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How Do You Create Barcode Inventory For Your Online Business?

If you run an online product Barcode Inventory System based business with a large inventory to manage, track, and move, barcoding will be extremely useful to you. Understanding barcoding products for improved inventory management can help your online business take the next big step toward growth and competitive advantage. You require an easy-to-use, low-cost, error-free, and faster system to manage your inventory count, status, and information. Barcoding eliminates the need for you to manually enter extensive product information each time you move, sell, or buy inventory. Barcode Inventory System technology reduces data entry time and employee costs.

However, you must be aware of the necessary processes, techniques, and tools to set up and implement an industry-grade barcode inventory system for your online business. This article discusses the significance of barcode inventory as well as the steps necessary to set up a highly efficient barcode inventory system for your online business. Following the correct procedure for barcoding inventory for your online business will allow you to accurately track inventory count and movement status even if you have stocks stored in multiple locations.

What Is the Process of Using a Barcode System?

Supply chains, inventory management, and warehousing all rely on barcodes. Initially, barcodes to assist retailers and grocery stores in tracking and processing their products. They are now used by healthcare practitioners to ensure that the correct medication to the correct patient (barcode patient IDs). Barcodes are also commonly used to receive and send payments by scanning QR (Quick Response) codes at malls, shops, or kiosks, among other places. During the COVID pandemic, QR codes became a popular contactless payment method.

You go to the supermarket, select items from the shelves, place them in your basket, and proceed to the checkout counter. The billing staff scans the barcodes labelled or printed on the products with a scanner, and all information about the product the price, quantity, weight, and so on—is automatically displayed on the computer screen. It not only shortens the checkout process, but it also eliminates the possibility of a billing error. The preceding is a very basic example of how a Barcode Inventory System speeds up stock movement and aids in inventory management.

The Barcode System works by attaching electronically generated barcode labels that contain unique and specific information about products to products in stores, warehouses, and during transit. The barcode contains a unique identification number that allows products to from one another. The information on the barcodes can on the computer system when labelled products .

When a new item to the inventory or an old one, barcoding Barcode Inventory System assists in updating the inventory. It assists online businesses in tracking the location of stocks in the warehouse when orders and while shipping by integrating technologies such as RFID, GPS, sensors, and so on.

To set up barcode inventory for your online store, you’ll need the following four items:

Barcode Reader (Integrated Inventory Management System)

Standalone barcode inventory software or an integrated inventory management system with a built-in barcoding module are software applications that allow you to generate barcodes, print them with a connected printer, and store/manage all product information. Barcode software also communicates with scanners to receive and update data while scanning barcodes.

Labels with Barcodes

Barcode labels are physical prints of barcodes generated electronically. Labels on a special sheet or roll of paper.

Barcodes are codes that are typically represented by black bars printed on a white background. UPC (Universal Product Code), EAN-13 (European Article Number), Code-128, QR Code (Quick Response Code), Data Matrix, and other popular types of barcodes include UPC (Universal Product Code), EAN-13 (European Article Number), Code-128, and Data Matrix.

Barcode Scanner

An inkjet or laser printer that can print barcodes of various sizes.

Scanner for Barcodes

A hardware device capable of scanning, reading, and transmitting data from barcodes to an inventory management system, barcode software, or computer. The devices as automatic data capture (ADC) technology, and their use is increasing year after year.

Steps to Implement a Barcode Inventory System in Your Online Business:

To set up a robust and error-free barcode inventory system for your online store, follow the steps below:

Product Naming and Coding:

You must assign codes to each product in accordance with the naming convention used in your industry. Size, colour, weight, type, durability, expiry dates, manufacturing date, manufacturing location, and other details must into the inventory management system or barcode software. You can import product information if you already have it in excel sheets. You must decide whether you need a one-dimensional barcode (storage capacity 14-28 alphanumeric characters) or a two-dimensional barcode based on the comprehensiveness of your product information (upto 7089 alphanumeric characters). To save characters, use standard abbreviations. Small, for example,while medium can as ‘m.’

Barcode Creation

Once all of the information has into the barcode system, the software can generate barcodes that can and printed. Product-specific barcodes exist. As a result, make sure to select. The appropriate type of barcode (UPC, EAN, GS1, etc.) based on the product type and size.

Printing Barcodes

To print the barcode labels, you will now require a label printer. You have the option of purchasing your own label printer (a one-time investment) or having the prints done by third-party barcode label printers (time-consuming and comes with security risks). We recommend that you have your own printer for faster access and better security. You can print labels in a variety of sizes depending on your product type, purpose, and security needs. Check for scannability after printing the barcode before pasting it on the products.

Product Labeling:

Choose the best location (visible and free of constant friction that could damage the barcode) and adhere the barcodes to the products with a suitable adhesive. The lower right quadrant of the back of the product is the standard recommended location for sticking barcodes. This practise makes it easier to find the label and speeds up the scanning process.

Barcode Scanner:

To read the information stored on barcodes and communicate it to inventory management software, you’ll need a barcode scanner. When the sell order and you need to ship the item. You can use your barcode inventory software to find it. You can then scan the barcode on the product, and the barcode system will automatically change the product’s status to “sold” and update inventory information.

A wide range of small businesses, including retailers, hotels, and small manufacturers and assemblers, can use barcoding solutions. Small businesses that use Auto-id technology benefit from increased productivity, reduced errors, improved customer responsiveness, and improved communication throughout the organisation. You will never go back once you have invested in barcoding solutions. With a typical return on investment of one year, barcoding technology has the potential to revolutionise the way your small business operates.


Modern online businesses are constantly improving the methods for collecting, printing, and transmitting product data. Barcode technology is more efficient, faster, and less expensive than manually entering product information. Supply chains and inventory management processes in online businesses, retail operations, manufacturing, asset management, warehousing, and other industries have barcoding.

The passage of time, POS System with Inventory Management technology has become increasingly sophisticated. He automated barcode scanners equipped with laser beam sensors, you may not even need a person to manually scan the products. With installed barcode scanners, inventory on conveyor systems is automatically scanned and unloaded. You can provide better customer service, faster deliveries, and error-free inventory management with a properly implemented barcode system.

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