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Happy Makar Sankranti | Makar Sankranti Wishes | Makar Sankranti 2021

Makar Sankranti 2021: The Harvest Festival

For many components in India, this interval is part of early phases of the Rabi harvest and agricultural cycle, wherein plants are sown, challenging work in the area is over and now is the time to celebrate and rejoice.Happy Makar Sankranti In most cities, children and adults indulge in kite flying contests as a celebratory affair. Additionally, on this particular day various fairs are arranged in various areas of the nation.

When Is Makar Sankranti 2021 | Date Of Makar Sankranti 2021

This is year Makar Sankranti would be celebrated on 15th January 2020. The festival falls in the solar month of Makara and lunar month of Magha, which is why the festival is popular as both Makar Sankranti and Magha Sankranti. It marks the end of the month with winter solstice for India and brings along warmer days. The days that follow are also of longer duration. The six-month auspicious phase according to Hindu scriptures, known as Uttarayana also begins on the day of Sankranti.

Happy Makar Sankranti 2021: Significance, Celebration And Feast!

Makar Sankranti 2018: Learn the background of Makar Sankranti, the value of the festival in Indian civilization, food and celebration items to get ready for this sacred festival.

Happy Makar Sankranti 2021

The country is celebrating the harvest festival with much pomp and fervour and the people can not be excited.  The sacred festival marks the start of an auspicious phase or the sacred phase of transition.  In addition, it marks the start of longer and warmer days when compared with nighttime until the upcoming equinox.  It’s thought that on the day of Makar Sankranti, the Sun enters the world of Capricorn zodiac, also known as Makar Sankranti suggests the movement of sunlight from 1 zodiac sign into a different.

Makar Sankranti is celebrated by thousands of Hindu devotees Throughout the Magh Mela, held in Allahabad. Even the Magh Mela is a really important occasion for those priests and devotees alike, that flock into the city each year, to sit close to the banks of the sacred rivers and meditatea ritual that’s referred to as the kalpawas.

Makar Sankranti 2021: History and Significance of the Festival

Makar Sankranti is among the very few ancient Hindu festivals which are observed based on solar cycles, contrary to other festivals which are determined by the lunar cycles of the lunisolar sacred calendar.  The festival is dedicated to the Sun God or even Surya Devta.  It’s considered important for religious practices, which explains the reason why folks take holy dip in sacred river Ganges.  Although celebrated across India, Makar Sankranti is known by various names in different areas; for Example, Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Maghi at Himachal Pradesh and Haryana, Magh Bihu in Assam, Poush Sangkranti at West Bengal among others.



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