Helping Your Small Grocery Store Stand Out


When you run a small grocery store, it can be difficult to compete with larger chains. Big box stores have advantages and budgets that are simply unattainable for small businesses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your business stand out. One of the best ways you can make an impression with your customers is through providing a superior shopping experience in the following three ways.

Have a Candy Counter

The first way to provide a better shopping experience for your customers is by having a candy counter. It’s become commonplace for many different types of stores to have small snacks and drinks at the registers. By keeping that tradition up at your small business, you can help make sure your customers have a good shopping experience.

If you want to add a more personalized, individual touch to your candy counter, putting selections that aren’t commonly found in big box stores is a great way to do it. Bulk candy wholesalers often offer unique candies that you can’t typically find anywhere else, giving you and your storefront an edge over the larger competition.

Keep Your Supply Lines Steady

The second way to help your small grocery store stand out is by keeping your supply lines steady. Frustration over something going out of stuck is a universal feeling. When your customers don’t have to worry about your grocery store being out of what they need, you’ll be the place they turn to when they need to go shopping instead of your big box competitors.

While it’s impossible to predict when individual manufacturers and farmers will be out of the items you need, staying in contact with your suppliers can give you a heads-up before your deliveries come in. Even just a few days’ worth of warning can give you enough time to order a replacement and keep your customers happy.

Front and Face Everything Regularly

The third way to set your small grocery store apart from competitors is by fronting and facing everything regularly. When you walk through the aisles in your store, you should see the labels and prices on items, not the back or sides of boxes. Keeping your products neat and organized on their shelves will help your business look better than larger stores that aren’t staffed well enough to stay tidy. The simple routine of keeping products facing the customer can make a world of difference.

Overall, your small grocery store has everything it needs to stand out from competitors. With these tips, you can keep customers coming back repeatedly and increase your profit margins.

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