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How Can A Yoga Teacher Make Use Of Social Media?

Are you a yoga teacher searching for some of the best ways to use social media marketing? You must be aware of social media’s power to assist yoga teachers in developing their brand, make the different promotion of their classes, and connect with their students and chiefly enhance their bottom line.

If you wish to share your teachings with the whole world, you have to learn how to use social media for your benefit.

It is common for a new yoga teacher to feel overwhelmed by social media. Questions like what should you post? In what frequency you should post? It takes a long time to figure out what works and grow your tribe genuinely.

Have a look at the top-notch tips for using social media to promote your brand and spread your preaching:

Make Your Strategy

Crafting a perfect strategy is very important for getting success in social media. IT is very easy to post some random yoga photos and wonder why people are not interested in your lessons. Today almost all teachers are waving their yoga asanas online. Therefore, it’s essential to develop a robust, relevant and worthwhile social media strategy.

Whether it is educational advice or a lesson schedule or link-up collages, select a few nuggets of useful information you wish to share with your target audience. Commit to continuing to share your things.

Maintain Consistency

Utilize social media to keep your followers updated. Keep on posting your class schedules, workshops, and events, at least on any one platform. Like for instance, you can post your whole online yoga teacher training schedule for the entire week every Monday.

Even if your followers rarely see all your updates in their news feed, they will surely visit your page while looking for some specified information. This is the reason you have to maintain consistency. But in contrast, if your last update was a few months back, then people will never revisit your page.

Be Realistic

People would never like a yoga teacher who is fake on social media. Social media can immerse all of our humility if we allow it to. Social media is one of the best platforms to display your physical activity.  Therefore, you must take time every week to share something relevant and authentic about who you are, how to be a yoga teacher, the importance of yoga teacher training certifications like a 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

Always try to post pictures that show some purpose. Offer people some relevant reason to care about yoga. For example, a photo shows the future world, a good society, and a lifestyle that inspires your passion. In this way, you can obtain a clan of followers who can get emotionally invested in your offering.

Try to be real in all of your descriptions and maintain relevancy. With social media remaining pervasive, people are craving for more and more authenticity. This is the reason nowadays live video is becoming too much popular. It isn’t easy to remain hidden behind your tailored Instagram photo when you are love on camera.

Make Use of Hashtags

It is well known to everyone how useful hashtags are, one of the robust solutions except for those who are new to social media. As per recommendations, you should not post more than 11 hashtags per post, and you can easily optimize those hashtags depending on the topic you are posting on social media. It is best to dispatch your hashtags in the comment section or after the caption.

Some of the examples of useful yoga hashtags are




Or, if you want to target the audience of a particular location, then



Always Speak In Learner’s Language

Are you speaking your buyer’s language? Or are you speaking in a foreign tone? If you are speaking industry jargon every time, phrases that you were taught in your certification program, then it’s your language.

Then there is a way your students always express themselves, their desires, fears and requirements. This is their language. Your work conveys information about what your learners are seeking and then describes how you can assist them.

Keep Fetching Knowledge

Social media helps you connect with your learners, fellow yoga teachers and develop a deep connection. If you want to increase your followers on social media, you should engage with them.

Avoid being a silent lurker on all of that local health and fitness-based Facebook and Instagram groups. Allow your community to know who you are by adding comments, sharing your blogs, asking relevant questions, and posting your product and services.

Make sure to post all events and workshops, indicating where it is presented. The more you involve yourself, the more you construct your community and your clientele.

Try to build friendships with people of your niche. Keep sharing your expertise as well as your passion. Grow, acquire and get motivated.

Write A Meaningful Copy

A picture is worth a thousand words, no doubt. Still, few meaningful words can quickly transform your image and develop a deep feeling of your followers’ relationship and inspiration. ¬†Some of the most amazing yogis on social media are those who are never afraid of questioning the status quo with photos and words or who can easily describe a yoga pose or their whole experience. If writing is not your cup of tea, then you must hire a copywriter.

Keep On Promoting Yourself

If you are thinking of using social media, then the idea of promoting yourself might make you run away. Your learners are always looking for more, be it your online programs, teacher training like a 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, or blogs or yoga retreats.

They frequently watch you online, waiting for opportunities to know you better and learn from you. Therefore, it is highly recommended for one promotional piece every week.

But you must keep in mind that once you have restricted your strategy, took photos, wrote an excellent copy and contacted your target audience, the promotion will occur naturally.

So, these are few tips a yoga teacher should keep in mind for using social media. As a yoga teacher, you must try all these, and if managing all these seems distant, then join the crowd who would happily outsource all these activities to professionals.


200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Vinyasa flow & Yin.

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