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Healthcare social media marketing for the professional

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In the case of private medical practices, we have achieved results in healthcare social media marketing in recent times that have shocked us as well. But, again, organic healthcare social media marketing makes sense if you do it right!

Social media is present in almost every area of ​​our lives. It is intertwined with our privacy, relationships, work, and free time, and it is perhaps not surprising to say that it is also about our health.

Social media is the “place” where you can build deep, strong relationships with your customers and patients. The place that makes your business personal.

Social media offers a wealth of opportunities for the healthcare industry to help build and strengthen the aforementioned provider-client relationships and improve the reputation and credibility of healthcare providers (including doctors). This is not surprising, as the more people know about a doctor, the more willing and confident they will be. However, we must not forget that social media is more of a PR tool than marketing in healthcare marketing. However, great changes have recently taken place, affecting health care providers in a strange picture. We have achieved results in Instagram marketing for private medical with axes that surprised us, too, with unpaid ads and effective, organic healthcare social media marketing.

So as a doctor or other type of health care provider, you don’t have to ask if you should use social media, but how. This will be discussed below.

How can healthcare social media marketing help the professional?

Before we get to the more specific tips, let’s dig a little into social media. What are the benefits to doctors and health professionals active in healthcare social media marketing?

The first and perhaps most important benefit is the doctor-patient relationship already mentioned. If you communicate with your patients more often, you can develop stronger relationships.

But why is this so important? Just think about it – if someone feels bad, they are more likely to seek the support/help of someone they know they trust. Social media helps build such acquaintances so that for as many people as possible, you can be the certain trustworthy person to turn to in trouble.

Community media can also help educate your patients. Coupled with content marketing, various social networks are perfect for sharing useful, valuable content and knowledge with your followers. It can cover anything from prevention to medical procedures in different situations – the point is to make the content useful to your followers.

Different community platforms also allow collaboration between two or more healthcare providers or professionals – LinkedIn was created specifically for this purpose (not just for healthcare professionals, of course). On the one hand, collaborations help to spread expertise. But, on the other hand, they allow as many doctors and other professionals as possible to recommend you to your friends and clients.

Lastly, social media helps get your name out to as many people as possible and is not to be overlooked. By deploying the right marketing techniques, you can ensure that potential patients find you on the Internet!

What are these marketing tricks? We have reached them now!

Make health more fun

This sounds rather controversial (although pediatricians certainly know the principle). Of course, health is a pretty serious topic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your marketing campaigns more humorous or fun at times. This can alleviate some of your patients’ fears about tests and interventions.

You can do this in many ways – for example. You can create weekly or monthly quizzes or competitions, all for health. With these, you can hit more birds with one stone – not only can you prove that health has an approachable side, but you can also encourage your followers to have fun, healthy activities with it.

Of course, your brand name will also spread as more and more people participate in these. Having your hashtag can help you a lot in this, especially if you tie participation in tournaments and games to the use of the hashtag.

Use community-based viral marketing

Social media is about building and strengthening functional relationships. If you want to have successful health marketing on it, you need to find out what you can do to encourage your community to be engaged in a way that sheds a positive light on your brand.

So what is this viral marketing thing? The term has nothing to do with biological or computer viruses. Instead, it increasingly suggests that sometimes a piece of content (such as a video campaign) suddenly becomes high-profile and, thanks to a lot of sharing, begins to spread on the Internet, like a virus.

Healthcare professionals, providers, and companies have an advantage in this area because they work on a relevant topic for every living person: health.


Become a source of information

Many find diseases afraid of what they don’t understand for a good reason. So when someone visits a doctor, they trust that particular professional to offer them a solution to a problem they don’t know much about.

This is something you can use in your healthcare social media marketing strategy. All you have to do is become a reliable, thorough, understandable source of health information.

You can share useful resources and articles (even from your blog) that answer frequently asked/searched questions about a particular healthcare social media marketing topic on your profile. For example, do your patients often ask about contraception?  In the summer, many people want to know what the treatment for Lyme disease is because of ticks?

For this purpose, you can even make informative videos.

Create infographics

No campaign is good if it consists of trying to get a message across with dry percentages and other boring statistics. This is especially true for healthcare, as doctors use a completely specific language that a street person cannot interpret.

So how can you make more of the amount of information your followers may need daily?

Instead, use infographics if you have some drier data you want to convey more clearly to your audience. Infographics are perfect for visually illustrating data and information that wouldn’t grab anyone in text form.

Ask your co-workers to help build the community

Good relations are extremely important in healthcare marketing. As mentioned, illnesses are scary, serious things, so it’s understandable that people want to be sure when they choose a doctor or a private clinic for themselves.

If you happen to be the owner of such a clinic or clinic, you must involve all team members in your marketing activities. Doctors, nurses, and even administrative staff regularly contact your clients (patients) so everyone knows what problems they are struggling with. Due to this, they can become members of such communities without any issues.

Encourage to promote your brand

Not only you and your employees can market your brand. Most people read several opinions online before visiting a health professional.

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