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How A School Management App Reduces Manual Workload?


As soon as school starts with ringing bells and the loud voice of teachers calling names of students to mark attendance. Attendance Management is one of the important yet boring tasks for both teachers and students and on average 15 minutes are wasted in marking the attendance of a class. Right after attendance the teachers head to their classes and start the lectures.

According to a published reports teacher in India needs to work even after school hours to complete their duties and prepare lectures or classes for the upcoming day. While in all this hassle when an annual function or sports day function is scheduled to be held teachers are overburdened with their work and special duties that need to be performed to make the event successful and memorable.

Considering all the above facts and the situation of teachers many educational institutes are opting to introduce technology to their schools and transforming their organization with School ERP Software’s and School Mobile Apps. This powerful software is specially designed to manage all the administrative tasks of a school in an effective manner. Right from managing attendance records to, paying the fee online a comprehensive school ERP lets you do it all.

Campus Care from the house of Entab Infotech is one of the Best and Leading School Management App that is transforming the way schools used to work. Campus Care comes fully loaded with Different modules that enable all the stakeholders of the school to do their part right from their mobiles be it Paying Fees, Communicating with Teachers, Assessing Students Performance, Managing Attendance, Tracking School Buses, Staff Payrolls, and whatnot.

Our school management mobile apps help teachers in reducing their manual workload by allowing them to automate their daily complex tasks which not only provide them with more time to focus on teaching students but also helps them in completing their duties within school hours. Mentioned below are a few features that are helping teachers in reducing their workload:

  1. Attendance Management: Campus Care Mobile Apps allows you to record attendance of the whole class in a few minutes saving your time and paper as registers are no more required to be carried everywhere. This also allows you to filter data of Punctual, Late Comers, etc. as per your requirements.
  1. Updates & Notification: A teacher can create a notification regarding Extra Class, Invitation of an Event, Update in PTM time, etc, and can share it with all the required persons anytime from anywhere. This is not just convenient for teachers but parents or management can also be notified right on their mobile.
  1. Parent-Teacher Communication: We all know Parents Teachers’ communication is a vital necessity of a school to ensure proper growth of a student. But as most parents are unable to attend PTM’s due to several reasons so they visit in school hours which forces the teacher to stop the class and entertain the parents incurring loss to students’ studies. Our Mobile app allows both Parents & Teachers to communicate in real-time through chat.
  1. Manage Student Performance Report: A school is a place where everyone is putting their efforts to provide students with the utmost education. Teachers always need to evaluate the performance of students at specified times to identify any possible gap and fulfil the same at the time. Our mobile app allows accessing all the data be it Sports Performance/Extra Activities/Academics/Attendance etc. on their mobile phone and hence they can prepare an accurate report without much hassles and effort.

School Management Mobile Apps not just reduce the manual workload of teachers but also increases the efficiency of an institute. One of the most remarkable benefits of School Mobile Apps is that it saves a lot of time involved in managing massive data and information. This further helps teachers and administrative staff to focus more on the other important jobs and work more efficiently. Simply put, all the back-office operations of a school can be taken by school ERP software.



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