, life, antiquity, architectural installation, receipt, reception, pilgrimage or desire. He who performs Umrah is called Mutamir. The specific activities of Umrah are Ihram, Tawaf and Sai, Halak, Qasr etc. The designated places for Umrah are Kaaba Sharif, Safa-Marwa etc. It is Sunnah for the Afaqi, that is, the one who performs Umrah, to visit the Rawza Sharif of the Prophet (peace be upon him) in Madinah Munawwara.

Performing Umrah in Ramadan is equivalent to Hajj:

There is no specific time for performing Umrah; However, it is not obligatory to perform Umrah at the prescribed time of Hajj (five days from 8 zilhaj to 12 zilhaj); Umrah can be performed any time of the year except these five days. Umrah can also be done during Hajj. There is no obstacle to perform more than one Umrah on the same journey. Hajj is a once in a lifetime obligation; Similarly, Umrah is circumcised at least once in one’s life. Performing Umrah in Ramadan is equivalent to Hajj; The month of Shawwal is also a good time to perform Umrah.

However, it is unreasonable to perform Umrah repeatedly without completing Hajj, even though there is an opportunity to perform it while Hajj is obligatory. Because, one hundred Umrah will not be equivalent to one Hajj. Similarly, it is not correct to say that Hajj becomes obligatory if Umrah is performed.

For Umrah:

, one has to perform Ihram from Miqat just like Hajj. From Medina to Miqat is a place called Julhulaifa. If he wants to perform Umrah from Makkah, his miqat is the place called Tanayim or Aisha Mosque or Jirana. (Miqat does not apply to Hajj Ihram from Mecca). Umrah is also called ‘Umrah Hajj’ or short Hajj.

An Umrah can be done for oneself as well as for others. Umrah can be performed for anyone, living or dead, young or old, relative or non-relative. Since Umrah is not obligatory, it is not necessary to replace it. However, if a capable person leaves a will, it will be obligatory to fulfill it. Apart from this, if someone performs Umrah by someone, both will get equal reward, even if someone performs Umrah for someone, both of them will be entitled to full reward.

Performing Umrah Is An Important Circumcision:

This applies to both men and women. There is no provision that Hajj becomes obligatory after performing Umrah. Regarding Umrah, the Qur’an says, ‘Surely Safa and Marwa are one of the signs of Allah; So those who perform Hajj or Umrah, they will go around these two (sa). ‘(Surah-2 Baqara, verse: 156).

Hajj Basic Procedures and exceptional Hajj Efficiency Surface

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