How Can I Lighten Already darkened Hair?

Sometimes people ask this question because they want to know how to lighten already-colored or already-dyed hair. Of course, you may have already tried several methods of hair lightening and you wonder how it turned out. But before you get too stressed out. Remember that lightening one’s hair does not necessarily mean you have to change your hair color. You can lighten hair without bleach by using some simple home ingredients.

Most Common Reasons Why People Change Their Hair Color:

One of the most common reasons why people change. Their hair color is to make it look more vibrant and natural. Sometimes. It is not enough just to use hair dye every now and then. Because we all have different skin tones and hair textures, going for the right color of hair dye every time can be a bit difficult. If you are already-dyed and you still want to do something about it, here are a few tips on how to lighten already-colored or already-dry hair.

Before you even start with any type of hair dyeing, you must make sure that the hair dye is right for your skin tone and texture. Remember that hair dye is supposed to enhance the natural shade of your hair instead of making your hair darker. By looking at the instructions of the product, you should be able to determine which product is best for your hair. It is better if you use hair dye that is designed for natural hair as opposed to those that are made for color enhancement. This way, you can avoid irritating your already-dry hair.

One Of The Easiest Ways To Lighten Hair Without Bleach:

One of the easiest ways to lighten hair without bleach is by using hair dyes with natural colors. These dyes are still capable of changing the natural shade of your hair but they are also free from harsh chemicals found in commercial hair dyes. There are a lot of hair dyes available in the market today but not all of them are good for dry hair. You can easily find hair-dye products that are not harmful to your already-dried hair. But sometimes, it is still difficult to find the best product for your hair. So before you actually dye your hair, you must consider these factors:

You Have To Match The Hair Dye With Your Natural Hair:

– You have to match the hair dye with your natural hair. Start by using dark shades to make your hair lighter. Or you can also choose to use lighter shades depending on what is naturally present in your hair. Always make sure that you get the proper instructions to apply the dye to avoid damaging your already-dry locks.

It Is Better To Use Hair Dyes That Are Water-Based:

– It is better to use hair dyes that are water-based. This type of hair dye does not need a high temperature to work on your natural hair. The bonds made by water-based dyes are stronger and last longer. This type of dye is also good for people who have hair that has thin and delicate strands.

Know How To Properly Wash Your Hair:

– Know how to properly wash your hair to make sure that the color dyes will not bleed or seep into your hair. Make sure that you do not wash your hair with very hot water because this may also cause damage to your already-dry locks. Also, do not use a harsh shampoo to wash your hair. Mild shampoos are highly recommended because they are gentle on your hair. If possible, you should opt for hair dyes that are oil-free.

Before You Lighten Your Hair:

– Before you lighten your hair, make sure that you have already washed it with a gentle shampoo to remove all traces of hair dye. Do not forget to dry your hair with a soft towel so as not to aggravate any dryness on your already-dry hair. Applying hair dye is quite easy; but it is important that you know how to lighten dark hair to make your highlights stand out.

How To Lighten Already-Colored Or Already-Bleached Hair?

How to lighten already-colored or already-bleached hair? Before we proceed to answer that question, let us try to understand the reasons why people want to color their hair. There are mainly two reasons for coloring hair. The first is that people wish to change the natural color of their hair to match with the color of their clothes or with other accessories. The second is to make the hair look more beautiful.

For those who want to have lighter hair than what they have now, the best option would be to get a hair treatment that will make the hair lighter. A good example of hair treatment that will make the already-colored hair lighter is a bleaching. However, those treatments can be very expensive and sometimes, the results are not that effective.

If You Are One Of Those Who Only Have Light Skin:

If you are one of those who only have light skin, it may be difficult to get a hair treatment to make your hair lighter. You can try to consider getting a hair dyeing. However, if your skin tone is dark, a hair dyeing can be very impractical. Lightening the hair may only work on people who have very light skin tones. On the other hand, dark skin tones can also experience hair lightening.

Now, if you have already tried a lighten hair without bleach dyeing but failed to notice any significant change in your hair color, the next option that you have is to consider using a hair-whitening product. However, if you have already tried that and still experienced color lightening, you might need some more time before you can achieve the color change that you are looking for. It is because coloring hair takes time before you will be able to notice a difference. In addition to that, it may not work for everyone. If you already tried a lot of products that claim to lighten already-colored hair, you might need to consult your dermatologist first before you can finally settle for a solution.

Can I Lighten Already-Colored Hair By Just Applying Some Hair Bleach?

Another question that you may ask yourself is, can I lighten already-colored hair by just applying some hair bleach? Actually, this method is not advisable because the process of bleaching hair alters the pigmentation of your hair. The color of your hair may still be unevenly pigmented, since you are simply adding more chemicals into your already-colored hair. Therefore, the color will not last long and will not look as good once it is bleached.

In addition to that, bleaching hair also requires time to take effect. It will only take about two to four days for the color of your already-colored hair to change to the new color that was introduced. It is not advisable for you to try this on an immediate basis. This can only give you a very uneven result because you will already have color pigment on the part of your hair that is already darker than the part of your hair that is lighten hair without bleach.

Using Some Home Hair Coloring Kits?

Can I lighten already-colored or already-darkened hair by using some home hair coloring kits? Yes, you can use these kits even if you already have dark skin. These kits are specially formulated to work with people who have light skin tone. The only difference is that you should only use a small amount of the ingredients contained in the kit to make your own home-made color. You don’t have to worry about the effect because it is only temporary.

How do I lighten dark or tan hair that is already thin or dark without causing any damage to my already-tanned skin? You can apply hair coloring to these areas as well although it will still take a little longer to give your hair the full pigmentation it needs. Just remember to use a good hair care product to keep your skin looking healthy and natural. Your choice of hair coloring product will also depend on the skin care condition of your skin so choose wisely.

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