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Providing elder care services may assist people in maintaining their independence and safety in their own homes. Cooking, shopping, and taking care of oneself might become more difficult as we age because of disease and disability.

When such a situation occurs, it becomes necessary to provide elderly care. Elderly live-in care offers your loved ones the practical and emotional assistance they need to remain well and happy in their home.

So, in this article, we will look at how a live-in career helps your loved ones to remain healthy and happy. Let’s get started!


What Is Elder Care Agency?

Elderly care agencies provide a committed, full-time caregiver who moves into the home to assist with personal care requirements and household chores.

It’s the new standard in aged care, enabling your loved one to maintain as much independence as possible. Moreover, it is cost-effective to more conventional care alternatives like nursing homes.

An elder live-in caregiver can assist with various activities, ranging from personal care requirements and medicine reminders to cleaning chores and companionship.


Why do Seniors Need Live-In Care?   

It provides a wide variety of personal care and assistance for people living with complicated or chronic diseases. It allows individuals to remain in their homes for extended periods, keep their routines, and live independently.


What Can a Live-In Caregiver Do To Assist the Elderly with Health Issues

Often, the choice on what form of care is appropriate will be left to the family’s discretion. To choose the best care alternatives for your loved ones, you must discuss them as a family.

However, live-in care helps your elder ones in the following ways:


1.  Relief from Hospital

A 10-day hospital stay, according to some studies, may result in a ten per cent loss in lean leg mass in otherwise healthy older people. Every day spent in bed, and you might lose one per cent of your muscle mass.

If your loved one is in the hospital, they may feel uncomfortable. In this situation, the only genuine option to a residential or nursing home is to arrange an elder carer for your more ageing parents.

In this way, Live-in care allows patients to leave the hospital sooner, which can be highly significant in keeping their independence.


2.  Help in the Pandemic Situation

Among the developing findings on COVID-19, research reveals that live-in care has been a much safer alternative throughout the pandemic.


3.  Mental Health Issues

The mental health of the elderly is essential; unfortunately, it is not frequently addressed openly. Some mental health disorders are caused by other medical illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease. It is essential to explore the many choices available to treat mental health issues in the aged population.

There are various factors that may lead to mental health issues in persons of any age. Here are some examples.

  • Discrimination based on race or ethnicity
  • Lack of engagement in activities that are significant to them
  • There is a scarcity of meaningful partnerships.
  • Poverty

That’s why a caregiver will be helpful for our parents’ mental health. A carer will get to know our parents’ mental health better and will be able to help them see a doctor.


4.  Regular Routines

When your loved one receives elderly live-in care at home, they can continue to follow the same daily routines that they are accustomed to.

It can improve their overall wellbeing, improve their function, and help them maintain their independence.


5.  Assist In Mobility And Transfer Tasks.

Falls pose a significant threat to the health of older people. For example, your loved one may have trouble getting out of bed or shifting from a bed to a chair in the morning.

Taking efforts to avoid falls and ensure your loved one’s safety and comfort are all things that an elderly caregiver can do.


6.  Manage Appointments with Doctors

Checking up on the health of your elderly loved one is a vital part of your caregiver’s responsibilities. It’s a good idea to have frequent conversations with your loved one’s doctor and other healthcare experts about their health. A caregiver assists in assessing pain levels, scheduling medical visits, and managing medicines schedule.



An older person needs a lot of help, especially if they have a physical or mental illness. It is vital to have a caregiver work with them to manage their task in this situation. An Elder carer will be able to take care of all their mental and physical ailments and help to eradicate them.




Old age carries with it a slew of new annoyances. Psychological disabilities can transform a once-jovial parent into a persistent complainer. When caring for an older person who is overly angry, Elder live-in care sometimes feels annoying and uncomfortable.


How to Cope With the Elderly Complaining


1.  Bring Them for a Checkup

There might be a medical term for the personality shift. It’s a good idea to make an appointment with your parent’s doctor. Request a comprehensive physical checkup to rule out any possible medical issues.

2.  Analyse Negative Attitudes

Identify what is causing their negative thoughts. If it is an issue that you can fix, take some time to devise a solution. If you don’t understand their anger, then accept this behavior and move on with it.

3.  Overcome Boredom

An elderly one may feel bored if you are a busy caregiver. Boredom may be caused by social isolation and loneliness. Consider activities that bring people together. Take them to your social occasions.

4.  Open Up To Them

Instead of discussing their doctor’s visit or asking whether they took their prescription in the morning, sit down and have a genuine chat with them.Enquire about how they’re doing and what may make their days a bit brighter.

Live-in Care Direct is an outstanding 24 7 caregiving facility when it comes to providing elder home care. We have experienced staff that has been thoroughly vetted for their ability to care for individuals requiring care from mild to more complex levels in the comfort of a familiar environment, i.e., their home. In addition, our staff is trained in companion care, personal care, respite care, and any other assistance an elderly individual may require.

Call Free:

0800 368 8558

All care requirements are bespoke to individual needs

Live-In Care Direct provides the highest level of qualified carers in the UK

Complete our short form and we will be in touch as soon as we can, alternatively if you would prefer to speak to an expert now, please call us on the number above

Why We Exist Today

Our award winning healthcare agency was founded and is owned by our CEO & Entrepreneur, Jason Russell (left). Jason’s father, Keith Russell is the Chief Financial Officer (right) and combined they have over 45 years of business experience.

Live-in Care Direct derived from personal experiences in searching for care solutions for Jason’s grandmother during which he faced a multitude of complexities in finding a better alternative to a care home.

Jason decided to do something about it. All of the companies that he approached made everything sound so complicated and lengthy, when all he wanted to do was give his grandmother the best support at home in the last few vital months.

He saw a huge gap in the market, as this was an area that wasn’t made quick and simple, so decided to launch a company that helped families in need of care who want to stay in the comfort of their own home and familiar surroundings, which research has shown increases the length of time your loved one has.




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