How Can I Choose The Right Refrigerated Truck For My Perishable Products?

Right Refrigerated

All around the globe, refrigerated vans are widely used. Businesses on a larger or smaller scale prefer the usage of refrigerated trucks to travel their perishable items. Whether you have a well-settled business or a new business, selecting the right vehicle might be difficult.

There are many elements to evaluate before hiring or buying a perfect refrigerated van. From the size of the vans to the doors and wheelbases everything should be pre-examined to choose the best vehicle. Everything is not very easy and sometimes businessmen find it too difficult.

It is when they require a guide or someone who can give them an idea of how to and where to start from. So, to achieve the best chiller van for rent all the guidance you require is mentioned below.

Why are refrigerated vans used?

Refrigerated vans are used by businesses that deal with short-lived items. To transfer these perishable items from one place to another safely and maintaining their freshness refrigerated trucks are used.

There are several businesses that require chilled vans for the transit of their shipment. These include:

  • Ice cream business: Ice creams require freezing temperature to be eaten. Hotter temperatures demolish them and cannot be consumed. Hence, a refrigerated truck is all you need to deliver your ice creams to longer distances effortlessly.
  • Poultry and dairy products: Milk, meat, eggs, fish, and other milk products are attacked by bacteria when not provided with the right temperature. These bacteria can be dangerous to health so the products will be wasted. So, to avoid such conditions businesses dealing with such temperature-sensitive products buy or hire refrigerated vans to move these products.
  • More Food item businesses: Apart from dairy products, frozen food, fruits, vegetables, and beverages also require a certain climate to be delivered without any changes. The only method to transmit these products their expected temperature is the usage of a refrigerator van.
  • Medicinal creations: Refrigerated vans play a crucial role in the freighting of medicines and pharmaceutical products. If deprived of adequate temperature, chemical reactions can take place and make these products hazardous.

Moreover, entrepreneurs handling soft drinks, flowers, plants, etc. also use insulation vans or chilled vehicles to deliver fresh plants.

How cold are refrigerated trucks?

This is the main question that arises once you plan to buy or lease one for your business. The temperature control is the first thing to be administered. Refrigerated trucks can attain the temperature as low as -65°C. However, the commonly used reefer vans on a smaller scale have a temperature range of -25°C to 25°C.

The difference between the temperature ranges is due to the advancement in the models and the manufacturers. Every company designs the reefer trucks according to their way keeping unto consideration the requirements of various industries. Yet you can easily get a good refrigerated van that suits your needs in the market.

A common question asked is how cold can a refrigerated trailer get? A refrigerated trailer can get as cold as -60°C. So you don’t have to worry about your temperature requirements. You will get what you are looking for.

How does a reefer truck operate?

Have you ever wondered how a vehicle maintains a chilled temperature yet being mobile? You will find it interesting to know that the refrigerated truck that keeps large consignments cold works on the mechanism of a regular refrigerator.

Let’s put it simply, a refrigerated truck doesn’t create cold, instead, it eliminates the heat making the atmosphere chilled. So, to carry out this task a few of the main parts of the refrigeration unit are responsible:

  • First of all, insulation is applied to keep the temperature constant.
  • A condenser in the refrigeration unit converts the heat into gas with the help of coolant fluid.
  • The gas is then moved to the compressor that puts pressure on the gas and makes it a high-pressure gas turning it into a liquid.
  • It is then transferred to the evaporator that works opposite to the compressor turns it into gas absorbing all its heat making it cooler for the environment.

What is the proper temperature for a refrigerated delivery truck?

The proper temperature for a refrigerated delivery truck is the one that its shipment requires. The temperature control option allows you to set the temperature according to your needs. So, there is no specific proper temperature but the temperature of your products that you carry is what matters.

What else should I worry about apart from the temperature?

Temperature is the most important element to consider when buying a chiller van for rent. But other elements also exist that should not be ignored. Let’s see what these factors are:


The size of the reefer truck matters a lot. You should know very well the size of your shipment so that you choose the vehicle that is ideal for you business.

What you deliver and the quantity of your cargo is what decides the size of your refrigerated automobile.

Door opening matter

Door opening sounds no big deal. However, several times the opening of refrigerated truck doors can let the heat in and disturb the cooling inside. Which can lead to improper temperature for your products? So, you have to pre-plan whether the doors will be frequently opened for deliveries or fewer times.

There are some solutions for this matter; the first is the installation of strip curtains that keeps the heat away. The second is the high insulation and the third includes refrigeration units that bear the higher numbers of temperature drops per hour.

You should discuss with the reefer van company regarding the door openings and their solutions. Sometimes these are the customized features so that you can get a truck that proves to be a wonderful chilled vehicle.


If you’re buying a brand new vehicle, you will have the advantage of a warranty that is not available when you opt for a used vehicle.

So if you are getting everything you require in a brand new vehicle than it’s the best option.


Different vehicles have different engines so their power also differs. But every engine has its specialty. So don’t worry about the engine sizes as these days technology has advanced and everything available is unique.

Customized features

You should also note if your business requires custom features, for instance, strip curtains, thicker insulation, anti-slip flooring, or additional compartments. All these things should be pre-planned so that you don’t have to worry once you get the truck.


A quick look at the tips to buy a perfect chilled van includes the study of your product temperature requirements, the size of the vehicle suitable for your cargo. The engine, the door openings, and how to handle this situation are also important. Similarly, benefiting from the bespoke features should not be overlooked.

Therefore, to achieve the ideal refrigerated van, make sure you have proper knowledge of the reefer vans. Research properly and choose the best reputed company for hiring the best refrigeration van services. In this way, you will be hassle free as the reliable freezer transport service provider will take care of everything for you. A smooth delivery process helps increase revenues.

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