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Have You Ever Heard About A Chiller Van?

A chiller van is used by multiple businesses for the transportation of food and other short-lived commodities. A refrigerated or a chiller van, as its name suggests is a van that comprises a refrigeration unit.  The chiller van for rent is beneficial as they supply various merchandise at their desired temperature while transfer.

How do these chiller units operate?

The reefer van rental works under a similar procedure to a regular refrigerator. An insulated unit absorbs the heat and dissipates the heat outside the unit so that it does not interfere with the temperature and keeps its items chilled.

The condenser in a chiller, like the typical refrigerators, compresses the heat into liquid. The liquid is moved to the evaporator, once it is cooled.  The remaining heat, if any, disperses into the atmosphere.

The liquid is then vaporized at a low temperature due to the absence of heat. The evaporator is present inside the refrigerator unit. The presence of fans in the chiller unit where the items are placed permits the temperature to be cool and controlled.

The gas yielded from the vaporization of liquid is passed to the compressor. The compressor with the assistance of low gas pressure converts it into a heated, high-pressure gas and is shoved out of the compressor, and the technique goes on.

What kind of insulation is used in chiller trucks?

Freezer van for rent uses insulation to keep the products chilled. The insulation used is unlike the household fridge. Chiller trucks cover a lot of distance in different temperatures also the sun and the heat generated by the vehicle can make the temperature miserable for perishable items. So to avoid this heat from entering the chiller trucks, insulation is used.

The crucial aspect of a chiller truck is insulation. Styrofoam or high-density polymer foam is the best choice for chiller trucks. The insulation requires quality and thickness to prevent heat. The thickness of the insulation depends on the type of good the truck is prepared for. Different insulation thicknesses vary from 50-mm and above. However, insulation keeps, your goods chilled for an extended period.

How do I know that what kind of chiller truck, best suits me?

Before you consider a chiller van rental look into the following points:

  • What temperature is required for my business?
  • How long the items will stay in the chiller truck?
  • How long is the distance between the pick-up and delivery location?
  • Do the articles to be moved, require a chiller or a freezer?

If you find it difficult to make the choice, seek assistance from a chiller truck rental company so that you transport your goods without decay.

What businesses require chiller trucks?

  • Frozen foods
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Dairy products
  • Flowers
  • Medicines
  • Soft drinks

What are conversion trucks?

A conversion truck is a regular truck that is particularly designed for you into a chiller unit with a help of different entities.

There are four types of conversion vans:

  • Insulation only truck: It contains thick insulation but no chiller unit. It is ideal for florists as the temperature remains constant and keeps the flowers fresh.
  • Chiller conversion van: It contains insulation as well as chiller unit. Food items can be transferred in it as it can maintain temperature from 0° to 8°C.
  • Semi freezer conversion truck: It has a thick layer of insulation as compared to insulation only a van and can maintain up to -15° C. It is ideal for frozen goods.
  • Full freezer conversion truck: It has a thicker layer of insulation and can maintain temperatures as low as -25°C.

Is renting a refrigerated truck the right option?

Chiller van for rent is a good idea. One of the main advantages of renting a chiller truck is that you can hire the latest versions of the chiller vans or the conversion trucks with guaranteed quality. Companies that require a chiller van occasionally, consider leasing a van instead of buying it.

Try to approach the best-reputed chiller van rental company that offers you the services as per your requirement. You can also make the agreement according to your need of the truck weekly, monthly, or fortnightly.

Renting or hiring chiller vans does not make you its owner that is why you might have to be careful about some of the regulations. However, a freezer van for rent is a great option for those businessmen who cannot afford to purchase it.

A large number of businesses are using refrigerated transport Dubai service on rental basis and there business is going very well. All of their sensitive products are transported on their stores in proper condition and in time. In this article, you have learned all the basic details which you need to hire the best available chiller truck service within your area. Once you find one your life will become easy and you won’t get stressed about the sensitive products quality.

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