Hijama has been practiced for many thousand years by many cultures all over the world for many medicinal purposes on the face or body. Hijama is considered as one of the safest treatments to get many health benefits to avoid many expensive and invasive treatments which many can cause infectious channels in the body. And if you have thought to have Hijama do visit the authentic Hijama Center in Islamabad.

Hijama works by creating negative pressure in the applied area to relieve pressure and pain. In the hijama pathogens and toxins are removed by drawing out the stagnant blood lying underneath the skin.

Hijama which is called a wet cupping therapy is being used as a substitute cure form in traditional Chinese medicine. Wet cupping therapy in old times was used to remove the stagnant blood and to increase the blood flow or remove clots in the veins. There are many benefits it is used for as stress removal, tension reliever, muscle relaxation, inflammation, reducing pain, increasing blood flow. Hijama is mainly used to remove toxins and impurities from the tissues and organs.

 When considering a place to get the cupping therapy patients should make sure that they will be treated in an environment that is hygienic and non-infectious. A message or hydration process should be used after the therapy to the treated area to reduce the swelling, pain, and other after-effects caused by the treatment.

How Hijama works for acne treatment:

Hijama is considered a safe way and nontoxic technique of therapy. When someone is receiving the therapy, one should ensure that the therapist is properly trained and certified in the technique to avoid any adverse infectious conditions after the treatment. Special cups for the Hijama treatment are used. The suction is created by using those special cups. Cups are placed over the skin of the patient and caused to raise the underlying skin tissue into the cups.

The suction cups are used to pull the skin underneath the cup into the cup which pulls the blood into the area of the skin. This promotes new blood vessel formation by saturating the tissues with fresh blood. For the treatment of acne and eczema facial cupping is used which helps to increase oxygen-rich blood circulation and stimulates collagen production by cells.

The vacuum suction separates the tissue layers which triggers the white blood cells, platelets, and healing aid to the treated area. It is very helpful in relaxing muscles and strengthening skin and connective tissues. As Hijama stimulates healing. It helps to heal and reproduce ruptured tissues and cells by helping in reaching out the fresh blood to those areas.

Cupping therapy invigorates the blood flow and helps to reduce inflammation. Inflammatory cell division which works as a chemical messenger is reduced. A cytokine that acts as the stimulator for healing and relaxation is increased. It removes toxins from the tissues by drawing the impurities to the surface. Cupping therapy promotes tissue relaxation and away better cell-to-cell communication. Which promotes the oxygen-rich blood to circulate and provided to all the tissues.

Hijama is used to brightening of skin, regulation oil production, improving nutrition delivery and product absorption in the skin which decreases acne and eczema to be spread out on the body. The vacuum suction used in the technique promotes the blood circulation much more increased in the body helping in cell repair and other regenerations.

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