Havana: Best City In The Caribbean?


When we think of the Caribbean we imagine beautiful beaches, sunny days and lots of fun. What few know is that in this region of the world there are fabulous cities worth visiting. Those who want to visit this region of the planet wonder which is the best Caribbean metropolis. Of all these cities, Havana, the capital of Cuba, is believed to be the best Caribbean city to visit, live in or spend a short but intense vacation in this idyllic place. All the cities in the Caribbean are beautiful, warm and festive, but Havana has incredible virtues that are worth knowing.

Below we will tell you the reasons why Havana is the best city in the Caribbean.

1-Havana is the capital of Cuba, therefore it is the political, administrative, historical and cultural center of this Caribbean country.

That means that besides beautiful beaches, Havana is a modern and historical city at the same time, which has an intense cultural activity and a fun nightlife. When you are in Havana you will not be isolated in the Caribbean, on the contrary, the Cuban capital has everything you need to feel comfortable and connected to the rest of the world.

2-The atmosphere in Havana is one of eternal joy.

The people are very friendly, educated and hospitable and love to receive tourists from all over the world. As you walk through the streets of Havana it is very common to see people dancing and singing. You could say that this is a musical city. The Cuban capital is the cradle of festive rhythms such as rumba, salsa and mambo, which perfectly reflect the idiosyncrasy of this people.

3-If one day you decide to spend a long time in Havana you should know that in this city you live at a more relaxed pace, where there seems to be time for everything.

You should visit this city if you have been suffering from nerves and stress during the last months. In Havana you will be able to analyze your life with a renewed perspective and you will surely be able to solve your problems.

4- Cuban health system is of a high-quality thanks to excellent medical training.

free public attention for Cubans and the human quality of all health professionals. People from different countries travel to Havana specifically to solve health problems. The Cuban health system is not free for foreigners, but the costs are accessible.

5-One of the best attractions of Havana is its architecture.

This city is home to very different styles, such as Art Noveau, Art Deco and Baroque. The San Cristobal Cathedral is a jewel of the baroque architecture, next to the square that surrounds it and the houses adjacent to this historical monument.

There are also buildings that reflect the Cuban colonial era such as the San Carlos de la Cabana Fortress, where the Spanish colonists stayed.

There are many ways to get here and also things that you can explore here, you can sail the Caribbean from this city, explore the nearby islands and go experience Caribbean

Havana is the best city in the Caribbean because of the hospitality of its people, an excellent health system, a very diverse architecture and a very happy pace of life, but relaxed enough to combat stress and anxiety.


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