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How can Mock Tests Improve your Performance

If you’re one of those aspirants preparing for JEE Main, you must be going through quite a tricky phase considering the current scenario after the sudden surge of cases due to COVID-19, which has led to the postponement of the exam.

As the education sector around the globe has adopted the digital revolution, Online learning has become an essential part of the education landscape. With no option left to attend schools or coaching centres, what’s your best bet? Well, it’s none other than taking online mock tests.

Mock tests are the best resource available to all JEE aspirants these days as they help gauge the preparation level.

Attempting a mock test helps you be mentally prepared for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, etc., before appearing for the actual exam. Also, it boosts your preparation to a different level. Once you start acing mock tests, no one can stop you from achieving your dreams.

Those who attempt mock tests regularly have a higher chance of getting their desired result in the exams than those who regularly attempt the tests. According to research, 75% of students consider themselves to be procrastinators.

With 50% of them being regular procrastinators, to an extent, that is considered an issue. With mock tests, students can also consistently maintain their focus and avoid procrastination.

Another benefit of taking mock tests is that it allows you to develop your methods or tricks to help you solve problems more quickly.

Alternatively, you might already know the tips and tricks, and mock tests may assist you in learning how to apply them.

Let’s now understand some valid reasons how mock tests help you improve your performance and why online mock tests are considered to be a great source of preparation:

Knowledge Boost

It is a well-known fact that mock tests after revisions have helped aspirants perform better in the final exams than those who didn’t. The more mock tests one takes, the better one understanding of concepts will be.

Knowledge acquired through practice has more impact and gets imprinted in the memory and can be easily retained for longer periods.

Furthermore, it is preferable to get the shock in the mock test rather than the final exam if students have an especially bad mock test.

It can serve as a wake-up call that they need to put in more effort, adjust their revision methods, and improve their ability to perform under pressure.

Performance Analysis on Fingertips

Taking mock tests gives you a significant advantage of helping you analyze your performance quickly. You might be able to solve numerical or tough questions quickly, but you can’t judge yourself until you try to solve them in an exam-like environment.

Therefore, you get a clear idea of how your preparation is with the help of online mock tests. Once you analyze your performance, it helps you understand your weak and strong areas as well. It eventually leads to converting your weak areas into strong ones.

Helps with Revision and Preparation

Mock tests not only help you check your prep level, but they also help you in enhancing your revision strategy. It’s known that only revising the syllabus and concepts isn’t enough unless you check the practical outcome.

Students’ most common issue during exam preparation is that they begin to forget the earlier chapters as they progress through their studies.

Mock tests are designed in a way that they cover almost every subject on the syllabus, thus boosting your revision.

When you attempt mock tests and check your result, you get to check the practical implications of the concepts. This way, your revision gets a significant boost.

Also, students rely on books for last-minute revision, leading to a lot of unwanted pressure at times. And in situation like this, mock tests are a much better resource to help your revision be updated.

Exam-like Experience and Time Management

If you’re sitting against a screen for 3 hours to take a practice test, you’re actually doing yourself a great favour and getting ready for the exam. You get a real exam-like experience before the actual exam.

Some students find it hard to sit in front of a computer/laptop screen for long hours. This problem gets solved with online mock tests as it develops your mind and molds you in the right direction to get habitual in managing your time to sit for long hours.

Time management plays a huge role when you’re preparing for some of the most significant competitive exams which are JEE Main, JEE Advanced, and NEET and others.

With mock tests, you become a champion in managing your time. Not only just time management, your speed for attempting the questions increases simultaneously.

Identify Strengths & Weaknesses

To ace any exam, it’s vital to know your strengths and weaknesses. If you know your strengths, you can capitalise on them and make sure you secure full marks on those topics.

After identifying your weaknesses, you can work on them and get better with time.

Online mock exams help you identify these two big factors that can make or break for you in the actual exam.

It is essential to test your degree of readiness after you have finished preparing for the upcoming exams. It is always crucial to conduct a self-assessment of your preparedness.

Taking mock tests will help you figure out where you stand in terms of preparation.

Makes You More Confident Before Exam

During exam preparation, stress and anxiety are two factors that go hand in hand. These factors may have a negative impact on exam results.

It has been found on several occasions that candidates lose marks as a result of being overly anxious or depressed.

However, you always get a boost in confidence when you attempt a mock test and perform well.

It makes you feel more confident in your preparation and the way your studies are going. With added confidence, your performance in the real exam becomes all the better.

Since you know your strengths, have devised the ideal approach, and have practiced the problems and questions several times, you will be more optimistic during the D-day to perform better.

Helps in Understanding the Exam Pattern

One of the most significant advantages of mock exams is that they help you understand the exam pattern. Once you start solving mock tests regularly, you tend to get hold of the exam pattern in a much better way.

When you’re anxious, your memory and attention suffer, which can lead to a “blank-out” during the test. You will conquer your exam phobia once you become familiar with the exam pattern. Exam preparation and morale are boosted by rigorous mock test practice.


Online mock tests hold significant importance in the aspirants’ preparation journey for JEE Main.

Mock tests are important because they help you better understand the exam and yourself while also preparing you for the ultimate challenge. You can test yourself anytime & anywhere in the comfort of your home.

Mock tests will assist aspirants in revising early, practicing successful revision techniques, improve their skills, become comfortable with pressure, and serve as a reference in the future.

It is always advisable to solve mock tests while preparing for competitive exams. So, all the best for your upcoming exams and keep solving mock tests for that dream performance in the exam.

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