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How Can You Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

No one wants to wake up to a flooded living room at the crack of dawn. All of us love the comfort of our homes and want everything to function just as properly as it did before. Therefore, it is extremely important to get a fix for the problem as soon as possible, or wait. Is that shower in your bathroom not operational? And it seems that there is no water in the kitchen taps as well. So, many problems and such less time before getting ready for work. How shall you aim to solve all these woes?

Well, once these problems have come to the fore, there is no other option apart from calling upon the plumbers in Paddington to provide with their expertise. However, in order to make that such emergencies do not arise in the future, the least you can do is be fully prepared from your end. So let’s get to what exactly lies in store for us to strive to prevent such emergencies.

Watch Out For What Goes Down The Drain

One of the most common problems in any household is that of blockage and clogging of drains. Then be it in the kitchen or in the bathroom. If only, we can be a little more careful, we can completely prevent any untoward incident from happening in the first place. In order to make certain that this happens; you need to be careful with the kind of liquids that go down your kitchen drain. For instance, you must avoid oils, grease and fatty substances from being poured directly into the drain. This can lead to a nasty blockage for which you will have to call upon the Plumbers in Paddington, or else the problem won’t be fixed.

Similarly you must avoid pasta and rice from passing through the drains. Constant water leads to these products swelling up and thus causing blockage in the drains. If you tend to dispose of your egg shells in the garbage disposal, be prepared for it to dull your garbage disposals blades. In fact, they can add to the existing blockage as well.

So, say no to:

• Oils, fats and grease
• Egg shells
• Pasta and rice/ rice products


Watch Out For Items That Can Be Flushed

We don’t always know what can and what cannot be flushed. Or even if we do, in all likeliness, we don’t pay any heed to it. In fact, the most common thing that leads to clogs in the toilets happens to be hair. Oh yes! Even a single strand of hair on a daily basis can lead to an irreparable amount of damage. So you need to change your habits. It is time for you to begin shaving and even combing hair keeping this in mind.

It is a very common habit where we feel that it is alright to flush cotton and even sanitary napkins. Well, the truth is, it isn’t. All you are doing is putting your toilets at greater risk of being blocked and clogged. Same applies to the litter of our pets. We may think that it is fine to flush it out. However, it isn’t the case. In fact, the kitten litter in specific expands by 60,000 times once it is flushed. So you can imagine the blockage it can cause.

So, say no to:

• Hair
• Cotton or cotton products
• Sanitary napkins
• Kitten litter

Preventive Maintenance For Best Results

They say prevention is better than cure. A saying that we have been hearing ever since, we were kids. But little have we done to realize the authenticity and significance. Nevertheless, it is never too late to come to terms with the realization that in order to avoid emergency plumbing issues, it is best to have the professional plumbers in Paddington come to our rescue. It is with the help of these professionals that before emergencies arise, we can resolve the issue and nip it in the bud. Cleaning of the drains in your house is something that should be done a regular basis. Even the inspection of sewer should be initiated more often. After all, no one wants to face additional health infections owing to the plumbing issues in the house.

Distinction Between DIY and Professional Need

While preventive maintenance of plumbing is most welcome, there should be a clear distinction when the DIY techniques are used and when the plumbers Paddington – the professional solution providers are called upon. You cannot hope to get through all the plumbing necessities by yourself and you must not. You never know what additional problems arise because of our lackadaisical attitude. This is something for which we won’t be able to make up. Thus, instead of regretting it later it is better to call upon the experts even if you feel that the repair is beyond you.


It is only if we are a little sincere and promise not to make the common plumbing mistakes, that we can avert the emergency issues. The methods and measures mentioned above are extremely easy. They can be done by you on a daily basis. So instead of lazing around and letting your plumbing installations go for a toss, it is essential to be a little proactive. No more worries and extensive repair services, when you can do the preventive task first and protect your drains. However, make it a point of not using any product to clean the plumbing installations in your house. You must use adequate products so that the plumbing system is not at any risk.

With all of that, it is evidently clear that what needs to be done on an imminent basis. So, if you have been dealing with plumbing issues for a long time, instead of avoiding them then pay close attention. It is essential to find a fix. Because if not, then you need to prepare yourselves for higher expenditures which may goes out of your budget and can led you to buy new products. Hire the best in the industry who can cut off these expenses.

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