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Here’s Your Chance To Win A Brand New iPhone 14 Pro – Learn How!

Send money to Philippines to be eligible for a chance to win an iPhone 14 Pro. ACE is constantly working to give better services to its loyal consumers. You can take advantage of one of their several reward schemes. One of four iPhone 14 Pro prizes is available to be won. You must first understand the terms and conditions to participate in this campaign.

Rest assured that if you’re wondering if there’s something behind this offer or if it’s a hoax to catch you off guard, you’re not alone. ACE Money Transfer has been in the remittance business for two decades. Their reputation precedes them, and their dedication to their customers is undeniable. ACE has always provided its consumers with the simplest method of sending money worldwide, with easy, secure, and immediate service.

Philippines Remittance Summary

Each month, millions of Filipino households get money from relatives who work abroad. Although official figures are probably understated, approximately $30 billion (P1.5 trillion) in remittances from overseas Filipinos are sent home annually.

This money is a lifeline for many families because it pays for necessities like food, household goods, and expenses like education and healthcare. Even some households can save a portion of the money transferred.

Filipinos living abroad will continue to contribute significantly to the Philippines’ efforts by sending money to Philippines to recover from the current economic crisis. However, there will be gaps that the government can fill through the wide availability of vaccines, financial assistance for those who were left behind, and policy adjustments to post-pandemic norms.

How To Get Into This Campaign?

If you are already a member of the ACE family, you will not need to register to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Simply send money to the Philippines with ACE Money Transfer to enter the competition. If you’re new to ACE’s services, expect to be helped by the best. Its customer care professionals will swiftly clear up any ambiguities, providing a competent crew to your side to assist you throughout the procedure.

Get An Opportunity To Win iPhone 14 Pro.

There are some conditions you will have to look up to. The promotion is exclusively valid for payments made to the Philippines. The United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland residents sending money to the Philippines may benefit from this opportunity.

During the specified dates, the drawing will be automatically entered for each cash pickup, bank deposit, and Mobile Wallet purchase. Only paid transfers will be eligible for the drawing. This offer is exclusively for their customers, so ACE Money Transfer employees are not qualified to take advantage of it. No redemption or transfer of this offer is permitted. If you send money to Philippines online during this campaign, ACE Money Transfer will give you a chance to win one of four iPhone 14 Pros with 128 GB storage. And If you want to know more about this offer, check the other terms and conditions here.

ACE Money Transfer offers its customers the best international money transfer services. Customers who want to make an online money transfer to Philippines can take advantage of a special offer this month. Participate in this campaign to qualify for one of four iPhone 14 Pro. Send money to the Philippines immediately via online money transfer to enter the competition.

Bottom Line

It is time for you to give up untrustworthy money-transfer services that are difficult to understand due to numerous regulations and policies and do not provide you with any benefit. Go with ACE Money Transfer; their onboard members will provide excellent services and the quickest solutions to your money transfer issues. You can not only make a secure money transfer to Philippines but also win prizes using ACE Money Transfer.

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