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High-Tech Fitness and Health Gadgets to Invest in 2020

From connected running consoles to fitness trackers, the outdoor is likely to get more technologically advanced in 2020 and beyond. The automotive tech, Smart TVs, and drones ruled the headlines at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in 2020, but there are more interesting health and fitness tech on offer to consider this year.

After thorough research and survey, a list of cool and technologically-advanced fitness and health gadgets has been complied with below that are worth considering in 2020 for all fitness and health freaks. Plus, buying these smart and tech gadgets must not be a hassle as there is Flipkart and Amazon promotional discount code available that lets you grab these gadgets at a much lower price.

Smart Toothbrush 

Smart Toothbrush is the innovative tech gadget that is connected to track the brushing behavior of the users. As a result, users come to know if they are brushing correctly or need improvement for better oral hygiene. The Smart Toothbrush is awarded in the Health and Beauty category at CES 2020 Innovation Award. The toothbrush is designed to penetrate the toothpaste or gel and determine where there is an accumulation of plaque. It has an indicator and lets you know when brushing is over, and teeth are clean. It turns on white light when it is done, and when light is still blue, it means keep brushing until it turns white.

Fitness Band      

Fitness Bands are around us for the past decade, but many innovations and changes are made in fitness bands over time. The latest fitness bands resemble the new version of Smartwatches, but the workings are different. The fitness bands are upgraded with many features. Apart from monitoring heart rate, sleep stats, and oxygen saturation, it also helps in answering calls, sending texts, getting email alerts, and other typical functions of Smart Watches. It can automatically track activities and comes with an inactivity reminder to push the users for action. Activity tracking ability, GPS tracking, and water-resistance are some of the other functions in fitness bands.

Smart Goggles for Swimming

Innovative and smart swimming goggles won CES Innovation Award. It is the best gadget for those who love to have precise metrics while performing workouts. It gives you access to real-time workout data from its head up mini display via the lens, and you can also set the report to appear on any of the lenses. Be ready to shell out huge money to have this innovative and latest technology as it costs some money. Don’t fret as you can check the Amazon or Flipkart offers for today and buy it at a much lower cost and save money.

Smart Scales

Gone are the days when scales were only used to know the weight of a person. The latest and smart scales available today come with sensors fixed under the feet and can estimate the BMI of users, fat percentage, and weight. The results delivered by the scale can be combined with your phone as a chart that can track the changes and keep you updated about your weight. It works using the power of electrical impulses, and hence people with pacemakers or electrical devices must avoid using it.

Smart Fork

Now, it is the must-have gadget in 2020 if you want to avoid gut health issues. It is the connected cutlery that comes with a dedicated application and helps users track their eating speed. So, when you eat faster, the fork will evaluate the speed and let you know if you are too fast or slow. The fork lights up when you eat too quickly and vibrates to alert you. This way, it helps to prevent the gulping of food on the go. Since it is compact, you can easily carry your fork with you in purse or pocket.

A final piece of suggestion is that whenever you decide to use any of these new fitness and health gadgets, consult your doctor beforehand. You must not always rely on these health and fitness gadgets to monitor your health as it can’t replace the benefits of consulting a certified doctor when it comes to health and fitness monitoring. So, always have a certified doctor beside you for monitoring your wellbeing apart from these fitness gadgets.

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