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HDB Registered Contractors: How to Boost the Value of an Existing House?

Home improvement Tips by HDB resigstered contractor

As a smart homeowner, you probably see your home not only as a place to live but also as one of the best ways to create wealth with home equity. In fact, thanks to the magic of the rise in the price of the house, when the value of the property increases. However, many HDB Registered Contractors guide homeowners how they can boost the value of existing home.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict an accurate home value estimate as it is based on things that are constantly changing, such as how many buyers are looking for homes, how many homes are available, and inflation. And who knows if you will be willing to sell your home when the market is oversaturated?

Can the house be made to cost more than the average market price? Still would! If you want to be sure that your home will someday be worth more than others, just take the help of HDB renovation contractors and follow these simple tips on how to add value to your home. 

Let’s get started!

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Tips for Boosting the Value of the House


Tips for Boosting the Value of the House

Freeing the house from old furniture, unnecessary carpets, pieces of paper – will visually make it larger. Walls, windows and skirting boards are washed. If possible, it is advisable to replace them with new ones.

For the comfort of these rooms, the surfaces of sanitary ware are washed with special means. White towels and a dazzlingly clean mirror will create an overall impression of a well-groomed home.

Throwing unnecessary things into the yard is not the best solution. The future owner will definitely look into all the summer premises. Ideally, vacant, large rooms will be a big plus. In the courtyard, buyers are better off seeing flower beds rather than cigarette butts.

Redecorate the House

If the seller is determined to raise the price firmly, then they resort to more serious interventions. Paint the walls by choosing the light shades. Blue will add freshness, and warm pink and beige will add elegance and chic.

It would be wise to change small plumbing like a shower, toilet shelves, and bathroom mirror. Polishing old parquet flooring is a good way to freshen up a room. Throw away the old carpet. Cracks on the outside of the house are repaired with assembly grout. Hence, always add an up-to-date solution. After all, the goal is to raise the value of the house. 

Make Home Energy Efficient

Okay, you might think that improving energy efficiency is not the most exciting way to add value to your home. But, this isn’t the actual scenario. Almost 70% of real estate professionals believe that improved energy efficiency has a positive impact on the final value of a private home.

So, what energy efficiency should you focus on to add value to your home? Well, recent homebuyers have found these eco-friendly features to be the most important:

Let’s say you decide to replace about 10 windows in your home to improve energy efficiency. If you choose plastic windows, this can result in high expenses. But the value of the windows will likely bring you more than 70% of the return on your investment, which means that the value of your home could increase. Plus, you’ll save money on utility bills.

Lighting and Style

You can achieve a bright room in elementary ways by changing all of the lamps for high power and white light. You can also put additional lighting in the form of floor lamps and sconces. They will play to increase space. Additionally, Installing mirrors will enlarge the room. A uniform style of details will ennoble the room. You can create it without large investments.

For example :

Improvement in the Entrance

When you or a potential buyer walks to the front door of the house, a well-tended lawn and landscaped area immediately creates a pleasant impression of the house. Stone paved paths, retaining walls, shrubs and flowers give the home a unique character. Successful landscaping draws attention to the house and sets it apart from others on the street. The first thing that buyers will pay attention to is the state of the entrance and the surrounding area. You can put in a little effort to avoid scaring them off right away. When decorating a private house, you can mow the lawn, decorate the area with inexpensive sculptures, or simply collect garbage on the site.


Now, you are aware of some of the best tips to increase the value of your home. For upgrading your home, you can take the help of HDB registered contractors. They will add more appearance and accurate description to your old houses.

For more detailed information, you can contact our highly-qualified professional of home renovation in Singapore.

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