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Homemade food

Why you should order homemade food

The world is progressing at a faster rate. Every individual is competing every day to be better. The result is a good income, better services, and better living conditions. Even if we are doing well at work, our health has taken a back seat. We have picked up many unhealthy habits. Sleeping late, not exercising, drinking less water and, most importantly, junk food. At the end of the day, people are so exhausted that they prefer to order unhealthy food. But, if we want growth as an individual or as a society, it should be in all areas. Neglecting our health is not an option. However, time is an issue. So, one factor that can bring balance to the equation of time and health is homemade food. Homemade is not only a delicious but a healthy option. Homemade food improves your immune system. It helps you to work efficiently.

What are the benefits of homemade food?

  • Fresh : Homemade food is made from fresh ingredients. Most of the time, packaged food and the food you get in restaurants is frozen food. It doesn’t have much nutritional value. Food made from fresh ingredients is healthier.
  • Healthier ingredients: All packaged foods have preservatives added to them. Many times, the food you order from restaurants and eateries is high in fats, sugar, sweeteners, and other ingredients that may make the food look better and taste better but aren’t necessarily good for your health. But, when you order homemade food, you save yourself from these risks.

  • Food that suits your taste: There are dishes like Biryani, hamburgers, and pizzas that most people like. But there are also dishes that only a few might like, and they might not be easily available on the market due to their low demand. Or some might just have a different way of making the same dishes or might like to throw in some extra ingredients or omit the ones they dislike. When you order homemade food, you get the luxury of choosing your own food. It saves you from the risk of an accidental encounter with an ingredient you might be allergic to.

  • Save your time: Cooking at home requires time for chopping and cleaning. If we have limited time and want to eat healthy, ordering homemade food can be beneficial. Cooking at home means going out for grocery shopping. And most of the time, it’s not a feasible option.
  • Warmth of home: Sometimes, people who are staying away from home have to eat outside. Eating homemade food can make them feel close to home.
  • Good health and improved efficiency: It provides you with all the nutrients and improves overall health. Processed foods lack the necessary nutrients. Eating out constantly will affect your health as well as productivity. Homemade makes you feel fresh and replenished with energy.
  • Saves you from diseases: Most of the packed food has lot of sugar content in it. It causes long range of diseases like diabetes, cancer, issues in digestive system and many more. It is high in fat. So, it leads to obesity. It also leads to various heart problems. But, homemade food doesn’t content harmful ingredients. Being rich in nutrients it helps us to increase our immunity and fight such diseases. 
  • Less expensive: Food from restaurants can be very expensive. The taste comes with high prices. And, if you keep eating outside it will increase your overall expenditure. But, when we order homemade dishes, they are cheap as well as delicious. So even if we have to eat from outside, out health and wealth both are protected.

Who is benefitted from ordering homemade food?

It is beneficial for everyone. But, in some cases, it really is a savior.

  • People having long working hours: The office timings, inflation, and increasing competition have left us with very little time for ourselves. The work doesn’t stop at the office. There are household chores, responsibilities for kids, or even studies. With a limited amount of time and after working hard, there will be less time for cooking. And, cooking doesn’t come alone. It is done with cleaning the utensils, chopping and cleaning the remaining vegetables. Eating out and packaged food can cover a few days. But, eating unhealthy food every day will not be good for your health. The best solution will be ordering homemade food. It will save your health and time.

  • People living far away from home: There are many working people who live far away from their homes. Their extra time goes into doing studies, other necessary activities or even traveling. It saves their time and provides them with a healthy option. It makes them feel close to their home.
  • Our Elderly: People go to different places for jobs. Due to this, their old parents are left behind. The elderly prefer to remain in their native place. For them, it will be difficult to cook many times. And, eating unhealthy food is definitely not an option. So, ordering food is more convenient. Due to current technology, food can be ordered from anywhere and delivered to the said location. So, even their children or grandchildren can order food for them.
  • Students: There are many students who are living on rent for colleges. Many times they face eating issues. Sometimes they get good place for living, but they face issues for tiffin. For them, this will be a good solution. They can get healthy food delivered at their place.

It works towards empowerment of home chefs

Ordering homemade food online gives opportunity to the home chefs a chance to earn. Many housewives have been working on small scale providing their tiffin. But, with the help of different apps like de’HoFoo they can serve to many customers. It gives a good employment chance to home chefs.

Many platforms help spread awareness and ease the connection between customer and home chefs. It benefits both the home chefs and consumer. It spreads our motto of healthy life.

Which are good homemade food delivery apps?

1) de’HoFoo

It is one of the best home food delivery apps out there. It provides you with delicious and healthy homemade food. Our main concern while ordering food from outside is hygiene. But, de’HoFoo takes care of that. This platform has home chefs who are FSSAI certified. So, no worries about hygiene. They provide you with a variety of dishes. Their motto is “Ghar ka Khana, Direct Ghar Se“. So, no more waiting for healthy and authentic homemade food. Next time you are thinking of food from outside, try a healthy alternative with de’HoFoo.




It connects with the local chefs. It provides you with a reasonable price for food. Save your time and eat healthy dishes. You can use it anywhere and have a healthy meal for the day.


Ordering homemade food is a better alternative than ordering unhealthy food from outside. It not only saves your time but preserves your health. It is economical. Let’s choose the right fuel for our bodies in the race of life. The saying, “Jaan hai toh jahaan hai,” is perfect to sum up everything. If your health is good, you can work more efficiently and reach the heights of success. And the key to good health is healthy homemade food.




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